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In 2014, it was reported that Kolkata has 6.27 million active Internet users. You can only imagine how many million users have been added since! Even if you talk about e-commerce, Kolkata ranks fifth when it comes to shopping online. The transition from brick-and-mortar stores to online stores has been quite rapid. The craze still hasn’t died down and every other day you can hear about a brand new online service provider. Not to mention the number of physical store owners who are moving online!You see the competition here? If you want to join the bandwagon, you need to make sure that you stand out. That’s where Think to Share’s team of impeccable web designers & developers jump in to lend a hand.

Web Design Company in Kolkata

Call us for a website that attracts visitors and gets you revenue. Fine with a mediocre-looking website? We can’t help you there!


Our Web Design & Development Process Includes:

Meeting & Gathering Intel for web designing in kolkata

Meeting & Gathering Intel


Based out of Kolkata, it gives us the opportunity to set up face-to-face meetings with clients in the city. We schedule such meetings to get a better understanding of the clients’ business, mode of operation, expectations and goals. As you already know, knowledge is power, and therefore, we attempt to know as much about our client as possible before beginning the website design and development process. An in-depth discussion will enable us to show you what we can do, showcase our capabilities and may be also show you samples so that the design process can be expedited. Such detailed talk are best done face-to-face as a lot of information might get misunderstood over phone. This also encourages building of trust and sows the seeds of a long-term, fruitful relationship.

Meeting & Gathering for web design service
Creating the Website Design Layout

Creating the Website Design Layout

As soon as we come back from a face-to-face meeting, we get to work. Our brainstorming sessions can sometimes make us burn the midnight oil, but we do not give up till we are satisfied with the design layout of the website and confident that the client will give a positive feedback. The sitemap and wireframe that we create are meant to give you a rough idea about all the crucial topics and sub-topics that will cover. We create a detailed plan regarding the design, content, as well as, the navigation of the website. During the creation of the website layout, we give utmost importance to the inputs and information that we gathered from the client. The client, which is YOU, will always be at the helm of our website design and development process. We will make the design unique, but stick to the brief provided by you. Sometimes we may even come up with two to three design layout alternatives.

Seek Approval from You for web development

Seek Approval from You

This is the 3rd stage of our website design and development process and this is when we will show you the design layout and sitemap for your approval. From the UI to the structure of the website and visual representation, the layout will give you a detailed information of how your website is going to finally look. If you approve the layout, we will proceed to the next stage. In case you want us to make some changes or wish to add something, we will be happy to oblige. Since achieving 100% customer satisfaction is our aim, we continue striving to be better than the best. This is also what makes us different from the rest – we genuinely listen to our clients and involve them in the entire process.

Seek Approval from You for local web development
Crafting of SEO-friendly Website Content

Crafting of SEO-friendly Website Content

Now that you have approved the design layout, it is time to turn our focus to the creation of the website content and optimizing it according to the search engine requirements. After all, what’s the point of creating a website if the Internet users cannot see it when searching on Google, Yahoo or Bing? We have a team of dynamic writers who have been carefully chosen for their skills and strong vocabulary. They craft website content based on your target audience and the writing is as interesting as it is crisp and to the point. Once the text is ready, we move onto including other forms of content like, high-quality images, infographics, videos, icons and so on. Through the use of different types of content, we ensure that your website is appealing and offering the information needed by your target audience

Coding Enter the Web Development Stage

Coding – Enter the Web Development Stage

At this stage, your website design and content is ready. We have received your approval and now, we move onto the development stage. Our team of developers create a code template for all the content found in all of the pages of your website like, home, about us, products/services, contact us, FAQs, forms, blogs and so on. The code template will enable your targeted audience to easily access the information found on your website. Being proficient in HTML and CSS coding, as well as, interactive elements, such as jQuery, we are confident that we are the right website design and development company for your business. You can count on us to validate each of the codes as we move along in the development stage.

Coding Enter the Web designing and Development Stage
Testing & Website Launch

Testing & Website Launch

Now that everything is in order and you are satisfied with the way your website looks, we go ahead and enter the testing stage. Our certified analysts thoroughly check different aspects of the website like, functionality of the forms, device compatibility, UI, mobile responsiveness and so on. Every single aspect of your website will be tested against the highest standards of the website development industry. If the results of our tests come back positive, we go ahead with the website launch. We will discuss with you and decide on a date when we can launch the website and make it LIVE for the Internet users to avail your products or services.

Frequent Inspections and Updates about web development

Frequent Inspections and Updates


We understand that just building a website is not enough. The industry is constantly changing, Google is regularly updating its algorithms, various trends are being introduced in the website design world, AI& AR are evolving by leaps and bounds, and so on. With so much going on, you cannot expect to create a website and have the same website for years and years. Just like everything else in your life, a website needs maintenance and periodic updates to stay at par with the industry. So, once we have launched your website, we stay engaged in maintaining and upgrading your website so that it continue to stay relevant in terms of the design and  SEO.

Frequent Inspections and Updates for web designing

Benefits of working a website design & development company in Kolkata

  • Designers with impeccable aesthetic sense are found here
  • Intelligent coders with years of experience
  • • Great design at affordable prices

Why Choose Us as Your Website Design Company in Kolkata?

  • Kolkata has no dearth of designers as the Government College of Art and Craft churn out excellent painters, graphic designers, and sculptors. The level of dedication that we can give you, along with great design & development is seldom found elsewhere.
  • We, a professional website design company in Kolkata, genuinely take interest in our clients. How many can claim that? We stay by the side of our clients throughout the journey of ideation and conceptualization through to the complete design.
  • Our team never complains of editing or tweaking the design. Our main mission is to satisfy our clients and we don’t mind trying our best.
  • We being a professional web development company in Kolkata, don’t mind explaining you in detail about the difference between mobile friendly VS mobile optimized VS responsive design over a cup of hot coffee or tea.
  • Our specialty lies in offering custom web design services because we love listening to our clients and working around his/her needs.

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