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Seasoned Team
50+ Team Member
We present you our team of seasoned and experienced web and app developers and IT visionaries.
Versatile Experience
90% of All Industries
We have extensive experience in working with diverse industries and companies across Continents and markets.
Record Affordability
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We can guarantee the lowest software development rates with low-price cloud and AI integration.
Conscious Design Choices
100% Custom Solutions
We do not believe in templates because we believe in custom solutions for the best results based on facts and data for our software and app development services.

Why Choose
Think To Share?

We are Think To Share IT Solutions Pvt Ltd and we are one of the few IT solutions companies in the world to bring quality and affordability to the same page.

We utilise the fullest potential of AI and machine learning in showcasing the uniqueness of your brand and idea to the world in the most perfect light. We provide cloud solutions and software development services as well as mobile app development, SEO and digital marketing services, PPC, Google Local Optimisation as well as a whole host of other IT solutions and services.

Some Of Our Esteemed Clients

Meet some of the visionaries who trust us for all their IT, cloud and AI needs.




Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We offer the finest AWS services in the form of AWS computing, storage, database creation and maintenance and much more.



Integrate OpenAI into all your operations and websites as well as apps and services with ThinkToShare’s AI expertise.


Google Cloud

From cloud storage solutions to Compute Engine, database integration, BigQuery etc, we are the predominant Google Cloud experts in India.



We are the premium MailChimp experts and we will help you integrate MailChimp for email marketing and seamless email automation.





Laravel is here to stay and we understand that since we are among the few trusted developers to utilise the full potential of Laravel.


Next JS

Utilise one of the best open-source frameworks for seamless React-based web application creation and maintenance with our Next JS experts.



Never compromise on the front end again with our Vue developers as we ensure Vue utilisation for the best user interfaces and much more.



Applications will never be the same again when we utilise Typescript and achieve the unthinkable for your complex development needs.

Here’s What We Do

We present you some of our Website Designs

Interior Design

Bird Nest Designs


Homely School


Luxury Villa Goa


Purushottam Bookstore


Orange Publishers

Professional Services



Affluenz IT Academy

Management Facilities

DMM Facilities

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Other IT Services at
Think To Share

Think To Share is not just about software and app development, cloud integration and AI integration into software development because these are just a few names among all the important IT services we provide. These are some quintessential services that are needed in conjunction with AI-enabled software development. This is also where you can expect to see our industry experience, skill sets and deep understanding of quality custom solutions.


Logo Designing

We ensure some of the finest and most meaningful logo designing that incorporates brand character and essence.

Digital Marketing

We run the finest targeted data-based detailed marketing campaigns to experience-based social media campaigns.

Mobile App Development

We offer professional-grade native and hybrid mobile app development services for Android and iOS.


We run and execute industry-renowned PPC strategies and campaigns that bring concrete results.

A Word from Our Clients

Here’s what our clients have to say about us as the market leader for software development in India.

These guys are sincere, result-oriented and have a client-centric approach. They know their job well and walk the extra mile to understand the business of their clients. They can generate predictable outcomes under pressure and within deadline. I do recommend their services, and wish them all the best in future. A double thumbs up for them!

Biswapriyo Bandyopadhyay

Founder and CEO, JIPL

I was referred Think to Share by someone I know. I recently built an ecommerce website with them. The team is good & knows their work and are helpful. Till date amongst all the agencies I have worked with in Kolkata this agency has been the best in terms of their work approach, delivery and communication. You can in details plan your projects in advance with the team for timely delivery & lesser glitches.

Munmun Saha Podder

Founder, BDazzling

Very meticulous and professional team. Super proactive and great at meeting deadlines. Parag and his team will walk that extra mile to get the job done fostering long-term business relationship.

Subhra Mohanty

Owner, subramohanty.com

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Frequently Asked

If you want to choose the best web design company for your web development needs then you do not need to worry because all you have to do is to look at their past projects.
This will give you an idea of the capabilities of that company so that you can make conscious decisions whether to hire them or not.
You should also take a look at their team and sit down and have meetings with the team so as to understand what kind of individuals you are working with.
You should also make sure to have a talk with the CEO to get a sense of the company’s level of commitment as well as the level of confidence.
You can do all that at Think To Share and we would be happy to accommodate your needs.

We are different from others when it comes to a digital marketing agency simply because we do not run digital marketing campaigns based on instincts but on data.
It also helps by the fact that we are primarily a web design and development company and we are renowned for our development services.
That, along with our aim of conscious web designing as well as conscious decision making helps us take very logical and data-based approaches to whatever we do including digital marketing.
We are also the people that believe in social media and we always like to involve social media as a part of our digital marketing strategies so as to get the best results.
And to add to that we do not outsource our content because all our content is in-house which means we can regulate the content so that they are SEO optimised.

You will only get a customised website from us at Think To Share IT Solutions Pvt Ltd because we do not believe in templates and we do not believe in doing the same thing for two different clients.
It does not matter which package you choose or how expensive or how affordable the service is. This is simply because we make sure to inculcate the same level of quality and customised approach for all our esteemed clients’ projects.
That is why we can guarantee you only customised websites that are based on market research and individually collected data that are relevant to your market needs.

Well, Think To Share IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the most renowned and fastest-growing web design and development companies in India.
We focus on conscious data-based decision-making for all our IT services and along with that we make sure to provide customised solutions when it comes to everything IT-related.
But this answer might seem a little bit professional and dry, so here is how our CEO Parag Nandy Roy defines Think To Share.

“Think To Share is an idea and the start of an IT revolution to provide affordable yet quality IT solutions to everyone. Quality IT Solutions should not be a luxury because it is a necessity in today’s emerging online economy”.

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We will help find the right solutions and prices for your business