Creation Of an Online Examination Portal for A Very Reputed Government Educational Organisation


  • DevOps
  • Dashboard Design
  • Database Development & Management
  • API Integration


While we cannot disclose details about this highly reputed government educational organisation but we can definitely tell you the purpose of this organisation. The objective of this important government organisation is to conduct and oversee as well as moderate regular and distance educational courses and examinations. Their penultimate goal is to spread the influence of high-quality education to youth thereby transforming lives through better education.


This important Government Educational Organisation is run by visionary educators always looking for new ways to spread the influence of high-quality education. In this quest to improve the spread of education, the next logical step was online examinations. That is why they were looking for a reliable method of conducting online tests in the form of a reliable and robust solution for online examinations where students could take part in online tests with very basic tech like smartphones and laptops. That is how we became a part of this incredible journey as they were looking for a reliable IT solutions and development company that could undertake such a crucial challenge.

The Challenge

The challenge therefore presented to us was to create a comprehensive online examination portal system that would allow this government organisation to conduct online examinations LIVE for millions of students all at once. We had to create a student-centric exam portal that would contain thoughtful features for the students as well as the exam moderators conducting the exams.

Additionally, the challenge was to ensure the best level of encryption and other security measures to maintain the integrity of the exams. This portal had to be simple enough for every child and teacher to operate. We also had to include monitoring systems for the moderators to keep an eye on the progress of the exams.

The Objective

  • Online Examination Portal for Students
  • An Examination Dashboard
  • MCQ-Based Exam Interface
  • Exam Moderator Portal
  • Student-friendly Features
  • Student Monitoring System
  • High-traffic Threshold
  • Encryption

The Solution

The solution that we came up with is not only revolutionary but it is actually very straightforward and is easy to understand for every student out there.

The Examination Process


Login User

In order to access this exam portal, students simply need to input their enrolment number and password.


Access Student

Once they input their enrolment number and password, they can access the student exam dashboard.



This is a very straightforward dashboard that only contains the most important details for a student in the most simplified format in the form of different sections and these sections are all customisable according to the needs of the Government Organisation. The exams are all visible in this section of the dashboard and the students will only have access to the exams when the time starts.



The students can simply click on the exam they want to appear for and they can start the examination. The exams are MCQ-based. Below is a lorem ipsum demo of how a typical question looks.



The exams can be set for multiple subjects and we also added support for different elements such as diagrams and graphs as well as important bits of data in the question.Additionally, we have also included something very helpful in the exam menu and it is the option for taking a break. The exam moderators can determine the duration of that break. Once they have completed the exam, they will get a confirmation dialogue box like this. We have also added a feature that restricts the student from switching tabs or opening any new tab in their web browsers when they are in the process of taking the exam.

High-Traffic Threshold (AWS Environment)

The exam portal has a very high traffic threshold and is equipped to handle millions of students all at once.

This high threshold support is not only present during the exams but it is also present throughout the examination portal including the login phase when students in put their credentials and lakhs of OTPs are generated and authenticated for verification along with other verification options like verification options like Aadhar.

We have managed to achieve this high threshold because we only utilized AWS cloud environments for this entire project. In order to make sure that the exam portal never crashes during a surge in traffic, we also utilized AWS Auto Scaling to ensure the server expands during high load.

Anti-cheat Question Bank Randomiser

As a part of the security measures, we have devised a technique so that students only get a unique randomized set of questions in their question paper. To achieve this, we have created a system of question banks that contain two or three times the number of questions in the exam.

For example, if the Maths paper contains 10 questions, then the question bank might contain 30 questions and our proprietary randomiser selects a random set of 10 questions from the question bank.

This ensures that each student gets a very unique order of questions and no two question paper sets are equal. This prevents cheating.

Moderator-friendly Environment

The exam moderators can also continuously monitor the examination of each individual student in the form of regular screen captures and even screen recordings.

The exam moderators have complete control over the dashboard with the help of various management tools. This helps them not only set the exams but also monitor the number of students present during the examination and other important data.

This dashboard is endlessly customizable and there is also the option of exam reports whereby the exam moderators can get reports and access to different data regarding statistics of the examination from the attendance of the students to the time it takes for them to complete the examination and much more.

The portal is encrypted and the organization can choose the level of encryption.

The Result


Exam Errors and Anomalies


Increase in Student Paper Submissions


Faster Paper Checking

The reputed government organization can now conduct all their examinations reliably in this robust and straightforward online examination portal.

The system is equipped to handle lakhs of students so they can continue on that journey of spreading education to every student in the remotest of villages and towns.

This examination portal continues to be a blessing for every student taking up any distance learning course.