We are Think To Share IT solutions and we are the one-stop shop for all your IT needs, this also includes software development because we have some of the finest software developers in India who work entirely to create functional and effective software solutions for you. From business software to cloud solutions and portable applications, we do everything. We also do software testing and software application implementation. We work in-house and we are an excellent option if you want to DO outsourcing software development to a reliable company with proper knowledge and proper skills as well as the ability for heavy workloads. You can rarely find software developers in Kolkata that provide the vast array of software development services that we at Think To Share provide and this is simply due to the fact that we do not want our clients to spend their valuable time looking around in order to find different companies for different services and that is exactly why we do nearly every kind of software development under one roof.




This is one of the most popular types of software development services that we provide because these apps can run through the browser without requiring the installation of a mobile app. We create these applications and optimise them to be used on a multitude of different-sized devices ranging from smartphones to smart devices and tablets and PC. When it comes to web development there is something even more awesome that we provide and that is the development of PWA (progressive web applications). You can check our main website for this kind of service because the Think To Share website is a PWA website and when you open it on a browser for the first time and turn off the internet connection you can still open the website without an Internet connection.


We have one of the finest and most renowned mobile app development teams for creating applications both in Android and iOS. There are generally two types of mobile applications and they are native and hybrid. And we have teams dedicated to developing both kinds of applications although we always suggest that if the application is not very performance intensive then our clients should opt for the hybrid solution because of its compatibility and development time if you want to develop applications for two different OS. However, if performance is an issue and compatibility and absolute reliability are your requirements, then native apps are the best. We have developed mobile applications for nearly every kind of company and brand in India and abroad and we would love to use our experts in developing mobile applications and create the most stunning and responsive and functional mobile application for you.


This is probably the second most popular category of software development that we do and management software development has one of the highest potentials in the Indian market for nearly every kind of industry. Basically, management software is software that is used to manage different establishments which can range from a school to a hospital and a hotel or restaurants. We have developed management softwares for nearly every kind of industry but we mostly get management software requests for the hospitality industry where our clients need to manage a lot of variables. We have also created management software and integrated them with mobile applications so that the different people in management and access the management software and can input and access information.


The cloud computing solutions that we provide are not an isolated services but we integrate cloud computing solutions into nearly all our software development because cloud computing and cloud data storage are one of the most reliable ways to ensure the stability of the software and the operation. All our applications have excellent cloud integration which allows for them to be accessed both on-site and remotely and our cloud computing solutions allows our clients to better manage their companies and business operations without the bottleneck of location or data constraints.


We are not only a software development company but we are also a software testing company where you can bring in your own software and we will test it at regular intervals and apply load and other stress and bottleneck scenarios to see the performance levels of your software. We have an entire division dedicated to software testing where different senior software developers from our team are allocated to oversee the testing of all the software that we receive.


One of the most unique services we provide among all the software development companies in Kolkata is software consultancy services. At Think To Share, we have some of the most experienced software developers in our company and due to this reason we provide software consultancy services which include helping you understand your software requirements and suggesting to you the different kinds of software services that you should need for your company. In this service, you are never compelled to opt for the services from us but you are welcome to utilise the same experts for developing that same software suggestion for you.



Whenever it comes to software development, we never take any shortcuts and we always utilise a custom ground-up approach when we are developing any application. We never take any single piece of code from any other project and this is the level of guarantee that we can provide you because this is where our reputation exists. The reason behind this approach is also due to the fact that each client has their own requirements and it is rather impossible to copy and paste projects between clients and that is also why we always create the software from scratch all the time.


We are probably one of the few companies in Kolkata that has an entire team of full-stack software developers who are not only experienced but skilled enough to handle both the front end and back end of software development. When it comes to software development in other companies, the problem arises when there is a communication gap between the front-end and back-end developers but this kind of a problem is impossible to arise in Think To Share because the developer who is doing the front-end is also responsible for the back-end development.


Experience is something that we have been gifted over the years through our dedication to hard work and our fantastic clients for putting their trust in us. We have nearly 10 solid years of experience in the software development world and we have developed countless different kinds of software and we have witnessed the software revolution and the software transformation in India. We would love to utilise this expertise in whichever project that you trust us with because our reputation lies in the fact that you are successful.


We at Think To Share provide a lot of services including software development and one of the other major services that we provide is digital marketing and it is due to this reason that we can utilise some of the finest digital marketing experts in India whenever we do software development. We always make sure that any project that we are working on is up to the digital marketing standards of our experts because that ensures that the software is not only beautiful but functional and effective in terms of marketing.

If you are looking for the most reliable software development company in Kolkata then we would happily present our dedicated teams of software developers to you and we would work our level best to help satisfy your vision for your software.

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