Social Media Marketing Services in India

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest don't make all of the social networking. There are a lot of other platforms that can earn you a good traffic. Finding the most suitable ones for you and getting you connected with the right customers is what we call social media marketing. Our services let you have the total control of your social media messages and provide an insight on your business goals and challenges. We, as a digital marketing service provider in India get you involved in the places where people are talking about you and help you take advantage of the social web and drive visitors to your business.

Social Media Marketing Services in India


Social Consultancy for social media marketing

Social Consultancy

The first step to crafting an award-winning social media marketing campaign is understanding the needs and objectives of specific businesses. We begin by strategizing our clients' social media campaigns to align with their precise requirements. We play the role of a consultant in this stage where our social media team of experts from Kolkata will not hesitate to explain how the next steps unfurl to help businesses have a dominant social media presence. We are always there to provide you with the answer of the oft asked questions - how can social media help your business?

Brand Management for local social media optimization

Social Media Brand Management

Once our team of social media experts is sure that you are clear with how your social media marketing campaign is going to pan out, we move our focus to the creation of appropriate profiles across numerous social media platforms. Our team comes up with usernames that are easy to remember, catchy and relates to our clients' business. Social media profiles play a huge role in branding efforts and we always make sure that our clients get to grab all the attention and acclaim.

Social Vigilance for social media marketing and optimization

Social Vigilance

A haunting presence in social media channels is great, but it is also an area that needs to be treaded carefully. After all, anything can go viral on social media platforms within minutes. To make sure that businesses are always trending and for the good reasons, our social community monitoring services conduct a thorough research. We find out about the people who search for our clients' business the most. We also assess the needs of potential customers and guide our clients towards the right direction.

Social Advertising for smm

Social Advertising

Our clients are paying for brand awareness and recognition. Our Social media marketing strategy ensures that they get complete value for their money. Our only purpose is not to reach a sizeable number of people, even though it is our primary focus. We work extremely hard to make potential customers aware of our clients' brand and also encourage them to talk about the brand with their friends and social media connections. Fundamentally, our social media marketers in India strive to give our clients' business a boost by combining both organic and paid social media advertising tactics.

Social Media Audit for Social media optimization

Social Media Audit

Social media platforms are a aplenty, but not every website deserves a place in LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram. The social media platform chosen depends on various factors, such as target audience, products or services, competitors and so on. At Think to Share, we conduct in-depth social media audit of websites to find out which platform is the best fit. We explore the available niche opportunities and accordingly implement social media tactics to enhance branding and business.

Competitor Analysis for Social Media Marketing

Competitor Analysis for Social Media Marketing

Every industry or sector today has strife competition. The only way to stand out from the crowd is by understanding what the competitors are doing and not doing. It is important to assess the failures and successes of competitors to be able to come up with a full-proof social media campaign. This is where we come in to perform an in-depth competitor analysis to find out what is ticking with the audience - blogs, videos, vlogs or offers and so on. By identifying the tactics, we as aleading social media optimization company in India can help our clients take an informed decision regarding which techniques to implement.

Blogging Strategy for SMM

Blogging Strategy

Being on social media means getting the chance to interact with the mass and build a community. This can be done in various ways, but our experience shows us that blogging can be a wonderful way to keep the audience hooked. Our social media marketing process does not just involve writing blogs, but coming up with new ideas every day, commenting on other blogs and so on.

Reporting for Social Media Marketing


Our social media marketing process is a very transparent one. We like our clients involved in the action as much as we are. From the creation of social media profiles to tracking the number of followers or likes and analyzing the growth of business, we as full service social media solutions in India maintain detailed reports. Based on the reports, we are able to decide on the future course of activity.

Partnering with an expert social media marketing company in India has its perks, such as:

  • Specialized skills and experience in creating social media strategy that spreads brand awareness, increases customer satisfaction and opens new avenues of sales
  • Knowledge of the upcoming social media trends (that are ever-changing!)
  • Hands-on expertise in turning ordinary brands into the latest buzz

Why choose us to handle your social media campaigns?

  • We love social media (maybe, a little too much!)
  • Our understanding of the content cravings and psychographics of individual social network's user base runs deep
  • We will help you advertise your products or services to your exact demographics
  • We do not believe in the 'one-size-fits-all' concept and consistently strive to offer customized social media marketing strateg
  • Our expertise lie in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube marketing - you name it!
  • We like talking (brainstorming) and love listening, even more than other agencies
  • All our work is done in-house and we do not outsource any to third-parties
  • Our aim is to become your strategic partner and helping you find great opportunities to grow your brand and flourish

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