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Recognized as one of the most genuine and safest SEO techniques, guest blogging or posting is essential for businesses wanting to create online visibility and brand awareness. By opting for guest blogging, businesses are able to fulfill their most challenging and desired part of SEO, which is to get high-quality back links. With authoritative back links, a website is identified and acknowledged by Google and other popular search engines. This leads to enhancing the search engine rankings of websites and help to bring a lot of traffic. Irrespective of the industry or sector, all businesses can make use of guest blogging to gain the attention of their target audience.
Think to Share is a Guest Blogging platform and our services are offered for free for every type of business, irrespective of the industry or size. However, to make optimal use of our platform, one has to abide by the following guidelines.


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are the steps of guest posting on Think to Share?

Write the blog

The first and foremost step to publishing your content on our platform is writing your content. You can write about various topics, such as technology, health, culture, lifestyle, business, entertainment and so on. We give you complete freedom to market and advertise your business, products or services, or even a cause or issue that you feel so strongly about.

Email us the content or fill out our form

Once you have written, proofread and edited your content, and also ensured that your content meets our guidelines, all you have to do is submit it to us by sending us an email at
Alternatively, you can also fill up our guest blog submission form to submit your post. Once submitted, we will review you post to make sure that they adhere to our guidelines and will also notify you if your blog gets approved. Moreover, we will even create a guest author profile on your behalf so that it becomes easier for you to submit your content, via the dashboard of Think to Share.

Wait for comments from readers

The last and final step is to wait for the readers to go through your post and mention their views on the comments section below your post. The more comments and likes that you get, the more your reader base will be. So, make sure to make your content interesting for your target audience.

Why should you choose to guest blog?

  • Guest blogging is a terrific way to build dofollow contextual links.
  • High-quality, relevant content reaches out to the target audience because content continues to be the king in digital marketing.
  • Guest blogging is 100% white hat SEO tactic that can help to enhance the ranking of your website, video or blog on popular search engines.
  • You will be earning links that will remain for a very long time helping you to achieve long-term value.

Why select our platform for your guest posts?

  • Our platform is completely free and there are also no hidden charges that you have to worry about.
  • Unlike many other guest blogging platforms, we do not have any maximum word limit. We believe that one should not be given such constraints because the creativity and flow of writing suffers damage.
  • Our guest blogging steps are extremely easy and quick.
  • We are one of the few digital marketing service providers to offer such a platform where you can write and advertise what you want.

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