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Everything begins with 'search'. We look up for information online, look for places to eat, places to shop and so on. So, it is safe to say that the starting of any online story begins with the search engines and this is what makes search engine optimization such a big player in the world of digital marketing.
Did you know that Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day worldwide? Well, Kolkata having a population of more than 5.2 million, you can only imagine the number of searches that the search giant addresses from Kolkata alone! Therefore, it is safe to say that the city of joy has immense potential when it comes to boosting the market of online businesses.
Are you thinking of beginning your entrepreneurial journey with an e-business? Or are you wondering where your customers are even though you are spending a lot on inbound and outbound advertising? Think to Share, a Kolkata based SEO agency has the solution for both.
In order to reach the top and the masses across the 7 continents, you need to first connect with your local audience. And there is no better way to connect with those around you than tying up with a best local SEO services provider like ours. We are Kolkata thoroughbreds and know exactly what you and your target audience want. We, being a fast growing digital marketing company can inject the very spirit of Kolkata whilst crafting search engine marketing strategies for you so that locals spread your brand name through word-of-mouth advertising and you become viral in no time!

SEO Company in Kolkata



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Local SEO in Kolkata- Why Do You Need It?

ThinkToShare’s local SEO solutions guarantee the best market response through localised SEO strategies that ensure the best impact in local markets. Our on-site SEO experts make sure to consider local search trends to optimise your websites and webpages for the best local SERP ranks.

Our Core SEO Specialisation

Local SEO

  • Top SERP rank in your city
  • More Website Traffic
  • Better Customer Response
  • More Localised Clientele
  • More repeat Customers / Subscribers

Worldwide SEO

  • Top SERP rank globally
  • Global Website Traffic
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Global Clientele
  • More repeat Customers / Subscribers

E-Commerce SEO

  • Best SERP rank in Your Sector
  • Relevant Traffic Growth
  • Improved Customer Feedback
  • Best Customer Targeting
  • More Repeat Customers

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Getting to know you, your business and goals for seo

Getting to know you, your business and goals

Gathering as much information as possible about you, your business and objectives is our first and probably the most important step. We take great interest in building personal relationships with our clients and absolutely love lengthy conversations over a hot cup of tea or coffee! We treat our clients' business as our own, and therefore, do not hesitate to go the extra mile to fully understand their needs. So, when you hand over your local SEO needs to our seo services in west bengal, India, be rest assured that your business is in safe hands.

Website Analysis and SEO Audit

Website Analysis and SEO Audit

The second step is SWOT analysis and preparation of an audit report. Before we begin to craft strategies, it is important for us to find out what are the strengths and weaknesses of your website. This will help our SEO experts to have a concrete plan with which to move ahead. We do not believe in playing in the blind and we strongly believe that site assessment is crucial for the success of SEO. During this step, we will also act as SEO consultants and provide you with ideas and recommendations as to how you should proceed further with your SEO plans.

Competitor Analysis for google local optimization

Competitor Analysis

Scouting the opposition is the third step because without knowing who or what your business is up against, we will not be able to create a foolproof local SEO strategy. For example, if you are opening your online food delivery business, we will carry out an in-depth SEO analysis and research on all the other food delivery service providers within the immediate area or the radius that you are targeting. We will try to know their strategies and tactics. This way, your local SEO strategy will not include those techniques that your competitors have already tried and failed.

Localized keyword Research

Localized keyword Research

Our fourth step is to find out geo targeting keywords. This refers to finding keywords that work best for the Kolkata market and not for anywhere else. Local keywords are going to help to being your business into the focus of the Kolkatans - who are your target audience. Since searches today have become increasingly location-based, using local keywords is going to help you achieve a higher rank when users search for similar services offered by you with the location.

Content Writing and local Optimization

Content Writing and Optimization

The fifth step is all about putting our best content writers in Kolkata to work! Now that we have the keywords to use and we know what your business is all about, it is time to craft interesting and intriguing content for your business that has a localized flavor. Our wordsmiths wield magic with words and are capable of selling your business to the discerning people of Kolkata like it was rosogolla! Once the content is ready to hit the hearts of the finicky Kolkatans, our SEO experts kick-start the task of optimizing all the content for the search engines and not just for Google, but all the search engines - more leverage, you see!

Google My Business Listing Creation

Google My Business Listing Creation

Google My Business listing is vital for getting the maximum local exposure. With your business registered there, you will appear on the search result whenever a user looks up for similar services offered by you in your targeted region. Our local SEO specialists will create a listing for you. In case you are already listed, we will verify all the information and make sure that your listing is up-to-date. If there is anything that can hamper your business, it is wrong information on Google My Business.

Social Search Optimization

Classified AD Posting, Local Review Posting, Social Search Optimization, Blog Commenting and the Whole Gamut!

Now that your website is optimized for the search engine, we have information-rich content for the intellectual Kolkatans to gorge on, it is time to build up some credibility! We do so by following various techniques including commenting on blogs that are relevant to your niche, posting classified ADs on various websites, posting local reviews on your behalf so that potential customers can trust you and so on. We also conduct social media optimization because more than 23% of young adults spend minimum 2 to 4 hours daily on various social media platforms

Why Should You Choose Our SEO Services in Kolkata?

  • We are born and brought up in Kolkata. We know every pulse and vein of this city like the back of our hand. Helping you connect with the audience here is not a problem for us!
  • Since we know the local market so well, our SEO experts are capable of helping you create a dominant presence in your niche.
  • We are an digital marketing company in Kolkata with a dynamic, young and vibrant group of professionals. We are friendly, easily approachable and if you are coming from outside the city looking to set-up base in the city of joy, we wouldn't mind giving you a tour, as well!
  • Our local SEO services are priced fairly and in fact, you'll find them way too affordable than what others are offering. This is because we want to grow with you and do not want to scare you with an exorbitant quote!
  • We are competent in both organic SEO and paid marketing.!

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