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Kolkata, the city of joy, boasts of over 6.27 million Internet users , which is even more than Bengaluru, the IT hub of India. As if that was not enough for the British capital, the city even leads mobile transactions with 75% online shoppers.Can you even imagine the quantity of content that these users see and read every day? Our guess is millions… Unlike other metropolitan cities of India, Kolkata is a city with a heart and where most literary geniuses were born or came to for inspiration. As home to many of the celebrated writers in modern Indian literature, this city has gained the reputation as the 'unofficial' literary capital of the country. Needless to say, this city not only produces terrific wordsmiths but great readers, as well.

Content Writing Services

Starting and growing a business in the city of joy means connecting with the target audience, via well-crafted content where not a single word must be used in vain. Since this city reeks of old nostalgia and boasts of creating Tagore, you can rest assured that Kolkatans will not settle for mediocrity. Whether they are reading a press release, an article, blog, e-book or even social media posts, know that they are secretly laughing at your choice of words and sentence construction unless it is PERFECT!
Kolkatans are the best example of Grammar Nazi's, but with the creative team of writers at Think to Share, you will never have to face the wrath of one! From crafting articulate articles mellifluously talking about your offerings to writing intriguing blog posts and engaging social media content, our efficient scribers are here to serve you.
Of course, we are aware that there are numerous other content writing service providers who you can go to, but probably very few of them will offer digital publications of our caliber and stature.

Need reasons to choose us? Here, given below are a few that we hope will convince you…

  • We believe that understanding the pain points of the targeted audience and delivering right information is the key to attract and engage. And being a Kolkata based Digital Marketing Agency, we know the pulse of the Kolkatans and are able to serve them with the kind of information they require. This is how we gain the trust of your customers for your brand.
  • Our content writers being SEO & SMO experts are aware of both search engine trends and user behavior and are potent enough to mingle your brands voice to every single content they write.
  • We constantly read - not just Indian, but also global literature - to continuously add new words to our vocabulary. From the turgid to the colloquial and even words from the urban dictionary, we like to dabble with words to give our clients the edge they are looking for.
  • As Feluda-lovers, we like to keep the mystery alive through our content. We like to keep the readers guessing for a while before the big surprise!
  • As with everything else in Kolkata, we are affordable!

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