We are Think to Share IT Solutions and we provide the finest seamlessly integrated AI services for all our operations. We are among the pioneering AI development companies in India to implement Artificial Intelligence within every existing system of our clients, thereby guaranteeing improved efficiency. We are the AI consultants that understand your needs and we are the AI software company to help you stay at the cutting-edge of AI tech in India.


AI Development Services and Solutions by
Think To Share

We are Think To Share IT Solutions and we are at the forefront of AI development as well as AI integration and implementation. This simply means we work tirelessly to make existing services and systems more intelligent.

Our AI engineers ensure we utilise our proprietary practices and techniques that are field tested to make sure they help in operations automation as well as functionality enhancement for our clients. This means something as simple as AI-powered OCRs, CRMs and Chatbots to a lot more.

AI Consultation Services

We are industry-certified AI consultants and provide AI consulting services where we help you understand your business's current capabilities and how AI implementation will enhance those capabilities.

AI-Powered CRM

Enhance your CRM software capabilities with our CRM AI services for performance improvements and automating mundane tasks. Our developers can implement AI functionality, no matter the framework or platform.

AI OCR Integration

Forget manual data entry with the help of our proprietary AI OCR tech that allows automated AI-powered data entry. This ensures zero data entry errors and increased operational efficiency.

AI Automation and Web and Software Integration

We implement AI into your existing web and software models with enhanced automation capabilities. This means you can now stand ahead of your competition with the latest and greatest that AI has to offer.

Think To Share's AI Use Cases In Multiple Industries



Operations Automation

From inventory and personnel management to patient management and job assignment, we bring the marvels of AI to the healthcare sector, thereby improving efficiency drastically and reducing errors.


Retail And E-Commerce

Core Systems implementation

Inventory and personnel management, smart product suggestions, auto-analytics reports, AI chatbots, AI marketing campaigns etc are just a few of the multitude of retail and e-commerce services we provide.


Banking And Financial Services

AI-powered management

From AI-integrated security implementation to AI-powered personnel and operations management and much more, we have been serving the banking community from the onset of AI into the tech industry.


Real Estate

Efficiency Improvement

We help real estate agencies and agents automate their entire process of property management, upkeep as well as property listing, rent collection and much more with our AI-powered zero error solutions.



Hotels, Hostels, Airbnbs etc

We help implement AI into each operational and managerial process for the hospitality industry from inventory management to personnel management and much more thus improving operational efficiency.


Information Technology

20+ AI-powered IT Services

We are inherently a legacy IT solutions company and this simply means that you can expect to find AI implementation and innovation entrenched deeply within all our 20+ IT services and solutions we provide.



Schools, Colleges etc

We help educational institutions from schools and colleges to higher educational institutes automate all their operations as well as implement the latest upgrades to education with our AI-Edu solutions.


Media And Entertainment

Media houses, Individuals

From automated media creation to automated media posting as well as AI-powered social media content generation and management and much more, we do it all when it comes to AI with media and entertainment.


Food Tech

Diet Plans

We provide the finest integration of AI into food tech and help implement AI into customised diet charts, AI nutritionists, smart grocery recommendations and much more for the food tech industry.


Think To Share’s
AI Innovation

Innovation is the norm at Think To Share IT Solutions. We are among the very few IT Solutions companies that invests heavily in AI implementation innovation. We hire the finest people in the AI implementation and innovation industry and we work with these amazing minds. We always support our AI R&D with regular funding, ensuring legroom for our AI innovation engineers.


Best AI Talent Acquisition

Regular Hirings

We are actively on the lookout for the finest AI engineering talent. We never miss an opportunity to hire the brightest minds in AI so that we are always at the forefront of AI for all our services.


AI Implementation Seminars

For Clients & Public

We regularly host AI implementation seminars to discuss the latest trends and progress in the AI implementation industry. We invite clients as well as the general public to these open discussions.


Dedicated AI R&D Department


We are among the few Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solution companies to have a well-funded and dedicated research and development(R&D) department for nurturing proprietary AI innovations and solutions.


Wider Community Collaboration

Global AI Community

We stay in regular touch with the wider AI innovations community so that we are always in the loop when it comes to leading AI innovations. This helps us implement the latest innovations into our solutions.

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