SEO Services

In a web, full of millions of websites and in a search engine full of billions of search results, we provide SEO or search engine optimisation services that makes sure your website makes it to the first three organic results of the first page of the search engine where the potential customers are searching a keyword relevant to their business services. According to Google’s ever present algorithm, the sites not with the most relevant keywords but with the most referrals from reputable sources make it to the first page of Google and other search engines. So, if you have an efficient SEO plan, you will definitely make it to the top of the search lists. And we, a Kolkata based SEO company ensure that position with our following steps:

SEO Audit

We provide the best SEO audit services to check out the weaknesses of your website. They may include lack of keywords, missing titles, and lack of content. An audit therefore is a crucial step.

On-site SEO

In this following service, we provide a comprehensive solution to the weaknesses revealed from your site’s SEO audit and rectify them for a perfectly optimised business website.

Link Building

A good link is better than hundreds of useless blog submissions per month. We ensure quality linkage from popular sources in the internet. To get noticed in a city with huge web traffic like Kolkata, we will provide links from websites that get most visits.

SEO Content Development

In this step of the SEO program we optimise your website and make it search-engine friendly. Our in-house content writing services includes not just the basic text content enriched with relevant keywords but infographics, tutorials, articles, web tools, glossaries, blogs and more.

Code Optimisation

Optimising your website’s HTML code can alter and improve your site’s rankings to great proportions. We do that by firstly removing unnecessary code-clutter and then by presenting your site’s code in a versatile manner. Most importantly it decreases the site-load time by many folds.

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