About Us

Hey thinkers, someone said “you can google everything except yourself”. Well we tried to prove that wrong. We a bunch of thinkers having long thought of doing something that’s free and non-biased for years, have put together a site for you thinkers to find think, discuss, hover, gather knowhow or simply pass your time reading and getting to hear from people who can be your neighbour or even from the other side of the globe. Think to share is free and will stay that way for time and eternity, just like thoughts and ideas. Here you can read blogs participate in chat rooms share your thoughts and creations and basically share what you think and feel on anything ranging from the app you like to any cultural superstition you hate. Yes, and if you want your voice to be heard then this is the platform for you.  You are free to blog on anything you like and as much as you want. We have a dream and that’s free speech, so that you can go to any extend to speak and let speech free. Think to Share always welcomes suggestions regarding addition of topics and sub-topics.

You think, we share.