Mobile apps are one of the most influential aspects of technology that seem to rise from the smartphone revolution. While websites can do a pretty good job and the same goes with desktop software, mobile apps are the place these two seemingly important pieces of technology come together and fit in your pocket.

With mobile users in the billions, mobile apps can be considered an important piece of technology.

And this has led to the immense popularity of these apps, from sports to OTT, shopping, food delivery, cab rental, VPNs, and even proprietary apps for various products, mobile apps are the buzz now and rightly so, people love them.

But it all comes to a halt if the app in question sufferers from stability issues and if the UX or user experience isn’t good enough.

So, let’s take a look at how you can improve the user experience of your mobile app. This blog is brought to you by us at ThinkToShare, India’s fastest growing digital marketing, website development and designing and content creation and promotion company.


The native component is the usage of already predestined controls and not having new controls because having the native controls will allow the user to know how to navigate in the app which they are already familiar with. This will make the app UI will seem more fluid and user friendly to the users. You can take this up a notch by simply adding a trial the first time they open the app with simple instructions as to how to navigate the app and where to find everything and that will be a cherry on top of the cake. However, you must always remember that you must never clutter your app overly as that can have the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve and if your app is popping out instructions by the second on how to use the app then the user will not be too happy.


App design is something personal and it also should be personal to you. However, there is one simple piece of advice that every app developer and app expert would like to give you, including us that you always need to keep your app design simple.  In the world of software, nothing beats simple and this simplicity has multiple benefits and one of them being that the user will find it user friendly. This simplicity also extends to not adding overly complicated features and too many animations and sound effects as that can increase the size of the app making it intensive on the storage of the user as well as too many animations can take up too many graphics making the app run slower.


While you should never downright copy anything, you can obviously take inspiration and in this world which is connected every moment taking inspiration on what is new and what are the features popular in the market, is invaluable.  You can monitor the apps of your competitors to check what kind of app the general industry is using.  Let’s say you are having an app that delivers food and therefore you must always be ready to check out what your competitors are doing and if there are new features that there implementing.


While we do not recommend you go out into the market and buy 100 different models of smartphones to natively and organically check the performance of your app, you must be ready to do some investment in this because nothing beats the real thing however much you want to emulate performance.  After you have general models of smartphones that are popular in the industry, you can then be able to check the app’s performance whenever you release a new update and fix the bugs yourself without having to wait for bad reviews in the app store.


After having done everything, you must never leave the mentality of innovation because it is an innovation that separates you from the competition and it is the innovation that will drive your app to success, therefore you must always have an open mind to bring in new ideas to the app and new features and implement new technology and use and reuse all the sensors in the smartphone to make your app better.


These were a few ways you can hope to improve the stability and user-friendliness of your smartphone app and stay assured that you won’t be getting complaints from the users. However, if these steps seem too much as they are quite a handful, you can of course trust us to do all the above and much more to ensure your app never gets a rating below 4, only at Think To Share, Kolkata’s emerging web development company.