So, you are thinking of adding a blog section in your website or taking up a project that needs a lot of content. What do you do?

You basically have two options – either you write it yourself can go for hiring professional content writing services. When to comes to hiring, you can choose to have an in-house team of professional content writers, which is often very expensive or outsource your entire content requirement from freelance content writers, which is generally cost-effective and a great way to access different types of content writers depends upon different types of content writers styles & content writing topics they choose.

Careers Prospects For Content Writers

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Content Writing Jobs are highly demanding as incredible and powerful content is the foundation of any digital marketing campaign.

Digital media is growing at a very fast pace which is driving a huge number of visitors and websites come in to existence every single minute. The requirement of web content is extremely high as content fills the website pages, landing pages and blogs.

Choosing a writer career in the content writing industry can be a brilliant option for you. An average content writer’s salary in India is 4lakh per annum and it can even cross that if you have the ability to write excellent and engaging content and super fluent English.

Business site owners and web advertisers recruit content writers to deliver content for promotion and marketing purposes. A content writer writes unique digital content for companies based on the information of the products or services they present. Depending on the business needs there are different types of content creators.

Now, what is meant by ‘different types of content writers’? If you are a newbie in the online world, you probably refer to any writing found on the web space as content writing. Even though you are not wrong, ‘content writing’ is an umbrella term and there are various kinds of writing that comes under it. The only way to understand what kind of content writing service you need is to comprehend the myriad content writers available.

Without further ado, take a look at the different types of content writers available and what do they offer.

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SEO Content Writers

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For digital marketing, especially search engine optimization, content is considered to be the ‘king’. These writers spin out generic content and even though prior journalistic experience is not mandatory, the writers are required to be extremely creative and follow content writing format to help in SEO. These SEO content writing experts have the responsibility of crafting error-free blogs, articles, descriptions, meta tags and so on. They optimize the content for the search engines and for the readers by making use of easy-to-understand language, bold headings and subheads, bullets, small paragraphs and sentences, and so on. Relevant keyword is included in the content and the topics that they write on range from roof replacement to tourist destinations and more. Thanks to the SEO content writing services, the online space gets its regular dose of information.

Technical Writer

Technical Writer

While SEO content writers focus on writing generic content, technical content writers are the bridge between complicated technical concepts and audiences of different levels of comprehension. These writers generally excel in specific subjects related to technology. Few of the technical content writing examples are consumer electronics, hardware and software, engineering, biotechnology, robotics, aeronautics, chemistry and other various trending technical topics for content writing. They develop technical content to be used as technical modules, user manuals, help files, admin manuals, technical literature, reports and so on. If you are dealing with a complex technology and want your end-users to understand what it is that you do, you can seek the help of technical writers to present your business in an easy-to-digest content writing format.

Editorial Writer


Editorial writers are involved in writing books for students in schools and colleges. They also write books for higher education. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, editorial writers now complete their writing, as well as, editing on computers. They considered as types of online content writing and their writings are available online.

Marketing and Communication Writers

These writers have a challenging job because writing for the communication and market industry is a daunting task. These kind of content writers have to think beyond than just producing well written content, they need to create types of content marketing strategies that will grab attention of potential clients. Some of the essential marketing content writing examples are blog posts, articles, social media content, newsletters, e-books, email content campaign, internal and external communications, audio and video content and also brochures, flyers and other marketing collateral.

The style of writing followed by these writers are quite different than that of SEO content writers. The target of marketing and communication writers is to not just attract the attention of the target audience, but to compel them to take a desired action. These writers have to conduct a lot of research to come up with content that really impresses the end-users. The entire focus here is on advertising. So, if you need to aggressively market your products or services and grab the attention of the audience, these writers can help.

Report Writers

Report Writing Process

Report Writing Process

There are companies that need reports based on thorough researches for the smooth functioning of their operations. If you belong to such an industry whose functioning depends on reports, you need the service of report writers. Reports generally tend to be very lengthy and writers who write them have an in-depth knowledge of the industry. They constantly study and update themselves regarding the latest trends in the industry and how that affects people. These writers pay special emphasis on deadlines and quality writing.

Feature Writers

Feature writers are some of the most creative content writers that you’ll come across. Feature content writing samples typically includes writing columns in both print and digital space, satires, short stories, poems and features on food, lifestyle, etc. Not all feature writers have a degree in journalism or did content writing courses, but all of them have a keen observational sense around which they weave wonderful stories. These writers have an exceptionally rich vocabulary and they transport readers to another realm through the use of their words.

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In case you are thinking of maintaining a separate blog section to write on various topics like, lifestyle, food, travel, seasonal festivals, personal care, DIY tips and so on, you can collaborate with feature writers for blog content writing services. They can craft impersonal write-ups that will attract the readers and make them keeping coming back for more.

Press Release Writer

Press Release Writing Process

Press release writers help businesses in communicating new developments and information about their company to their audience. Press release writers typically focus on new product launches, expanded businesses, business events or exhibitions, signed new mergers and such other new developments. A press release is written as a part of sales initiative and to keep the audience aware of all the latest developments.

Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer

The name might bring to mind paranormal activities, but it is nothing related to that. Ghost writing is basically writing and developing content for someone else and the content will be published by someone else’s name. The writer’s name will not be seen anywhere in the writing. That is referred to as ghost writers. You will find a lot of SEO content writing companies offering content writing services under the classification of ghost writing.




Copywriters have the most interesting job and copywriting is the most compelling of all content writing types. Even though it is very demanding, it requires writers to be their creative best. The field of copywriting is a vast one and it includes jingles that you hear on TV and radio, the punchlines that you see on billboards, banners flyers and so on. These writers have to constantly be inspired and strive to be at their creative best. Their job depends on the best one-liners that they can come up with. So, if you are looking for short advertising material to promote your business, copywriters are the solution.

Lead Generation Writers

Lead Generation Writer

Lead generation writers are a special kind of writer when you consider all the types of content writers. This is because their primary goal is to convert prospective visitors into customers.  They can be compared to copywriters because their work is kind of similar. But the entire purpose of lead generation writers is to make sure people become customers.

You can call them the salesman of the ghostwriting world because their role is to complete company objectives and they have quotas. Their objectives are usually in the form of numbers and not in the form of projecting the image of the company. This might seem very rudimentary but this is one of the most difficult types of content writing in the world.

Legal Writers

If you ever installed an app then you might get a page full of Terms and Conditions and a checkmark that you can tick. If you ever wondered who writes these terms and conditions then they are legal writers. They are a special kind of ghostwriter with legal knowledge and the knowledge of how to draw up agreements and contracts.

It is one of the most specific content writing jobs out there because the writer needs to have a background in law and sometimes even a recognised law degree. They are qualified to write legal briefs and contracts as well as legal articles.  

Social Media Writers

Social Media Writers

Social media writers are probably the newest addition to the list of content writers. They are unique in the way that they are redefining what is content writing. This is because social media writers can be simple content writers but they can also be content strategists as well as scriptwriters for social media influencers.

They help with social media posts and everything that goes on social media. If you open up any social media platform and you see a caption above a pic then chances are it has been written by a social media writer.

Business Writers

Business Writers

Business writers are sometimes called finance writers because that is exactly what they do. They write on stuff related to business and finance. That can be in the form of the stock market or even the economy in general. They write on different investment options and give financial advice in the form of articles to prospective investors.

Business writers work sometimes for an agency and other times they might also do freelance writing. You need to have specific skillsets and knowledge about markets and economics if you want to become a business writer.

Brand Journalists

Brand Journalists

Brand journalism is when brands incorporate a journalistic style of showcasing their brand identity. This means instead of going the traditional route of using obvious promotions, brands try to present their story in the form of authentic storytelling which is very similar to real-world journalism.

This helps create a very true reflection of the brand which is much more authentic and works amazingly when it comes to brand trust. That is why brand journalists are content writers who are hired specifically by brands to create narratives so that they can bring out the messaging of the brand.  

This Is How You Become a Content Writer

Look At Top-Performing Digital Content

As you can see there a different types of content writing for you to choose from. You might be attracted to a specific type of content writing and that is why the best thing to do is to look at top-performing digital content of that kind. You will get ample examples online. Content writing is not about being a good writer but it is about understanding a need for content and learning how to fulfil that need. That is why you should look at the best type of content writing that you are aiming for so that you can create a baseline to start.

Nourish Your Portfolio

If you ever plan on getting professional content writing work then you need to create an amazing portfolio for yourself.  This should contain everything from your work experience to your passion as well as versatility and much more. You should focus on areas that are in demand when you create your portfolio and you should present them as a skill. You can display all the different types of work you have done in your portfolio and will help you get a better chance at striking a deal.

Focus On Basics Like Grammar

One of the mistakes new content writers make is that they get so preoccupied with understanding the market and the topic that they forget to brush up on their basic skills. These skills can include something as basic as grammar. But it is such an important aspect of content writing that you might have the best knowledge about the topic but if you have flawed grammar, you will not get hired. So, you must strike a balance between understanding the complex elements of content writing but also not ignoring the basic elements.

Get Professional Training

The first step to success in a new field is to not be the know-it-all guy. It is never too late to get professional training in content writing because there are different courses you can choose from. You can choose between a regular or general content writing course or specific types of content writing courses. It also helps if you have a background in different topics such as finance or law and then you can choose between business content writing or legal content writing.

Be Versatile and Diversify Skills

And the last and the most important thing that you should know is to do with probability. Clients are more likely to get someone who can do multiple things rather than getting a specialist who only does a single thing. You need to prove yourself useful in the industry and the only way you can do that is to acquire multiple skills. If you are a content writer who is an expert at different types of content writing then it will improve your chances of getting contracts. That is why you should pick up different kinds of content writing skills that are similar to the ones you are doing now.


If you are looking for professional digital content writers then the best thing to do would be to get it from a reputable web design and development company.

That is exactly what we are at Think To Share IT Solutions Pvt Ltd. We are one of the finest web design and development establishments in India and along with that way to every kind of digital content writing. That includes web content writing and topical web content writing as well as social media content writing and blog writing and much more.

By now, you must have realized how vast the field of content writing actually is and types of writers’ techniques exist there. Content writing is simply a term. You need to carefully choose the right content writer for your requirement.

Do you have any experience regarding choosing content writing services? Please feel free to share in the comments below.