We are Think To Share, a pragmatic team of website designers and developers and we do everything from creating websites to developing apps and software as well as creating promotional content. Think To Share comprises several teams with different tasks and little relation between these tasks, but there is always a basic similarity between every team in that we love to learn and that is why we always understand the value of education. 

So why not bring technology to education?

Keeping this in mind we have always wanted to build a platform where education can be simplified for future generations. We did not want to get rid of the already existing structures. We simply wanted to simplify the education system for them and introduce technology to education. 

With this idea, Homely School was born. Homely School, powered by ThinkToShare is an idea of bringing technology to schooling. An AI-driven smart learning experience where the teacher and the principal and the educator gets all the technology in the world at their disposal to teach without barriers and hindrances.

  • What is Homely School all about?

We at Homely School are all about bringing the cutting edge of technology to schools and colleges and helping educational institutions and their platforms virtually. This is because there is a lot of potentials when education can become portable. Students from all around the world can get access to quality educational institutions and the job market can also improve because of the high pool of highly qualified students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to study in prestigious organisations. 

  • How is Homely School about to bring this change? 

The first and foremost challenge we are facing and other virtual education institutions face are the educator’s belief that virtual education is not possible. Through our experience of working in the field of education and hosting various tests and exams as well as other educational activities, we can state that the education system is slightly conservative. And there is a good reason for that because this way of teaching offline has been the norm for centuries. With the advent of Covid-19, we are having to give the thought about virtual schooling more seriously.  While we do not hope that the physical school will be abolished and we are not advocates of that either, we still want the best of technology to reach the most important place it needs to be and that is shaping the minds of the future.

  • What are the technologies we hope to bring?

The technologies we are going to bring will be revolutionary and will affect students of various grades from preschool to regular school to higher education and we can see the potential of various assessments and exams being flawlessly conducted through our automated exam portal systems. The teachers will particularly be benefited from our program as they can create online copies of the notes which can be distributed effortlessly to all the student’s accounts and they can comment on their queries and the teacher can be in touch with their students 24/7.  There are other technologies such as Edutainment systems for younger children that can be implemented and beneficial to the tender minds. The sky is the limit to the level of technology we at Homely School a trying to bring. Exams portals being the beginning, we will implement automated attendances, cloud interactive homework sharing portals, principal’s console which will help them manage the institution better, teacher consoles which will help them manage the classrooms better and even prefect and monitor consoles with limited functionality.

  • How will Homely School benefit the educational institutions?

Technology has always been there to humans for making tasks simple and with simplicity comes efficiency and that is all we are hoping to bring. Our efficient systems will make day to day schooling tasks simpler by cutting down costs and funds which can be utilised for more pressing concerns such as education. Homely School is hoping to bring in next-level efficiency to the educational institutions where mundane tasks such as paperwork and every other formality can be left to algorithms to do while teachers and students do the best thing they can which is to teach and learn. The most important benefit educational institutions will have is the amount of time and manpower as well as funds and resources that they will be saving. 

This was our vision of bringing technology to education and we are already working on various projects of conducting online exams for institutions across the country we are currently working with quite a few numbers of educators and education experts to see the best path forward in this marriage between technology and education. We are hopeful that our efforts will impact the most rudimentary and important part of society and that is education. Come check out our website and learn more about how we can revolutionise education as a web development company in kolkata and be the pioneers of this new age of education.