Creating A Ghostwriting and Content Writing Services Website for A Reputable Ghostwriting Agency


  • Planning & Consulting
  • Information Architecture
  • Themed UI/UX Design
  • Custom Web Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Continuous upgradation
  • 24x7 Maintenance and Support


Get Best Writers is one of the pioneering names when it comes to ghostwriting services in India and they are a professional content writer for hire services company that provides high-quality ghostwriting as well as script writing and content writing services. You can hire them for SEO-conscious online web content and you can also hire them for writing your autobiography. They are widely known for their reliability as well as their versatility in the number of services they offer.


Get Best Writers has always been a traditional company popular among authors, individuals and brands that needed high-quality content. They have also been quite popular when it comes to online web content. They had written content for hundreds of websites but they lacked something. A permanent home online where it could all come together. They were missing out on a lot of online client traffic simply because they did not have a website. That is where we come into the picture as Think To Share when they were looking for a reliable web design and development company that understood their needs.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a website that showcased the entire expanse of this reputed ghostwriting services company. They wanted a website that was modern in every sense of the way from the design to the performance. However, they also wanted a website that maintained the charm of their services and essence by following a theme of writing creativity throughout the website. They wanted the website to focus on content but also showcase all the services that they provided in an elegant way. They wanted a website that looked like it was made by and for writers.

The Solution

When it was time to create the website, we made sure to brief the designers on the core purpose and essence of the website. They had to design a website that looked like it was meant for writers and content.

If you take a look at our initial drawings for the homepage then you can have a good understanding of our main points of focus. We wanted to focus on the services provided by this agency and we also wanted to keep the layout as simple as possible.

The banner is simple yet elegant and has 50% of its space reserved for telling the visitors what the website and the agency are about. There are buttons for website navigation and contact.

Concept Design

Final Design

Let us not forget the services section in the navigation bar that leads to all the services provided by Get Best Writers. To be precise, 13 individual pages are dedicated to services.

Concept Design

Final Design


  • The website acts as a permanent destination for this ghostwriting agency to showcase and promote all its services in a single place.
  • The website helps Get Best Writers improve their SERP and generate leads and run advertisement campaigns that lead back to their website which helps them tap into the traffic of online demand for content.
  • This website improves the business prospects of this content writing agency drastically by being a permanent platform for its services and thereby improving its digital footprint.