Creating A Website for A Broad-Spectrum Professional Services and Knowledge-Process Company


  • Planning & Consulting
  • Information Architecture
  • Themed UI/UX Design
  • Custom Web Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Continuous upgradation
  • 24x7 Maintenance and Support


The JIPL Group (registered in India as JÑĀNĀLOK Infotech Pvt Ltd., under The Companies Act 1956) might not be in the consciousness of regular consumers but if we talk about their business verticals like Orange Publishers or Purushottam Publishers then then you can easily identify this services and knowledge process company as an industry giant. JIPL Group owns multiple verticals like IntelloData(A unit of JIPL), a leading full-life-cycle Software Automation & Data Management service provider and they also own many more such IT business verticals and business software solution units. The JIPL Group has been in the services industry for nearly three decades and JIPL’s business verticals completely dominate their respective industries.


All the business verticals owned by JÑĀNĀLOK Infotech Pvt Ltd. have their individual websites showcasing all their services. However, JIPL Group did not have a website representing the place where all the business verticals come together. That is why they needed a website as a parent company that truly represents their broad influence in multiple industries. This is exactly how we come into contact with them in that journey of finding an experienced web design and development company that can truly create something worthy of their stature.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create an all-encompassing website that showcased JIPL Group in its complete form with all its business verticals and business units. We needed to make sure the core focus was on everything JÑĀNĀLOK Infotech Pvt Ltd does. This website needed to be professional and subtle with the essence of authority and business optimism and of course without too many unnecessary design elements. The challenge was amplified by the fact that this website needed to be the epicentre where so many successful brands came together. We had to represent JIPL as well as its business units equally without highlighting one over the other.

The Solution

This was one of the most amazing projects to work on if we negate the responsibility of the sheer stature of this company. We came up with a solution that was the perfect exercise in minimalism. You can see this from the earliest crude homepage design layouts. You can choose to call it simplicity and you can choose to call it a design that only focuses on the most important elements necessary.

Concept Design

Final Design

We would like to shift your focus to the most important element of this entire website, i.e., the various business units and verticals of the JIPL Group. We continued the theme of minimalism and focused design that intentionally made sure the visitors would not miss the elements.

If you take a look at the early drawings on the layout planning of this section then you can clearly that we maintained the simple uniformity of a 3x2 grid.

Concept Design

Final Design


  • The JIPL Group now finally has a website and a permanent home to showcase all their business verticals and units and this website is where everything comes together.
  • This is excellent for digital visibility and digital footprint and also contributes a great deal to lead generation and movement between different verticals. The clients of one vertical can now easily trust and hire the services from the other verticals because they now know it is owned by JÑĀNĀLOK Infotech Pvt Ltd.
  • This all-encompassing website will help the business in showcasing its size and stature and thereby relevance in multiple industries and it is always a good thing.