Creating An Integrated Facility Management Services Website for A Leading Facility Management Company


  • Planning & Consulting
  • Information Architecture
  • Themed UI/UX Design
  • Custom Web Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Continuous upgradation
  • 24x7 Maintenance and Support


DMM Facilities Management Pvt Ltd are one of the most renowned facility management services companies in India with some of the best professionally organised facility management services. They are the A to Z of facility management and they do literally everything from housekeeping services to manpower services and payroll services and a whole host of other services. They even provide real estate management services along with security services and every kind of service you can think of for the upkeep of any commercial or residential facility.


DMM Facilities Management Pvt Ltd was always one of the finest names when it came to facility management in India but the only drawback with their brand was that they were completely offline with no digital footprint whatsoever as they had not yet entered the digital space. That is why our crossroads met when DMM was searching for reliable a web design and development company with years of experience in developing professional websites.

The Challenge

The good folks at DMM had a very particular request when they assigned us to create a website for them. It was to create a website that would perfectly showcase their vast relevance in the facility management industry. They wanted us to create a website that was simple to navigate and that did not compromise on design, performance and the representation of all their services. We had to create a website that looked professional and showcased their facility management services in a way that was not cluttered.

The Solution

The solution that we came up with was quite revolutionary yet very subtle and traditional. We did not go for complex graphics and complex UI elements that would slow down the website unnecessarily and we decided to keep the homescreen quite subtle and minimalist.

Take a look below then at our initial plans with the home screen. We call this a nonsense homescreen approach because it is simple to navigate and has everything important scannable.

Concept Design

Final Design

It was also essential that we showcased the most popular as well as the most important services in a separate section of the homepage wireframe. Along with that, we also had to show how they operate and that is exactly what we did. If you can take a look at this initial planning drawing then you might get an idea about our vision.

Concept Design

Final Design


  • DMM Facilities Management Pvt Ltd now has a stable and permanent destination for its clients to visit and stay updated on its vast selection of services.
  • The website helps them generate meaningful leads with a usual high conversion rate and helps them stay relevant when it comes to facility management services.
  • The website plays the crucial role of a digital brochure that showcases all their services and also helps them gain topical authority regarding their facility management industry.
  • All these factors help them generate even more business and also stay at the leading edge of facility management services digitally.