Creation Of a Fully Functional Villa Renting Platform for An Eminent Villa Provider Company in Goa


  • Planning & Consulting
  • Information Architecture
  • Themed UI/UX Design
  • Custom Web Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Continuous upgradation
  • 24x7 Maintenance and Support


Luxury Villa Goa is one of the premier names when it comes to villas in Goa because they have some of the finest prime properties located in some of the most desirable localities in Goa. They are a well-established business. Before contacting us, they were an offline exclusive business without any online footprint. They used to manage their properties along with bookings and coordination and everything in between through traditional offline methods. You can definitely call them one of those old-school established companies that does everything related to tours and travels in Goa.


Luxury Villa Goa was on the lookout for a reputed web design and development company that understood their priorities and their current situation. That is how we came to touch with such a legacy brand. They wanted to enter the online villa-for-rent market because they were simply missing out on the vast online traffic that was simply remaining untapped.

The Challenge

The challenge in this web design and development project was not only to create a website that showcased all their villas and properties along with its functionalities but we also had to make sure the website followed the design language of the chill Goan ambience.

Additionally, this website not only needed to be beautiful in form but also had to be a proper villa booking platform with a proper payment gateway. We also had to transform the booking system and create a completely automated booking system with an integrated payment gateway system.

So, the primary challenges were as follows:

  • A Goan-themed website, beautiful in form.
  • A functional and automated booking system.
  • An error-free payment gateway system
  • Organisation, categorisation and listing of all properties.

The Solution

We chose minimalism as the cornerstone of our project because we had to make sure the entire website followed a theme that represented the casual relaxed ambience of Goa. This was perfect for our client’s representation.

As you can see below, this was the design chosen and if you look at it carefully then you are going to see that the banner space is huge. It is in fact one of the largest aspect ratios we have done for banners. There is a definite reason for this and it is simply because we wanted the villas to be at the front and centre of the entire website.

Concept Design

Final Design

Let's now draw your focus to the most important aspect of this website and it is the categorisation and classification of the actual properties. This is the reason why the website was created and it was to showcase the villas in offer.

In order to turn this into reality, we created a simple grid that showed the villa details in the simplest way possible.

Concept Design

Final Design


  • Luxury Villa Goa now has a permanent digital footprint that is centred around a beautiful website.
  • The website not only looks good but maintains the best kind of functionality with automatic booking capabilities as well as a functional payment gateway.
  • The website has helped the brand promote its business online and generate leads that ultimately follow back to its website and its automated booking system.
  • The website ensured that they could completely transition from a 100% offline brand to a fully functional online brand with a solid foundation.