Creating A Publishing Website for A Legacy Publishing Company to Serve as An E-Commerce Website as Well as An Author and Admin Portal


  • Planning & Consulting
  • Information Architecture
  • Themed UI/UX Design
  • Custom Web Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Continuous upgradation
  • 24x7 Maintenance and Support


Purushottam Publishers are a legacy publishing company and they have been in the publishing industry for more than three decades. They are a very reliable name when it comes to traditional publishing and they publish nearly every genre of books whether it is fiction and nonfiction or books regarding educational purposes. Their name is so well known that they dominate the publishing industry of India in certain aspects.


Purushottam Publishers has been selling their books online since 2009 and they have been selling their books on different marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart and multiple others. However, they did not have a centralised location or rather a bookstore website where they could sell their books for their readers. That is why they looking for a reliable web design and development company with ample experience in creating eCommerce websites and that is how we started our journey together.

The Challenge

The primary challenge faced by such a traditional and established brand as Purushottam Publishers is that they need a centralised location and a marketplace where they can dictate and sell their books exclusively. These publishers did not have that because while they have been selling for over two decades now, they were selling their books elsewhere and there were a few challenges with that.

So, the primary challenges were as follows:

  • They had a manual system for tracking book sales online and they did not have a centralised portal for their admins and their authors as well as their publishers to sign in.
  • It was extremely difficult to maintain book returns because of utilising multiple marketplaces to sell their books.
  • Additionally, they were finding it difficult to maintain their accounts because they had to convert their online sales data to manual accounts and then this to and fro caused many issues.

The Solution

We came up with a very classic solution to this classic problem in the form of a traditional E-Commerce approach to accounts. We created an e-commerce bookstore which is also an Operator Portal that behaves differently for different roles of accounts.

  • The website acts like a proper e-commerce website with payment gateway integration and wishlists as well as order tracking for the client accounts of Purushottam Publishers.
  • The website acts as an Author’s Portal for author accounts where they can keep track of book sales as well as royalties.
  • Finally, the website acts as an Operators Portal for the Purushottam admins so that they can keep track of sales and also keep track of book returns and stock and much more.

Thus, the website, while being a marketplace for books, is much more than that because Purushottam Publishers can now completely digitize their online book sales and control it with more accuracy. No more data entry errors and logistical errors.

For the design of the homepage, we went with a classic solution. The design is a combination of minimalism as well as extravaganza combined in a subtle form with the books being the primary focus. That is why it would be interesting for you to check out the initial design plans.

Concept Design

Final Design

The purpose of this website is not just to be a brochure for a publishing company and its services but it is also a permanent home for the publisher which means showcasing all that is happening at Orange Publishers. This means a dedicated section for events.

While the website contains a lot of other relevant sections, we thought it might be interesting to show you another impressive section of the website that shows the different kinds of services provided by the publishers well as a section for Author Testimonials and also a section for representing the authors.

Concept Design

Final Design


  • This website solves three primary issues and one of them is focused on clients who can finally create their account and use it like any E-Commerce account.
  • Authors have also benefited a lot from this web solution because now they can monitor their revenue and royalties and also keep track of their book performance.
  • The admins can operate an entire publishing house from a website whether it is taking care of inventory or monitoring book sales or even running special discounts and campaigns.