Do you know which form of content is presently king in the online world? It is video.


The Global Internet Phenomena Report in 2019 revealed that more than 60% of downstream traffic on the web is driven by video content.


It has also been predicted in previous studies that by 2021, the number of Internet video users will be 1.9 billion and the traffic represented by video content will be 80% of the total Internet traffic.


So, are you utilizing the power of video to boost your brand?


First things first, video content is popular among all social media platforms. However, YouTube continues to be the leader when it comes to online video.


You can, of course, create videos for your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, but do not forget YouTube marketing.


And to maximize your YouTube marketing performance,


here are some of the best YouTube SEO tools.


Google Trends


Google Trends


If you’ve got a topic that your audience loves, your video content is bound to be a hit!


For successful YouTube optimization, you need to come up with topics that your target audience is interested in.


Unfortunately, coming up with fresh, new topics is easier said than done.


What can you do?


You can explore Google Trends.


To narrow down the results, do this:


  • Type in your topic in focus
  • Specify ‘YouTube search’
  • Pick a geographical area
  • Pick a category
  • Enter the time period


Want to take it a step further?


Compare two topics to find which one fares better!


BirdSong Analytics’ YouTube Analysis


Fear falling behind your competitors?


You can easily catch up using BirdSong Analytics’ YouTube Analysis.


This video SEO tool helps in analysing the competitors and give you the following information:


  • Competitors’ best video upload time
  • Best upload day
  • Video length V/s video content and its effect
  • Most used words in a video caption
  • Length of the video and its effect on the audience


This tool gives great insight into what your competitors are doing and you can accordingly mould your YouTube video marketing campaign.


YouTube Search Auto-suggest


Are you just building your YouTube strategy?


The chances are that you are not ranking for the big keywords in your industry.


Your search for long-tail keywords can be easy with YouTube’s search auto-suggest feature.


By using this YouTube SEO tool, you can drive targeted traffic back to your website.


Just start typing any short-tail keyword and you will get a list of long-tail keywords that people specifically search for.


When searching for keywords to be used for your YouTube video marketing campaign, it is crucial to remember that the process is slightly different than Google keyword research.






YouTube video optimization is just as crucial as optimizing webpages.


And you need video optimization tools like, TubeBuddy.


So, what does this tool do?


48-hours after your video is live, you need to optimize the metadata of your video and this is where you can use this tool.


TubeBuddy is a browser extension that helps in channel maintenance. It helps with descriptions, titles, annotations, tags and more.


Moreover, the tool offers optimization tips and advices to boost channel growth.


Pretty cool, right?






VidIQ is another amazing channel management tool that you can consider using.


Operates as a browser extension like TubeBuddy.


This tool displays all the important stats for any video that you open.


What does this mean for you?


Advanced analytics and effortless competitor analysis for any video that you open. Also, it allows you to match the best-performing videos on YouTube, compare your channel against your competitors and other such cool things.


Want to keep an eye on trending topics? Just add your email address. The tool will keep a watchful eye for trending topics and send you email alerts.


Of course, there are other YouTube SEO tools available in the market. Some are free while others you will have to pay for.


You can get started with the ones mentioned above. It is not wise to wait any more to come up with your video content if you want your brand to grow in 2020 and beyond.


If you wish to add any tool to the list, feel free to do so in the comments below.