In the 21st century, a website has become a very necessary part of a business. Simultaneously, SEO is very important to grab customer attention towards the brand/product/services. In fact, SEO is one of the buzzwords around the world for the past couple of years.


If you also desire great brand recognition or wish to expand business awareness digitally, hire software developers, get a website first then, start digital marketing. However, if you already have a website specially built in WordPress, then a simple theme change or update can improve SEO performance. How? Let’s figure it out!


In this article today, we are going to discuss “How Does The WordPress Theme Affect SEO Performance?”. Let’s get started!


Purpose of WordPress Theme Change


A WordPress theme is basically a visual template. Themes are so powerful when used appropriately to the full extent. A theme has so many benefits to render as it is so much more than just color and layout change. In fact, there are many themes available in WordPress that improve the engagement of web content as well as enhance the outlook of the site.


The major purpose of the theme is to determine the looks of the website. When a theme is changed or updated, it gives a fresh new design to the website, as well as incorporates desired features. However, you would require to hire WordPress developers to add new functionality along with theme updates to add new features to the site.


Advantages of Theme Update


  • Latest Design
  • Better UI UX
  • Advanced Features
  • Web Version Update
  • Animation Features Option
  • Updated Look & Feel


Search Engine Optimization in WordPress


The advent of Content Management Systems such as WordPress has revolutionized the internet. As it offers great advantages to the overall site including SEO performance. However, it is very important to have the knowledge to relish the maximum advantages. In case you do not have technical expertise, then hire developers to get the results.


Method of SEO in WordPress


  • Choose Hosting Provider Wisely
  • Pick Optimized Theme For SEO
  • Use Dedicated SEO Plugin
  • Change ‘Permalink’ Structure
  • Create ‘Sitemap
  • Use Heading Tags Throughout Content
  • Build Content Around Keywords
  • Incorporate Useful Internal & External Links
  • Use Responsive Design
  • Optimize Images


Correlation Of WordPress Theme With SEO Performance


WordPress is a popular CMS business that chooses to build a website. Globally, there are more than 455 million websites built on WordPress till 2021. Wondering why? Let’s find out!


The major reason businesses prefer to use WordPress is because it’s a very easy-to-use platform. However, there are numerous other benefits also.


  • Open-Source
  • Popular CMS
  • Flexible Usability
  • Great Learning Curve
  • Huge Community
  • Easy Scalability
  • Themes & Plugins For Control
  • Easy-To-Maintain
  • High Security
  • Optimization Option For Search Engines


Nowadays, one of the most important factors every business considers before web development is the ease of SEO for marketing purposes. Fortunately, WordPress is one of the platforms that offer great opportunities for SEO.


Impact of WordPress Theme On SEO Performance


  • Design & User Experience – In case your current website is either difficult to read or navigate, it will increase the bounce rate. As a result, Google will understand that your website isn’t useful for users hence, the ranking of the site will be impacted negatively. To overcome such a problem, consider theme change/update based on your requirements.


  • Website Speed – Theme change can also impact your website’s speed. Moreover, it is a very crucial part of SEO purposes as users don’t wait for too long on a website. If your website loads too slow, then it will increase the bounce rate. On the other hand, if the site loads quickly, users will spend more time.


  • Content Formatting – Although the theme doesn’t affect content on the site, it does affect the formatting of the content. When content is properly formatted according to the Google algorithm, it helps in ranking and SEO performance.


  • SEO Metadata /Structured Data – There are so many built-in themes in WordPress that offer SEO features to manage page titles, meta descriptions, and structured data for rich search snippets. So choose the theme wisely to get the best results.


Tips To Maintain Search Engine Ranking After Changing WordPress Theme


The theme is the backbone of the website. So if anything happens to the backbone, it will reflect on the entire website (front-end and back-end). Therefore, make sure you take expert advice prior to any action.


  • Choose An SEO-Friendly Theme – Selecting the right theme, especially SEO-friendly is very important as it renders many advantages. For instance – format content correctly, great user experience, and load quickly.


  • Test The Selected Theme Before Going Live – Instead of performing new changes on the live website, prefer to invest in a staging site. This will help you foresee all the latest changes and amend them on time (if required) without affecting the end-user experience which can lead to a bounce rate.


  • Optimize The Website For Better Speed – The best tip to high SERP ranking is great speed. If the loading of your site with new changes is more than 2 seconds, then look for some optimization. As Google uses page speed as a ranking signal so if the speed is good, your site can easily rank.


  • Use A Plugin For SEO & Structured Data – If the theme handles both SEO and structured data, then future-proof the website by investing in the right plug-in.


  • Stick With The New Theme For A Long Time – Instead of changing themes, again and again, look for an SEO-friendly theme that covers additional business goals also. This will help you stick to the same theme for a long time and get great benefits.


Should You Consider Changing WordPress Themes On Your Site?


Well, the short answer is Yes! As there are unlimited benefits of a WordPress theme update/change to a business. However, these advantages are not limited to the website outlook but also to SEO performance.


In the present era, digital marketing plays a very vital role in terms of business success, so considering a simple theme change saves money, time, and effort but delivers massive desired results in less time.


Now when you have planned to update your site theme, connect with the best web development company in Toronto instead of counting on an amateur to get the desired outcomes. As professionals have experience, as well as expertise, to cater to the best solution/services. Moreover, hiring WordPress experts will help you achieve both goals efficiently in one short such as a superior outlook along with positive SEO performance.