In the ever-changing world of digitalization, a company’s website is top notch essential. It is the user experience, speed, feel, look and touch of the website that makes one go “Wow” and that wow factor my friend will draw you the greens! But there is a catch! You will only have a limited time frame to get all that done, precisely 8 seconds,! Though that sounds like a fragment of time, there is a lot you can get done in that. Since every second count, here are the top 7 star pointers you can apply to make the overall feel of your website more professional.

 Source: Tyler Moore

  1. Pertinent SEO:Pertinent SEO

Though this is intangible in nature, the importance of SEO to enhance the look of a website cannot be unstated. The strength and potency of a company’s SEO strategy determine how easy or difficult would it be for potential customers to discover the site. Thus it becomes mandatory to ensure the effective functioning of the website in search engines.

  1. Fast loading speed:Fast loading speed

Even if your website looks ultra-professional, all your efforts will be lost if your user has to wait for 10 seconds or more for the site to load. As per statistics, higher the loading time lower the ranks are in the Google search. So in addition to SEO, the loading time of a site is something to look out for. A site that loads very slow will end up as a turn off for the users.

  1. Favicon:Favicon

As mentioned earlier, a professional website needs to be very crisp in its setting. To that end, favicons can be attached to the site to make it more user-friendly. Favicons are little icons that become visible by the website name in the browser tab. These tiny icons help in setting out the website when a user bookmarksit.

  1. Big Images:Big Images

Visuals never fail to make an impact. The same applies to your website. Along with ace content, use of big catchy images aids a website to look professional and thus attracts a lot of attention from the viewers. An excellent example of this trend has been set by Apple. But designing is not something you are well aware of, nor you have the designer handy, you can use free graphic designing tools like Canva.

  1. Simplicity Is Key:Simplicity Is Key

A professional website in no way calls for excessive flashy elements to be put on the site. On the contrary, it is advisable to keep the site simple. A rudimentary organized website with clutter-free content reeks of professionalism.

  1. Mobile Friendly:Mobile Friendly

Smartphones have become as common as oxygen these days and every other person owns one. In that light, it is important to consider the idea that most people conduct searches from their phones. Thus, it has become absolutely obligatory for companies to ensure that their site is mobile friendly. Mobile web traffic has already taken over desktop traffic and the trend is likely to go up, so one way of getting a professional website is to incorporate mobile optimization.

  1. Message Chatbox:Message Chatbox

Messaging platforms are moving fast ahead any of its contemporaries. Thus, it’s only natural that marketers will be making use of messaging technology to serve the customers better online. Chatbots, as the name suggests are automated messaging tools which act as a conversation starter for the users who enter your website. Not only do chatbots quickly draw the attention of the users, but also helps to increase the conversion rates.Though this setup is not ideal for a big organization, it does provide the website with a professional touch.

Make it big in this market of digitalization. Go digital!