Before we start with our predictions, we would like to tell you that predictions are exactly what they sound like, they are our estimates about the future and we might be wrong about them.

Having said that, it is up to you to look at our predictions and understand them and make your own assumptions as this list of predictions will help you understand how the future of web design is going to be in 2023. You will be able to understand what are the things that are slowly but surely becoming the industry standard and are becoming widely popular as a good alternative when it comes to web design.

Let us look at the predictions for web design in 2023 and these predictions are based on our industry experience as well as the general direction of the web design industry internationally when it comes to certain features and trends.



2023 is the year when we are going to see website loading times being one of the most important factors of web design because in 2023 having a fast and responsive website is non-negotiable, a good website page speed is not a novelty item but it is un necessity and all clients will look for this feature on their website.

There is an important reason for this and it is because website loading times directly affect the user experience and website load time as well as page speed is important for search engine optimisation (SEO). That is why web designers all over the world are going to prioritise fast websites and optimise their code so that website load times are faster.


When you hear animated cursors, you might think of the bygone era of the personal computer when you could utilise different cursor styles but that is not the thing here. Animated cursors are making a comeback because they are yet another opportunity for the web designer to implement a custom style to a website.

We are hoping to see animated cursors becoming quite popular in 2023 where designers are going to implement parts of the design into the animated cursor so that the website viewing experience is personalized to a greater degree.


With the emergence of AI and the implementation of smart optimisations all over the internet, it is quite obvious that we are going to see smart content loading a lot more on websites. This is a fairly new concept and web developers utilise different kinds of codes in order to optimise their smart content loading feature.

But in short smart content loading will be able to load the essential content first and then load all the non-essential content. This will make website load times even faster and is aimed at user experience. While we can’ be sure will web development be automated but we can vouch for AI and definitely smart content loading.


This is one of the cleverest ways of utilising the location feature on all modern computers and smartphones. People have different needs all over the world and those needs change based on the user’s location.

Web designers will understand the need for this and will utilise your location data in order to deliver personalised content based on the location of the user. This will make the browser experience even more personalized and customised for the website user which will mean a better user experience.


Web designers are always looking for better control of the website real estate and this means they are always going to look for a better structure framework so that they can organise content and also keep it responsive across different screen sizes.

That is exactly what we are going to see in 2023 as web designers see the grid system as the best way to make sure that content is organised and structured across the web page. The grid system is the perfect layout system for 2023 because designers today not only create a website so that it can be opened on a computer screen but so that it can be supported on screen sizes that can vary a lot.


Having human customer representatives behind the support is expensive and you can only get so many representatives before the system is overloaded. That is why we are going to see more utilization of chatbots in 2023. But there is a key difference in 2023 that will allow web designers to utilise things like AI to make sure the chatbot is as human as possible.

Perhaps 2023 is also going to be the year where it would be virtually impossible to distinguish between a chatbot and human representatives as chatbots are going to be much more advanced and they are going to be accelerated by machine learning so that they can be much more personalized in understanding the conversation. Demand for web design in 2023 will be on the rise because of manpower challenges in customer relations.


We are going to see better lead nurturing in 2023 as more web designers are going to integrate lead nurturing forms into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. This will allow for better data generation so that the website can do better lead tracking

The best thing about these forms is that they will not force users to input information but they will gradually allow users to do what they are doing on the website and the forms will be able to create data sets that will help for a better and more customised website experience for the end user.


The year 2023 will see a rise in the utilisation of voice-activated interfaces. We can already see the implementation of voice-activated interfaces in popular shopping apps such as Amazon and in other smart device apps. Since most websites are now accessed from smartphones and other smart devices, we are going to see web designers implementing voice-activated accessibility features much more.

And we are definitely going to see a step towards accessibility because better accessibility simply means better convenience for the users and better convenience for the users means a happy user and we all know a happy user can finally be a happy client.


Since we are on the topic of accessibility in our previous point, we must mention that 2023 is going to see a lot of development in the area of accessibility because the internet in 2023 is much more mature and inclusive and inclusive. This means web designers all over the world are going to incorporate elements that make the website accessible for everyone including differently-abled people.

We are going to see features that will make the utilisation of different keyboard options and different text-to-speech options as well as different zoom options easily accessible. This is also important from a security standpoint, think of banking websites utilising virtual keyboards which will now be an option for regular websites.


We must understand something about 2023, web designers will not only focus on making the web interface more advanced and quicker but they will also try to make the web interface much more personal so that the users can relate and connect with the website on a personal and much deeper level.

This is all in the name of user experience and we are going to see many more interactive elements on websites such as surveys as well as quizzes and many more immersive storytelling techniques etc utilised on websites. The more unique the experience the more impactful it is going to be for the users.


When we ask a question such as what’s the future of web development, VR is definitely one of the answers and while VR is already in use on websites on a limited capacity like on videos, it has excellent scope in 2023 to be utilised all over the website. Think of the possibilities of virtual reality if you have a website that needs to display 3D models.

We are going to see VR utilization on design websites as well as art website and even product-related and technology websites. While still in its early stage, VR has the potential to revolutionize the internet and create a website experience that has never been as immersive as now. VR will definitely see a future in web designing.


Think of a website about balloons where any time the user adds any kind of balloon order to their wishlist or online cart, we can see a balloon pop with the cursor. Or think of a website that deals with farm equipment and any time a user does something specific we can see the cursor become a shovel and dig mud on the screen.

We can give you countless examples as these kinds of small interactions are called micro-interactions and while they do not do anything very important but they make the overall experience of the user much more enjoyable. Things like button animations as well as loading bars and much more are going to be utilised in 2023 for a more personalised and enjoyable user experience


When we talk about 2023 web design trends, Art Deco is definitely making a comeback in as users really appreciate sophistication as well as nostalgia and that is why web designers are incorporating different kinds of vintage styles into their websites.

We predict that Art Deco will not only be used on design websites and art websites but it will be utilised all over the internet because of its classy look and tasteful appearance that is vintage but yet modern and sophisticated.


Just like micro-interactions, we predict that micro-animations are going to be used a lot in 2023 simply because it makes the user experience much more seamless and smoother and that is exactly what designers want in 2023.

Web designers utilise different elements of websites and webpages and micro-animations do the job of integrating all those elements seamlessly into something smooth so that users do not get to notice the different layers at work. Micro-animations make help all the layers blend effectively.


We predict that web designers will move away from rigid and geometric shapes to very organic and smooth and free-flowing shapes on their websites in 2023. We can see this change in popular operating systems such as Android and iOS and we can definitely see this change on websites because websites are going to feel much more natural and not sharp around the edges.

We predict that you will be able to see this transition towards organic shapes on everything from background elements to dividers as well as the entire layout of the website.


Web designers will prioritise thumb-friendly mobile navigation in 2023 and in order to understand that you need to simply look at the data and the data clearly suggests that more websites are being accessed by smartphones and smart devices more often rather than computers.

This is why users are utilising touch screens to access websites and when people use touch screens, they use their thumbs and that is why designers are making sure that all the navigation buttons as well as navigation elements are within easy reach of user’s thumbs.


Videos have always been the enemy of fast loading times but this is changing because designers are utilising better codecs and more efficient compression techniques so that videos on a website are optimised to load when the website is loading.

This will open entirely new avenues for development as smart video optimisation will allow more video elements to be integrated into the interface. And the possibilities are endless when it comes to utilising videos on websites.


2023 will see material designs being utilised heavily simply because material design looks good and works great and if Google can trust it then website designers all over the world can trust it as well.

We are going to see more utilization of shadows and subtle animations as well as simple and clean icons and simple aesthetics so that the design is focused on usability and simplicity.


In order to understand this, we must understand Hero sections because they are what you see at the top of websites and they are the most prominent section of a website. Since it is the first thing users notice we are predicting that web designers are going to only have text on the hero sections.

This is because it is important to specify what the web page is about and it is a step to make the user experience a lot better and that is why we will not see a lot of images being used on the hero section but rather text will be utilised much more.


We predict that 2023 will see a shift towards more customised and personalized websites that do not resemble any other website. Sticking to that theme, we are definitely going to see more utilization of custom illustrations.

This is all so that the website can feel different and unique instead of stock imagery that is utilised over and over again thousands of times online. When we talk about custom illustrations, we can see custom illustrations utilised everywhere from icons to headers and backgrounds as well as the entire design.


We predict that we are definitely going to see a lot of full-page headers as well because if designers do not want to engage users with text-only hero images, then they are definitely going to utilise full-page headers in 2023.

However, this utilisation will only be for a certain part of the industry such as on product pages and on service pages where interaction is not really required but communication is the biggest need.


Dark mode is something that is definitely going to influence web design across the world in 2023 and it is not just because dark mode looks good but there are a lot of benefits when it comes to dark mode. We will see dark mode being utilised by web designers for mobile-specific websites as well as for all kinds of websites.

This is because dark mode has several advantages and one of the biggest advantages is that it reduces eye strain for the users and it is extremely navigable and eye-friendly in low-light environments. It is good for AMOLED screens because it reduces battery consumption and it is excellent from a design standpoint.


If you are coming across this term for the first time then you need to read this carefully because white space is something very crucial to a webpage and it is simply the blank space between content on a web page. White space is extremely important for your website because it is this negative space that will help you distinguish different elements on your website.

That is why web designers are definitely going to utilise white space innovatively so that we can see the content more clearly and we can read different parts of the content with ease. White space is extremely important for scrollability.


Presenting data has always been a very difficult topic for web designers but in 2023 we are going to see web designers implementing different visually engaging techniques and different kinds of visualisations such as charts, infographics and graphs in order to display data on a website.

This will not only make it look good but it will also be very useful for users as they can understand and interpret the data more effectively because of these new data visualisation techniques.


Just like full-page headers, we predict that designers are going to utilise full-height homepage hero sections in 2023. Designers are going to implement this simply because it has a great first impression on the users.

This is usually done on the homepage and it can have anything from simple and concise messaging to visually vibrant images as well as call-to-action options. This will be utilised by web designers simply to make sure it grabs the users’ attention.


This is something very new as a concept but we are definitely going to see web designers all over the world blending photos with graphical elements in 2023 with the definite aim of making the user experience much more seamless.

This technique involves blending photos with everything from the illustrations to the icons as well as the graphical elements on the web page. This creates a very seamless web page that has depth as well as good levels of creativity.


Gradients were popular in 2022 and will still be extremely popular in 2023. Our predictions are based on recurring themes and design philosophies and gradients are certainly something that will be utilised in 2023.

This is because the web designer has rather two options and one is to keep solid colours on the web page which might look good from a minimalist standpoint but will not look good from a material design standpoint. That is why the second option is to utilise gradients on backgrounds as well as overlays so that it can give a certain depth and modern aesthetic to the design.


While static 3D content and elements are already popular but we are definitely going to see more utilization of interactive 3D elements in 2023. This might require a lot of development and this might be only used on websites in the later part of 2023 but we are definitely going to see this development.

The possibilities are endless because this is something that product websites are definitely going to utilise as with interactive 3D content users will be able to move objects and see them from different angles.


There are some design techniques and design elements that are timeless and frosted glass effects are exactly that because we can see them utilised on websites as far back as the early 2010s and we are definitely seeing a comeback in 2023.

This is because these effects are easy to implement on a website and never get old and that is why web designers have a lot of free area for their creative intelligence to take over to create simple but elegant glass effects.


While we should have mentioned this web design trend quicker on the list but it is something so apparent that even an amateur can predict because we are seeing more and more websites being accessed by mobile devices rather than computers and that is why mobile-first design is slowly but surely becoming the priority for websites.

A mobile-friendly design was an afterthought in the early days of the internet but this is certainly changing and more web designers are going to implement mobile-first designs in 2023.


2023 will see encryption and security being a top priority for web designers and developers and one of the best ways to ensure that your website has a secure connection with the users is to implement SSL certificates.

It is not simply something optional in 2023 but it is something non-negotiable because websites now are slowly but surely handling more volumes of sensitive data and information and that is why web designers are definitely going to implement safety measures like SSL certificates in 2023. The future for web developers will be riddled with steps for making data security a priority.

We hope these predictions for web design in 2023 will help you in your own website design decisions and we certainly wish you all the best for your web design in 2023.

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