We all can agree on something and it is that web apps are the future because web application development is something that has taken off like no other tech development.

Due to this high demand for web apps, we are also seeing changes in trends when it comes to web app development.

That is why we bring you this blog to not only talk about the changing trends that are taking place in web application development but we are also going to talk about something that is driving that change.

We are of course talking about tech stacks and how tech stacks are changing the game when it comes to web application development in 2024.

If we have to take this path of understanding web app development trends, we need to type deep into what is bringing this change in the form of understanding the leading tech stacks that are driving this change.

We will definitely talk about that but let us start this blog by understanding web application development trends that are quite prominent in 2024.

Web App Development Trends Prominent In 2024

We can see several changes taking place and several new trends popping up in the world of web application development.

Let us look at some of these changes that will help us understand how the industry is moving forward.

API Priority

One of the biggest changes we are seeing this year is a priority and shift towards API and it is simply because of the convenience level associated with API because of its ease of use and integration.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT was something that was in trend in 2023 and it is still a trend. This can be evident by the fact that we are seeing new web app-integrated IoT devices every day.

JavaScript Frameworks

This is also one of those things that is popular just because of how good it is compared to every other alternative out there. JavaScript frameworks are probably the best option for interactive web app development.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Internet access around the world takes place through multiple means but smartphones are by far the most popular way to access the internet. That is why we are seeing web developers utilise AMP even more in 2024.

Serverless Architectures

Managing your own server is a thing of the past when it comes to 2024 as developers are relying more on cloud computing and cloud vendors like AWS. It is just more practical than running your own server.

Microservices & Containers

One of the things we are definitely seeing in 2024 is a move towards practicality, flexibility, portability as well as scalability and agility. We simply cannot think of them without an architectural approach like microservices and software development in the form of containers.

Responsive Web Desig

With how internet access is growing, you know have fridges with browsers in them and that is why we are definitely seeing a move towards responsive web design and more adaptability.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps are becoming so popular in 2024 that even giant corporations are converting regular websites to PWA websites so that they can work offline and still provide the same kind of information.

Now that we understand a few web development trends that are gaining popularity in 2024, we need to understand how these web apps are developed. So let us find out what is the meaning of a tech stack.

What Is a Tech Stack?

A tech stack is everything that is needed to create a web application and it is a combination of everything from programming languages to frameworks to databases as well as libraries and tools.

Tech stacks combined with API integration is driving change in the web application development industry.

The tech stack primarily consists of two parts which are the front-end as well as the back-end.  The front end is also called the client side of the development and the back end is called the server side.

Front-end (Client-side)

This is the visual side of things and has everything from HTML to CSS as well as text and colours and images as well as graphs.

This is the side of the web app that the client will have access to and consists of the React and Angular libraries as well as frameworks.

Back-end (Server-side)

This is the actual business side of the web application and powers the web app. The back end consists of all the programming languages like Python as well as PHP and JavaScript (Node.js) along with frameworks like Django, Ruby and much more.

The back-end is also responsible for everything including the server and the database with databases like MySQL etc.

Here Are Some Very Popular Tech Stacks Used in Web Development


If you want to do React.js development then this tech stack is best for you. MERN consists of MongoDB, Express.js, React.js and Node.js.

This tech stack is very well suited for fast web development and can help you create very scalable web apps and especially SPAs.

Django + React/Vue.js

As you can clearly see by the name, this is a combination of Django and React or Vue.js. The reason why this is preferred by developers is simply because both the back-end and the front-end are very reliable.

This is especially a good combination if you want to create very secure apps and you do not want to compromise on the front end and provide very nice User Interfaces (UIs).


This stack is a combination of MongoDB along with Express.js and Angular along with Node.js. The addition of Angular makes this a very powerful tech stack.

If you are looking for dynamic web apps as well as scalability along with fast as well as maintainable web development then this is excellent.

Ruby on Rails + React

This is quite unique and different compared to all the other combinations we have talked about because it is actually is server-side web application framework that has been developed by Ruby.

If you are looking for quick application development as well as dynamic UI then this is a great option for you and especially for startups.


If you are looking for something modern then this is a very good option because it allows the creation of fast and secure websites as well as applications.


We come to yet another tech stack that utilises MongoDB. Along with that, it is the combination of Express.js and Vue.js as well as Node.js.

If your development is Vue.js based then you should definitely use MEVN stack, especially for dynamic web app development.

Things To Keep in Mind When Selecting a Tech Stack

Size And Requirement

Your selection of tech stack should totally be dependent on the size of the project because if you have a small project then it is alright to use simple stacks like LAMP.

If the project is actually quite complicated then you are better off using tech stacks like MEAN or MERN or even MEVN.

Performance Requirement

The second most important thing you must consider when you are choosing a tech stack is the kind of performance you need from that application.

If you are creating a simple e-commerce application then you might not need a lot of performance but if you are creating something for stock trading or mobile gaming then the requirement can totally be different.

Development Time

The development time frame is something that you should definitely consider as a web developer because if your app development timeline is very tight then you need a tech stack with rapid development features.

However, if you do not have a strict development time frame then you can go with any kind of tech stack.

Team Capabilities

Not every team in the world is capable of doing everything and that is also the case when it comes to web development.

Some tech stacks are easy to learn and some might have a steep learning curve. Often, your development team might be good with the front end of a tech stack but they might not have experience with the back end.

User Interface (UI) Requirement

Some tech stacks add more focused towards the front end of the development and have a lot of features that support dynamic user interfaces.

This is a very important consideration if you are creating mobile apps and then you might be alright with using tech stacks like MEVN etc.


We come back to the point about requirements because if the development requires that you need to expand the system within a few years then you might choose some tech stacks over others.

That is when it is a good idea to utilise modular architecture tech stacks.

These Are Some Future Trends in Teck Stacks for Web Developmen

Artificial Intelligence

One of the biggest changes we are seeing is the introduction as well as the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the entire web development process.

We are seeing AI being used for all kinds of purposes both in the front-end part of it for clients to use as well as the back end of it.

This is reinventing how we think about automation in areas such as optimisation and most importantly writing code for web development.

Machine Learning

The other biggest change we are seeing in web development as a new trend in 2024 is the introduction of machine learning.

Machine learning can be very effective when it comes to understanding behaviour patterns of clients and this is enabling web developers to create more accurate systems.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are working in tandem for web developers and these developers are then utilising machine learning to understand and analyse client behaviour and also do something about that behaviour through automation.

Every business out there wants their services to be unique and that is why developers depend on machine learning to do content personalization like never before.

Serverless Architectures

One of the definite changes that can be seen in the web development space is definitely going to be serverless operation in the form of cloud environments.

It is just not practical enough economically to create your own server environment when you can get some of the finest environments by platforms like AWS at pretty affordable rates.

Web developers are utilising cloud architectures for not just storage but also computing and this is actually making the entire process of cloud-integrated web development quite affordable and efficient.

That is why affordable cloud costs are allowing more developers to rely on serverless architectures.

Internet of Things (IoT)

If you take out your smartphone and just open the Amazon app then you might be able to spot the increasing trend of smart devices.

Every regular device is now IoT integrated whether it is a bulb or a ceiling fan and that is why we are seeing web applications integrating IoT.

This is helping web developers enable different kinds of devices to communicate with each other and create an affordable ecosystem that is also scalable.

We must also understand that this is probably the best way to create a smart device that is also secure when it comes to connectivity.

Blockchain Technology

From decentralised finance (DeFi) integration to the integration of NFTs as well as the regular odd cryptocurrency, we are seeing the introduction and integration of blockchain technology in web development.

Whether it is for enhancing security or weather it is for creating decentralized payment gateways, web developers are increasingly relying on blockchain technology.

This is a trend that will definitely continue for at least the next 5 years because of the level of possibilities it can cultivate.

Modular Architecture

Modular architecture is just practical when it comes to web development and that is why we are seeing this move towards microservices.

However, not every web developer or web development environment is equipped to move smoothly towards modular architecture not to mention the availability of technology stacks that can actually do it.

However, we are definitely seeing a rise in interest when it comes to microservices and modular architecture.


Data leaks and privacy breaches have become so common that we are seeing an increase in security standards throughout the web development industry.

This is where we might see an overlap between blockchain and security and privacy because the only solution that makes sense now is blockchain when it comes to a water-tight solution to security leaks.

That is exactly what we are seeing because web developers are slowly but surely moving towards improving their encryption protocols and they are now more concerned about security than ever.

We hope this blog will help you understand the latest trends when it comes to tech stacks and web development and especially web app development.

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