Written content across the Internet are written with a special focus on specific keywords or phrases, which makes the content search engine friendly. The keyword research is typically carried out by SEO experts prior to content planning and development. SEO content writers take inspiration from the keywords and craft content. It is these content that inspire trust and also conditions the mind of the target audience in favour of a brand.

Simply put, interesting and good content paves the way for your audience to reach your website. It creates a steady flow of website traffic, enhances website visibility on search engines and helps businesses achieve success online.

Why Online Content Need to be Written with the Search Engines on Mind?

Google, the most popular search engine gets over 3.5 million searches every single day. So, one thing is for sure – people are searching for you online and you just have to be at the right place. To make your place in the search engine and be able to attract the attention of the audience, you need to work exceptionally hard on creating content. Keywords must feature large on your written content as that will help the Google bots crawling your content to understand what is the content all about. It is will make it easier for the bots to index your content and make sure that gains an expansive visibility across popular search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing.

However, there are certain rules to using keywords in a content.

#1 Do not stuff keywords as that does not work with Google algorithms any more. The algorithms have become smarter and it will take real effort to outsmart them with such tactics. If your content is found stuffed with keywords simply to gain the attention of the search engines, you can be sure that it will attract the search engines’ attention, but in a negative manner. Your content might end up being penalized and all your ranking efforts would go down the drain. So, avoid stuffing in any case.

#2 Your content must feature in the content, but the content must not only be about the keyword. Those days are also gone. As the algorithms are getting more intuitive and smarter, you need to be clever when it comes to incorporating keywords into your content. Even though you are writing on a keyword, the content must be written for both the search engines and the audience. It must be interesting, engaging and plagiarism-free.

Why is SEO-optimized Content Important?

The success of an online business depends on various factors and among them, visibility tops the list. Unless your target audience notices or sees your online shop (website), you can never hope to get leads or make conversions. Your business will be doomed and your competitors will steal all of your business. Taking into account all the visibility and accessibility factors, SEO-optimized content is a priority.

Your brand must be visible on the search engines and content is one of the powerful ways to achieve that.

To help you craft result-driven content, given below are expert SEO content writing tips:

# Do’s

  • Keyword research features at the top, as well as, competitive keyword analysis to find out which keywords fare well
  • Next comes knowing the target audience so that the content is written in a way that they understand
  • Use of LSI keyword
  • Craft SEO-friendly titles to attract the attention of the search engine bots and the target audience
  • Make sure to only write original, interesting and engaging content that is related to your niche
  • Write short paragraphs and include important information in bullet points to grab eyeballs immediately
  • Include videos, images and infographics to make the content more appealing and interesting

# Don’t

  • Stuff keywords
  • Use unrelated keywords to improve visibility
  • Write copied or duplicate page content
  • Have lines of text running from top to bottom with no breaks, images or videos

To conclude, SEO-optimized content is your way to advertise and market your presence on the Internet. By gaining visibility, you will make your website easily accessible.

Do you think SEO content writing is important? Are there any writing tips that you would want to share? Please feel free to start a discussion below.