Today we are going to talk about website design practices that will enable us to create the best restaurant website design templates. These practices are functional and also ensure a better customer experience in general.


This is how we do it at Think To Share IT  Solutions Pvt Ltd as we constantly build and perfect the best restaurant website designs and come up with only the most functional and beautiful restaurant website design ideas.




There are a lot of parameters that need to be maintained in order to make sure that only the best designs pass through when you are doing web design for restaurants and bars.


From our experience of being one of the premium and prominent restaurant website design companies out there internationally, we have been designing websites for restaurants for nearly a decade and there are certain things that we always keep in mind whenever we are doing this.


Let us take a look at some of the most important things that we must take into consideration while we are doing website designing and development for the hospitality industry and restaurants in general.




Whenever we accept any project on website designing or website maintenance for restaurants or bars, we make sure to sit down with the owners and the management as well as the creative team of the restaurant chain in order to understand the entire branding of the restaurant.


This includes everything from the type of cuisine that they serve and the kind of outlook that they hope to create and showcase. There are different kinds of restaurants and different kinds of branding associated with them. There can be restaurants catered towards a very posh and refined audience or they can be targeted towards the younger generation etc.


We make sure to understand that branding because that is going to play a part in not only the theme and the user interface but it will play an important role in everything that we decide to put on the website. Every website that we create has to be custom and maintain a unique flavour to it and we try to understand the vision of our clients as best as we can before we undertake any design decisions.




When we say online relevance, we mean everything from SEO to social media engagement and any and every footprint of the restaurant online. This is to ensure that we understand what kind of effect or relevance the restaurant name has when it comes to the entire online environment.


If we find out that the online relevance of the restaurant is not very promising then we make sure to create the website in such a way that it generates a good amount of backlinks and we also make sure to keep in mind SEO.

That includes clever content placement and keyword usage and much more that creates a strong SEO that we can work on improving even more.


Our design is functional and always keeps marketing strategy and advertising strategy in mind because a website is one of the best ways to market your brand and we always make sure that your website is search engine optimised and utilises all the online potential.




The size optimisation of the website is something that should never be ignored because your website is going to be viewed across devices with different sizes of display.  That is exactly why we make sure that the website is not only optimised for full view or desktop view in regular browsers. We also make sure that there is flawless mobile optimisation.


Mobile view is one of the most important things to consider whenever you are creating a website and we make sure that the user interface is as functional in mobile view as it is on a desktop or an iPad or anything else. Because you never know how the visitor might visit your website.


· eCommerce


The distinctive thing about E-Commerce websites is that they are very reliable and have the ability to handle a lot of traffic while also being very functional and easy to use and of course secure.  All these characteristics are good and having these kinds of abilities and functions on your website is never a bad thing.


We always make sure to treat your restaurant website or your bar website as an eCommerce website even if you do not conduct any transactions directly through the website. The reason why we do this is that we always make sure that the website is eCommerce-ready.


And it never hurts to have a website with the functionality and speed and reliability of an eCommerce website.


Apart from these considerations, there are a lot of other things that we keep in mind and consider including a few important restaurant web design practices and also bar web design practices.


Let us find out individually about each of these kinds of practices.






We cannot stress this enough that 90% of the times people visit your restaurant’s website is for the purpose of looking at your menu. It is simply the most important reason why people might visit a restaurant website. Of course, the other factors might be ambience etc but they are secondary.


It becomes even more important if your restaurant is not on any food delivery app and the only way to know the menu is through your website. That is why you should always have the updated menu in a very simple layout along with pictures which are realistic so that the visitors can take a look at that menu easily.


That is exactly what we do because that is the most important reason to have a website for your restaurant in the first place. Additionally, if you provide food delivery options then you must also include the prices along with a link to order from different food delivery apps.


It is all about convenience and the more convenient layout you can showcase the better reception you are going to get from the visitors.




Whenever people visit your restaurant’s website they are not here to learn about restaurant and bar marketing and they are not here to learn how to cook or what kind of stone tiling you are using on your restaurant floor.


They are simply here for information regarding the restaurant services. You must display that information in a simple and minimalist way so that everything is visible at a glance and is easily navigable.


Everything from the directions to your restaurant, contact info, pictures of your restaurant to showcase the ambience, along with a menu is going to be enough. Additionally, you must have hamburger menus so that the visitors can navigate to different web pages for different information regarding your restaurant.


You must aim to present the information in a very decluttered and organised way. Additionally having a PWA website is the best option because of its ability to load even without any internet, we might add that we are the pioneers of PWA websites in India.





Maintaining a theme is very important whenever you are creating a restaurant website and you must always follow a theme when it comes to your restaurant as well as your restaurant’s website.


Having a theme will not only make it look unique but will make sure that it is very effective from a marketing standpoint where you will be able to put forth your ideas in a more effective way.


We always incorporate parts of the theme into the website so has to ensure that the restaurant and the website look similar in theme and flavour.


For example, if we are creating a website for a restaurant that serves traditional Assamese cuisine then the website is also going to include things from the Assamese culture.




Your website should stand out from the rest of the competition and one of the ways to make sure that your website stands out is to have a compelling story that is emotional and passionate and that speaks to the visitor rather than simply giving out information.


That is why you should always have an about us page where you tell your side of the story and your inspiration and the reason why you decided to launch this restaurant or restaurant chain.






While restaurants and bars might seem similar but there are a few key differences between them and these differences depend on the mindset of the visitor. Whenever someone is planning on going to a restaurant, they are prioritizing the experience over everything else.


If the experience is good then they can compromise on the pricing as well and people are not generally looking for deals so to speak whenever they are going out for a fancy lunch or dinner.


The equation changes whenever we come to a bar because, while the experience is also important but people prioritise pricing. People look for Happy Hours and people look for deals so that they can get the best bang for their buck.


That is exactly why every web design agency and company should make sure that they have a different approach to creating a bar website. The menu should clearly mention bar timings as well as the different deals and timing of the Happy hour.


It should be mentioned in a simple and concise way so that the visitor can take a simple look at that and decide whether they want to visit your bar or not. There should be phone numbers and other contact information as well as addresses etc.




We are seeing the rise of artisan bars and bars that do a lot of things in-house, along we that we are also seeing the rise of bars that sell merch and pre-mixes and accessories. You must try to incorporate your bar into that category because there is a lot of scope for E-Commerce when it comes to that.


It depends on the theme that you are trying to maintain but if you can make sure to have merchandise as well as pre-mixed cocktails and accessory gift packs then they become another avenue for profit and that can also be used to run successful eCommerce on your website.


This will make the website even more functional and logical as an important investment. We always help our clients understand the eCommerce potential of their websites and help them realise and capture that potential that is because the function is as important as form and it is always good to make actual use of the website rather than keeping it as a glorified menu card.




And finally, we come back to the theme because no matter if you own a restaurant or a bar and if you are thinking about restaurant and bar marketing where branding might play an important role, having a clear and concise theme is important. That theme should resonate throughout the physical location as well as the website.


We always incorporate parts of the unique character of the bar in the website and we also try to make sure that the website looks like it’s the website of a bar, from simple images and graphics and atmosphere to complex colour palate use that matches the theme of the bar, we make sure to incorporate it all.


The theme is important because it is what makes your establishment unique and differentiates your business from the rest of the competition and that is exactly what you should make sure your website does because it should capture the character of your business establishment.


There are a lot of other small intricate things that we incorporate and keep track of so as to make sure that the website is a logical investment that adds value to your business. While we have discussed the themes in general but our technics and processes remain proprietary.


If you do wish to understand a bit more about our workings and eventually trust us with the process of creating and developing your restaurant’s or bar’s website then we would happily assist you with our reliable and robust web design and development services.


We welcome you to check out our services to know more about how we create custom solutions in the hospitality industry.