3.5 billion searches are done on Google every day. Most students use Google when they search for essay help. Is it because other search enginesare ineffective? No. They are simply overshadowed by the presence of Google.  As Google is focusing more on making money by promoting advertisements as the top results,netizens are searching for alternatives. If you want to know what’s there on the other side of Google, read further.

Here are a few search engines other than Google that are worth a try:

1. Bing- This search engine by Microsoft shares 33% of the searches that are done in the USA. Hence, it will be wrong to assumethat Bing is not used by people. Bing also holds the second highest market share in the UK.It is much easier to use, optimise, and predict, mostly because its algorithm is not as complicated as Google’s.If you are planning to get into the top ten positions and get good ROI, you can do it easily by studying algorithms. Bing also offers a reward program that can help you to gather points when you use this search engine. You can redeem these points at the Windows and Microsoft stores. Did you knowthat the search engine Yahoo is powered by Bing?


Source- https://goo.gl/VEh4mp

2. Quora- Quora has emerged as a very popular platform for searching the answer to one’s questions. The best thing about Quorais that you can go through the profile of the people who are answering your questions. As the details about the person giving the answer are given, the credibility of the writer can be evaluated.


Source- https://goo.gl/iRxcNt

3. Yandex- The name of the search engine was created by two Russian developers. It stands for “Yet Another indexer”. When this search engine was released for the public in 2011, it had the second largest ‘Initial Public Offering.’ Yandex’s algorithm is also simpler than that of Google. Hence, you can optimize your content easily. Along with this, the pay per click cost is much less than other search engines.


Source- https://goo.gl/fLkiRW

4. DuckDuckGo- A common issue with Google is that it collects and keeps the user’s data and shares the same with the third parties. A great thing about DuckDuckGo is that it doesn’t store this data. Thus, it cannot track you or detect your search habits or influence the search results based on the search history.


Source- https://goo.gl/4JqSYF

5. Vimeo- Vimeo can be seen as a great alternative to Youtube, which is also owned by Google. It is free of advertisements and has a large selection for HD videos. Many professionals are already sharing their videos on this platform.


Source- https://goo.gl/JPP36L

6. Baidu- This Chinese search engine has taken over 77% of the nation’s internet market. The search engine is similar to Google in many ways. It is dependent on ads like Google and has other similarities, aesthetically. However, Baidu is often criticised for censoring images or blocking websites that are pro-democratic.



7. StartPage- StartPage is another search engine that gives utmost importance to the privacy of the users. Hence, your data is not stored and targeted ads are not created by using those data. Even though Google powers this search engine, a Proxy option is provided with every search result, so that the user can search anonymously.


Source- https://goo.gl/tMhK9S

8. Search Encrypt-This is another search engine that gives great importance to theuser’s privacy. Search Encrypt provides a general search option, along with different video and image search functions. In order to keep the data of the users protected, it implements advanced security, a feature which deletes the search history following thirty minutes of inactivity.

Search Encrypt

Source- https://goo.gl/vzfDLu

9. Blekko- With the help of this search engine, you will get spam free search results. Blekko aims to bring distinguished and editorial voice through the platform. They focus a lot more on the quality of the search results, as compared to the quantity when it comes to displaying search results.It also utilises the user tag to employ human curation and eliminates any site with the primary intention of monetisation.


Source- https://goo.gl/ghsV3q

10. Dogpile- The appearance of Dogpile might not be too attractive, but you will get the best search results curated from various engines. There is no ad on this search engine, so you can have a pleasant experience without being disturbed.


Source- https://goo.gl/Q161kf

11. Gibiru- This search engine claims to utilise a modified version of Google’s algorithm to create the search results. Hence, users can easily use this search engine to seek the answers to their queries without their personal data getting tracked. Gibiru claims that becausethe tracking cookies are not installed on the user’s computers, it takes much less time to show the results.



12. Gigablast- This is an open source search engine that shows quick results.Portraying a retro look, Gigablast might not show the right results, but it has several anti-spam tools and uses algorithms to make the results spam free. It can also provide short answers to the queries of the users.


Source- https://goo.gl/d5qZ6F

13. WolframAlpha- This search engine is thesuper clever one, because of which it is also known as “computational knowledge engine.”It can give you facts or calculate any data that you feed into the system. This search engine is a metrics and computation based one. You can get stock data, website data, unit conversions, historical information, sports statistics, etc. There is also an example section where you can seethe answers you get from WolframAlpha.



14. CC Search- CC Search tool can be very helpful if you are looking for content that is free of copyrights. You can get royalty-free audio-visual and graphical mediaby using this platform.

CC Search


15. Ecosia-If you want to engage in good deeds while searching, Ecosia is the search engine for you. By using Bing and a separate algorithm, Ecosia shows high-quality search results, and it donates the extra income to groups that plant trees.




Are you amazed at the long list of alternatives to Google? Now, you can weigh your options and use a search engine that best suits your requirements.Get over Google and think the new way! Here’s to happy searching!