Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular frameworks out there that will help you in mobile app development because today we are going to talk about React Native.

We will discuss things like why choose React Native for mobile app development as we will try to understand React Native advantages.

We will talk about the benefits of React Native and help you understand why it is different from other frameworks and why everyone is choosing mobile app development with React Native.

The reason why React Native is so popular is simply because it allows cross-platform app development.  We will talk more about this and all the other advantages and reasons why React Native is the best choice for mobile app development whether it is custom apps or clone apps.

But before we do all that, we need to understand what exactly is React Native before we dive deep into React Native performance as well as all the other benefits of React Native for IOS and Android.

What Exactly Is React Native?

React Native


React Native is getting popular by the day and the more time passes the more you are going to see it popping up in different mobile app development forums and discussions.

There is a reason for this and there is a reason why people use React Native for mobile app development. React Native simply put is a framework for native app development based on JavaScript.

But that is not why everyone is talking about it. This is probably one of the only frameworks out there that will allow you to build apps for both Android and iOS. That too without the need to write different codes for different platforms.

This is why it is the most popular open-source framework out there which was initially created by Facebook and used on Facebook and Instagram but became available to everyone back in 2015.

Since it is open-source but also maintained by one of the biggest social media companies, it is one of the reasons why it is slowly but surely becoming popular.

But the primary reason why it is so popular is simply because there is code-reusability in React Native. This means rapid app development with react native for the developers without having to learn a whole new way of creating apps.

It allows the development of high-performance apps and will allow you to create very functional apps and you do not even need to utilise native proprietary solutions for each individual OS.

So, What Is React.js?

React vs React Native

People often get confused between React Native and ReactJS. The difference between them is called simple because React Native is specifically for cost-effective mobile app development using native UI components.

ReactJS on the other hand is utilised for creating web applications and not mobile apps and ReactJS components can only be rendered in a browser.

They are developed and supported by Meta (Facebook). There are also differences between them when it comes to performance. When it comes to ReactJS, you cannot expect the highest performance because everything is happening in a browser.

But when it comes to React Native you can expect to compile native code which means you are not emulating anything and that is why you can get good performance out of it.

This is also the case when we talk about the level of code-reusability. ReactJS definitely has components that you can reuse but the reusability factor is a lot more when it comes to React Native.

In the end, it is like comparing apples to oranges because they have different uses and purposes.

Here Are Some Important React Native Features

React Native Features

Open-Source Nature of React Native

One of the most popular features and one of the biggest reasons why people use the React Native development framework is simply because it is open-source.

This means it has a big open community for support and it also means that there is nothing hidden from the developers and that ensures peace of mind when they are developing something.

This level of community support and this openness and trustworthiness is one of the most important reasons why React Native is slowly but surely becoming something of a standard in the app development community.

Components Make it Easier to Work

App development work is definitely going to be popular with React Native if it has features that will make the work easier for the developer and that is exactly what React Native has.

React Native has components which means instead of a long flowing code it can be broken down into simple components and they are just sections that can be used multiple times.

They all come together with logic and this makes it much easier to reuse code and also find out important sections without much digging.

JavaScript XML and HTML-Friendly Environment

One of the other reasons why developers choose React Native is simply because it will allow developers to write HTML-based code within JavaScript files. We are talking about JavaScript XML.

This reduces the work of developers and it is something that is similar to every developer out there and it is also very easy on the UI components. Apart from that, developers can utilise JavaScript logic.

It is just because of this universal nature of React Native that it is much easier to create a mobile app UI in React Native.

Virtual DOM and Performance

This is also something that ReactJS users are going to find familiar because we are talking about the lightweight version of the Actual Document Object model used by React Native.

Simply put it improves the efficiency of rendering because instead of having individual updates it will help in creating multiple updates together in batches.

The performance is also greatly improved with the help of virtual DOM. Because it is just a clever way of utilising the DOM that React Native maintains in its memory.

It is because of features like this that there is so much community support for React Native because it is very developer-friendly. Working with React Native is very intuitive especially when it comes to UI.

One-way Data Binding for Better Control

And finally, we come to the concept of data binding and the flow of data from the parent element or component to the child component.

This is very important for developers because it helps the developers predict the data flow and have more incremental control over the data and how things react.

When you give more control to the developer then there are no side effects and the developer can take decisions more confidently. And it is because of features like this that it is much easier to do testing and debugging in React Native.

Here Is Why You Should Use React Native for Developing Mobile Apps

importance of React Native

React Has Better Performance

React native just makes more sense whether it is React Native for business apps or any other kind of functionality app.

This is because it can guarantee you smooth and better performance without utilising native frameworks for every platform you go on.

This is going to save you a lot of time and it will be much more logical for the developer to utilise it rather than going to different proprietary frameworks for different platforms.

It is easier to learn and it is much easier to adapt to different platforms whether you are looking for iOS apps or Android apps.

You can get smooth animations and you can expect a uniform level of performance but also customisability when it comes to the UI.

Lower Development Times

The other important thing is that since you are using a similar code base for different platforms you can expect very quick development.

Development is easier because you do not have to individually develop applications for different platforms and you can do it just on React Native and adapt it for other OS.

The other relieving factor is that since it is based on JavaScript the developers are going to have a very easy time with it because every developer knows how to work with Java.

There are no proprietary programming languages and that is why if you combine everything then it is going to be a very easy time for the developer.

There are so many React Native libraries and plugins that you will be never short of resources when you are developing in React Native.


Now we come to the most important reason why people choose React Native for mobile app development.

It is all to do with how cost-effective it is. In order to understand this, you must think along the lines of demand and supply.

When there is a supply for something more than the demand then the costs are dramatically low and that is also the case with React Native app development service costs.

This is because React Native is such a popular framework that you are never going to have trouble finding app developers for it.

This is because everyone knows how to work with React Native and you are going to get some of the best value for your money if you decide to create your app with React Native.

Having said that, you can still try out proprietary frameworks and programming languages for different operating systems but it will just be too expensive.

And the most important thing is that if you choose proprietary frameworks and proprietary languages then it will also be much more difficult to find and hire developers for them.

Cross-Platform Advantage

While this is an extension of the previous point but we have decided to include this just to help you understand how helpful and logically perfect React Native is.

In order to understand this, we must think from the perspective of business owners because they do not have a lot of capital to spend on apps after setting up an online business.

Sometimes having an app is also an afterthought and that is why business owners can sometimes even skip development for certain operating systems and platforms because of the costs associated.

But with a framework like React Native things have been quite different because business owners do not have to skip app development for any OS because now they can afford to have apps for all platforms and OS.

You do not have to create individual code for every platform and operating system you want apps for because with React Native you can adapt code to work on any OS you want.

This is something revolutionary and has totally changed what it means to have mobile apps.

Wide Community Support

Every framework and every system needs support whether it is in the form of problem-solving materials or whether it is in the form of resources and plugins.

With React Native you are never going to have a problem finding resources and support simply because there are so many developers doing it all around the world.

There is Facebook supporting the development of React Native officially and then there are probably thousands and thousands of developers adding their valuable inputs to this framework.

This means if you ever encounter a problem there are probably a thousand people who have encountered the same problem around the world and probably a hundred more people with solutions.

There are so many other reasons why you should opt for React Native because it is such an easy framework to work with and it saves money and time and the service cost is much lower compared to any other native solution.

That is why if you want to create your own app with React Native then we are here for you.

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Common React Native FAQs

Why React Native is good for mobile app development?

There are so many good points about this framework that it is hard to ignore React Native when it comes to mobile app development. With React Native you get cross-platform development.  This is also the framework where you can do a lot of code-reusability.

You are also not compromising on performance because you are basically creating native apps in a way that can be reused on other platforms and operating systems.

It is open-source and it is supported by one of the biggest tech giants in the world and it has an amazing community of developers and support. The other thing is that it is based on JavaScript which means if you are a mobile app developer then you probably know how to use React Native.

And it is overall easy on the wallet apart from so many other positive points about React Native.  We would request you to go through this entire blog to no more.

Why React Native is a better choice for app development over hybrid?

One of the biggest differences between react native and any other hybrid solution is performance because with hybrid solutions you are always comprising on performance. This is because with hybrid solutions you are always trying to emulate code that has been written for a different platform and trying to adapt it to a different platform.

But with react native you do not have to compromise on performance and you also get better control of the native UI elements which is not possible in hybrid solutions. Then there is code-reusability better than hybrid solutions.

Then there is the huge community of support that you get with React Native which you will not get with any other hybrid solution.

We can think of so many other reasons why React Native is just a good and stable platform for mobile app developers because you get the advantages of hybrid app development and you do not have to suffer the compromises that come with hybrid app development.

Why React Native is better than Android Studio?

If we speak honestly then it would be wrong to say that React Native is better than Android Studio but the word better is a subjective term and depends on what you are looking for.

If you want the absolute best performance on Android and you do not need any iOS app development then you can go for Android Studio. But if you want to reuse code between Android and iOS without sacrificing a lot of the performance as well as speed and efficiency then React Native is just as good.

It all depends on what you need because if you need practicality and if you need cross-platform consistency then React Native is the more logical option for you but if you really want the finest Android performance then nothing can beat Android Studio.

We welcome you to read this entire blog to understand why React Native is so amazing.