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Today, you will gather some much-needed ammo on latest PPC Search trends 2019.


But first – what is PPC and how does pay per click work?


what is PPC


PPC or pay-per-click is basically the paid wing of digital marketing.


Yes, just like SEO in 2019 which is free and helps in driving organic traffic and results, PPC helps in bringing in paid traffic.


So, you are paying for it.


Therefore, PPC ads appear higher than organic results on the SERPs.


But, do you really need PPC?


The answer is YES! Pay per click in 2019 is really important and here’s why:


  • Highly cost-efficient. Yes, you are spending money on running these ads, but you are only charged when your potential customer clicks on your ad.


  • Highly targeted. You can set your audience and even negate the search phrases that you don’t want your ad to show up for.


  • Great control over your marketing budget


  • Get instant results


  • Works perfectly with other digital marketing channels


  • Provides measurable ROI


So, let’s dive into the recent trends in PPC to help you up your game.

Facebook ads, anyone?


Facebook ads


The dependency on Google and Bind when it comes to PPC just has to stop! We need to look past pay per click advertising in Google


There are other channels out there. Like:


  • Facebook – the biggest social media networking site and with people spending more than 50 minutes.


You can also run ads on:


  • Instagram


  • Twitter


  • LinkedIn


  • Pinterest


  • Quora


The channels are not that difficult to use. The platforms already have a good fan following. Capitalize on it!


Remarket using long-tail keywords


Remarket using long-tail keywords


You know how chefs have secret recipes.


Remarketing is like the secret sauce in online marketing that nobody talks about.


Follow your long-tail keywords in every remarketing channel.


Create a list of retargeting users per ad.


You would want your ads to reach out to those who are actually looking for you!


Messenger marketing – test the waters!


Messenger marketing


This might sound crazy, but messenger marketing is the way to go.


Yes, stop bothering with the landing pages and News feed.


With a messenger blast, you can see anywhere between 70 and 80% open rates, within the first hour.


It would be a good idea to switch your focus.


Mobile is preferred


Mobile is preferred


This shouldn’t come as a surprise!


Every PPC company considered that mobile searches have already surpassed desktop searches, and that was last year!


If you are not doing anything to improve your mobile ad experience, you aren’t doing enough.


Ignoring mobile equals to wasting your marketing budget.


Automation + Human intelligence


Automation + human intelligence


The future of PPC is here. And what are you doing about it?


According to PPC statistics 2019, automation is already making inroads into paid marketing.


The search engines have done their bit to make improvements in the field of automation.


For example, Google.


The search giant has started personalized ads depending on online activity of the users like, dislikes, likes and so on.


You take care of your customers. Automation is taking care of repetitive tasks like, reporting, tracking, bid management and so on.


So, these are a few Google AdWords trends 2019 that you should consider.


Pro tip: how to get started with PPC strategies. Here’s a low down.


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