In a day of 9 to 5 jobs, angry bosses, hectic traffic, low wage and all the sadness the world throws at you, you just wish for a pleasant time, a separate time which you can dedicate to your family and friends and not reminders from boss and his work deadlines or work queries from subordinates.

A good solution

Well you can do a simple thing. You can separate your work life from your personal life. Now, there are a lot of ways to do that. You can stay in the office for extra hours and completely end your personal life, or you can engage in personal interactions on your phone during office hours and end basically get fired. Or you can create a perfect balance between the two.

Dual SIM not enough

Be it your office or home time, you always need your smartphone for communication be it with your boss or your friends and so the smartphone manufacturers have come up with something that you’ve probably heard and used. Yes. Dual SIM cards. You get two dedicated SIM slots, one for personal use and the other for work. But isn’t there something missing out?

Whatsapp the future of communication

Yes, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and the rest. And with the whole world now moving to WhatsApp for day to day trivial small talk. Wish phones would come with an option two have two same apps running differently and individually on your phone so that you can separate and schedule your time and equally for office and personal space.

Solution for Xaiomi users

Well, now you can if you own Xiaomi device running the MIUI 8 with a hidden feature to clone or in other terms use the same apps twice by creating a copy.

The steps are as follows for Xaiomi phones:

Go to the Settings app and scroll to App Settings, you will find an option called Dual Apps

dual apps
You will get options to select which apps you want to clone as well as recommended suggestions of apps that                 will come handy if you clone

dual apps

Enable the green dot beside the apps and a clone app will get created on your home screen with a yellow modification in the icon.

dual apps

Now you can launch the app which will launch just new as after installation.

dual apps

Solution for non-Xaiomi users

Now for all you non Xaiomi users, we have an alternative solution as well. You can go to the Playstore of your android device and download the app called Parallel Space-Multi Accounts which is currently running the version 4.0.8188 and is just 5.84 MB in size

(download link ).

Follow the steps for Non-Xaiomi phones:

Download Parallel Space from Playstore.

dual apps

Open the app and click on start and then you will get the option to select the app you want to clone.

dual apps

We’ve selected Whatsapp but you can select as many as you want.

dual apps

A new window will appear with the selected apps. Click the app to launch.

dual apps

There you have it, the apps will run inside the parallel space app as well as independently.