If you are a programmer or a software or web developer then you understand the significance of Laravel in the development community.

Then you of course know that the largest Laravel conference in India is happening on the 23rd and 24th of March 2024 at Udaipur.

We are of course talking about Laracon 2024. If you are a tech company remotely related to the awesome programming language Laravel then you have to be in Udaipur on the 23rd and 24th of March 2024.

This is because it is going to be the biggest Laravel conference in India and probably the world.

So, What Is Laracon 2024?

Laracon 2024 is going to be the largest community lead and community-driven official Laravel conference in India and you can expect so many things at this conference.

You can get to take part and experience the best that is happening in the world of Laravel and hear talks regarding Laravel, PHP, VueJS, web development and other important topics.

These are some things you can expect at Laracon 2024.

Laravel Experts

A conference on Laravel is impossible without its experts and that is why you can expect some of the finest names when it comes to Laravel.

You can expect names like Jess Archer, JMac (the creator of Laravel Shift), and other important Laravel core team members.

You can get to hear tech educators and important developers like Freek Van der Herten and business leaders like CTOs of important tech companies like AccuWeb.Cloud and Beyondcode speak at this conference.

Industry Leading Companies

You can get to meet some of the finest names when it comes to IT in India. These are companies that lead innovation when it comes to cloud and AI as well as every other important IT revolution.

You can get to meet them in their respective stalls and interact with them and check out their new products and interact with them.

You can also take part in different contests they hold and you can get to win a lot of prizes and most importantly create great networks for yourself and your company.


The most important reason why you should visit Laracon 2024 is for networking because if you are part of the IT and dev community then you know why networking is so important.

Networking will help you develop new products and always stay at the leading edge of technology and collaborate with some of the finest names in the industry.

Well, the finest will be at Laracon 2024 in Udaipur’s The Mewar Banquet. You can get to experience the best of Indian culture combined with the latest of Laravel, PHP, VueJS, web development and be among people like you.

However, the best part about Laracon 2024 is that we are going to be there. Yes, your favourite IT Solutions company Think To Share IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is going to be there as a sponsor.

Think To Share IT Solutions Pvt Ltd at Laracon 2024

This is the largest community gathering of Laravel, VueJS, web development and PHP enthusiasts in India and that is why we had to be there to support events like this.

We are happy to announce that we are a proud sponsor of Laracon 2024 and we are going to be there to interact with you and to talk about everything that is going on at Think To Share, your favourite IT Solutions provider.

It is going to be a lot of fun as we have a few amazing things planned for you and you can expect a lot of surprises at our designated stall S5.

Here are a few things you can expect at Stall No. S5.

Laracon Stall

Exclusive New Service Launch

The best thing we are going to do at Laracon 2024 is the launch our exclusive services and products with its accompanying apps.

We are going to launch CallMate and MyReminders. Let us go through them one by one.


This is literally the most revolutionary product and service for Call Centre Executives and Call Centres, BPOs because CallMate is a combination of AI and data entry.

We aim to utilise CallMate in such a way that Call Centres can now become a hundred times more efficient through automated data entry solutions.

This means Customer Care Executives will now be able to take more calls and have zero error paperwork.

It is much more than that and you will have to visit us at Stall No. S5 to know more.


While CallMate is a B2B solution, MyReminders is a B2C solution which means you can visit our stall and install our app and check out MyReminders firsthand.

MyReminders is all about bringing the next revolution to remainder apps. Our reminder app is for everyone because it is for students as well as professionals and even retired elders.

MyReminders will let you set reminders and share reminders and even set reminders for your loved ones.

This is the only reminder app that calls to remind you. With our app, you will be able to set priority levels for reminders and set notification alerts, SMS alerts and even call alerts.

It is of course much more than that, visit Stall S5 to know more.

Find The Bug Challenge

It is not just about testing our apps and services because now you can be a part of the Reminders Revolution in a very interactive way and stand a chance to win something exciting.

All you need to do is visit our stall S5 and participate in the Find the Bug Challenge.

This challenge is all about installing the MyReminders app available on Android or iOS app stores. Then all you need to do is find out all the bugs deliberately placed in the app for this exciting contest.

The first contestant to find out all the bugs in MyReminders will win a brand-new pair of Apple AirPods.

Meet and Interaction

And of course, you will get to meet and interact with us and of course network with us and also find out the latest that’s happening at Think To Share IT Solutions.

You might even stand a chance to win exclusive Laracon 2024 Discounts on our Premium Web Development and App Development Packages.

Furthermore, our CEO Parag Nandy Roy will also be there to meet and greet you and exchange ideas with you.


So, buy your Laracon tickets now and install MyReminders to set a Call Reminder for 23 and 24 March 2024 at Udaipur for Laracon 2024, the most happening tech conference in India for 2024.