The selfie-obsessed generation knows Instagram as networking application for sharing photos.


And since the acquisition of Facebook, the app has seriously come a long way. It has over 1 billion active users who share photos on a regular basis.


But, that’s not all that the platform is capable of.


In fact, Instagram for business has been seen booming with more than 2 million advertisers, 25 million businesses profiles and 200 million users visiting a business page on Instagram at least once a day.


Source: Sorav Jain

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Yes, it did launch as a humble photo-sharing application – but, it has been instrumental in changing the way e-commerce brands interact with their audience.


And it seems to be working brilliantly!


Instagram and ecommerce marketing – an ideal match


Instagram and ecommerce marketing – an ideal match


Do you run an e-commerce business?


If you do, you must already be aware of the intrinsic role that social media plays in boosting sales and improving customer-brand interaction.


Recently, Instagram has transformed itself from just a casual photo-sharing platform to a large-scale channel driving Instagram e-commerce.


Instagram new e-commerce has been skyrocketing and one can argue that it is changing the way people shopped online.


No, it would not be an exaggeration to say that scrolling through Instagram feed is the new window shopping!


Here, take a look at some of the Instagram trends 2019 that is shaping up e-commerce marketing in 2019.


Shoppable posts


Shoppable posts

Source: Social Media Examiner


If you look at the largest feature releases of Instagram, you will see that none of the feature released are as noteworthy as shoppable media.



Because it changed the way e-commerce brands utilize Instagram.


Shoppable media has been helping e-commerce brands drives and boost online sales.


So, what does this Instagram feature basically do?


It allows e-commerce business owners or brands to tag products with their posts.


Therefore, when the user clicks on the post, he/she is straight away directed to the ‘add to cart’ section of the brand’s website.


Instagram shoppable posts feature has been described as less transactional and more actionable. It offers a virtual storefront for potential customers.


With price details and access to the products at the fingertips, online shopping has never been this easy!


Targeted advertisements


Targeted advertisements


Surprisingly, Instagram marketing is not a new tactic.


Invest in social media ads on Instagram is one of the most effective ways of advertising in 2019 as it has higher brand engagement.


But, if you haven’t considered yet, it is high time that you do.


On Instagram, there are 5 different formats for you to advertise on – Carousels, Photos, Story, Videos and Slideshow Ads.


And don’t worry, they are seamlessly integrated into Instagram’s interface so that users enjoy a smooth experience.


E-commerce sellers enjoy a lot of advantage when marketing on Instagram. As the app enables business owners to strategically link their websites within their posts.


You can also insert a ‘shop now’ button at the end of every advertisement, which will direct customers to your e-commerce website.

The best part?


Your advertisements can be targeted on Instagram. You can set your target audience based on gender, age, connection and location.


So, make sure to take the time to select the right target audience.


Influencer marketing


Influencer marketing


Big celebrities posing along your photo is not the ultimate influencer marketing.


It goes beyond that!


Influencers can come from any kind of background or industries. But, they should have a large number of followers.


Also, those days are gone when only an influencer with a million or more followers can help promote your products or services.


As per an expert from one of the leading digital marketing companies in Kolkata,Instagram influencer marketing is gaining popularity very fast as compared to other social media platforms.


Even an influencer with 1000+ followers can boost engagement.


Launching a campaign with the support of an influencer will be of immense help to you and be able to generate a high return on your investment.


Of course, you can connect with mega influencers for better engagement levels, but even micro-influencers have shown to help in boosting sales.


If you did not already know, potential customers are more likely to be swayed by user-generated content and brands that are mentioned by other brands.


This makes them feel personally connected to the brand. And sales is a high possibility!


So, it is clear that Instagram is making attempts to come up with new tools and features to help e-commerce businesses.


Make use of the tools and come up with a personalized Instagram e-commerce strategy.


If you need help, reach out to a Instagram marketing company.