In the digital marketing world, SEO or search engine optimization only raking in about $72 billion and is slowly, but surely inching towards $80 billion by 2020. These figures alone should be enough to convince you of the importance of SEO.

If you are wondering about what type of business benefit from SEO, the answer would be every business. In fact, anybody who has a service or product to offer, there is definitely someone out there in need of that product or service. It is really not important if that ‘someone’ is an employee of another company or the end user, but SEO makes sure that customers can find what they are looking for and when they are looking for it.

An effective SEO tactic in place makes it possible for potential consumers to search for relevant terms in search engines like, Google, Bing and Yahoo and connect with what they’re looking for.

However, even though it is 100% true that SEO is lucrative for almost all types of business across industries, there are certain marketplaces that seem to benefit more than others. These industries have made SEO an integral part of their marketing campaigns and depend heavily on it.

Want to know about the industries that draw the highest ROI by implementing SEO? Take a look below.

Professional Services – IT Consultants, Accountants and Financial Planners

Website has become the new storefront. Surveys have shown that about 80% of consumers first research online and then make an investment or purchase. Consumers look at the website to find out what services they are offering and read testimonials to determine the quality of work. If your website is not coming up in the Google results, you might be undiscoverable and unreachable by your consumers.

With SEO, professional service providers are not just visible online and come up on searches, but they are able to target prospects on the basis of their location. Local SEO practices can also be implemented for gaining results and help them reach the target audience easily.

Medical Practices

Physicians, dentists and others in the medical industry who provide local services in an area rely on SEO. Doctors often struggle with personal branding and most of them rely on personal reputation to get by.

However, SEO helps them to connect with thousands of people at the same time who are searching for their services.

SEO not just helps the medical practitioner create a brand name, but makes it possible for hundreds and thousands of people to find practitioners when they need them the most. There are multiple occasions when people search online for medical services and those who implement SEO are the ones who will likely turn up first on Google’s results.

Home repairs and renovations

Repair and renovation services are in need of local SEO strategies for increasing their leads. People who are in need of repairing or renovating their homes will search online to find local businesses that are closest to their location. This is why local SEO is important and it greatly benefits the service providers.

E-commerce businesses

The business of e-commerce is to buy or sell products online. If any e-commerce store is not found when relevant keywords are searched, the online store will fall behind and consumers will shop at the stores whose name came up on the search engine results.

Having a dominant online presence is of the utmost importance for online stores. Without it, they cannot hope to achieve success.

Restaurants/Cafes/Coffee Houses

SEO can greatly improve the business and footfall of restaurants, cafes, coffee houses and other eating joints. Local SEO works best here since people will be looking for restaurants near them or search with a particular location in mind.

Also, reviews from people who have visited will inspire others to come and taste the food and experience the ambiance. Since SEO enhances online visibility and promotes user engagement, it helps to bring in a lot more ROI and connect with a larger audience.

Besides the 5 industries mentioned above, pet service providers, real estate, photographers, caterers and every business that needs to connect with an audience and grow needs SEO.

What type of business are you involved with? SEO can help take your business message to the local, national and even international level.

Have you invested in SEO yet? Did it help you grow your business and how? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.