WordPress is and remains one of the most popular mediums for creating websites internationally. But today we are not going to talk about that.

We are going to talk about why WordPress theme backends are quite difficult to operate for the average WordPress user. We are going to talk about why WordPress theme backends have to suck and are so bad.

Before you do that let us understand what is WordPress. This will give you an idea of what’s the most frustrating thing about WordPress.



WordPress.com is an open-source content management system (CMS). It is basically used to create websites. You can create a website on WordPress. You can manage it easily even if you do not have a lot of web design and development skills.

This makes WordPress the best alternative for every kind of website creator because of its sheer user-friendliness. WordPress is not something new as it was released way back in 2003.  It is still one of the strongest alternatives to creating websites and has been operating for two decades now.

If you do not have extensive coding knowledge then you will not find any difficulty in creating websites on WordPress and it is built on PHP. It is easy to store website content on WordPress with the help of MySQL.

WordPress operates on themes. This is one of the primary reasons why people choose WordPress.

It is because of the vast library of themes that it offers. This means users can select pre-built themes for creating different kinds of websites.

The most popular websites are blogging websites as well as portfolio websites to showcase someone’s portfolio or CV. We can even find examples of eCommerce websites being created with WordPress but it is rare.

There is a reason why we do not see complicated websites being created with WordPress simply because you do not have a lot of freedom when it comes to coding and making changes.

WordPress is very well suited for basic operations.

That does not mean WordPress does not have functionalities because it has very similar functionalities compared to creating websites by other means. You get everything from plugin support to very good content creation and management support on WordPress.

Along with that WordPress also has good user management which allows you to add more users to different roles on your website.

Another reason it is so popular is because of its live and active community of users. That includes WordPress developers and contributors as well as users. They come in handy when it comes to support and resources.  People can access a vast amount of data if they are new to WordPress.

So if WordPress is so good why are we writing this blog? We are writing this blog because everything is not good with WordPress. We are going to tell you why WordPress theme backends suck. We will tell you What are the disadvantages of WordPress themes.

Read the entire blog to know why it is not recommended to use free WordPress themes. It has to do with the quality of the themes.

There might be good themes or bad themes. And there might be performance issues with the themes. And if you are lucky, you might get a good theme or an average theme. As with most things, this is difficult to ascertain with paid themes.

If you want to know what’s the most frustrating thing about WordPress, it is that not every paid theme is going to be good.

So, let us look at some of the reasons why WordPress theme backends are so bad.


Wordpress Backend

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User interface (UI) is one of the most important aspects of user experience (UX). But sometimes that is not the case with WordPress themes.

There might be developers that pay attention to UX. But most developers do not pay attention to usability and do not consider the usability of the user.

This means the user does not have a lot of options when it comes to the user interface. This also means that while the theme might look good when it comes to appearance but that is just about it. There is not much more to it.

This is a very basic problem of WordPress and we must understand why it is the case. Theme designers do not pay attention to usability and neglect the backend interface because of several reasons.

Most of those reasons lead back to profits. WordPress theme designers bring out as many themes as possible which are not built properly. The more themes they come out with the more profits they make.

But they do it at the sacrifice of making it difficult for the users to understand and use the backend. The users keep wondering why are WordPress themes so complicated.

There are no clear instructions and the navigation is all over the place. Sometimes this makes users switch from WordPress to other forms of website creation and management.


WordPress has the capability for a lot of different kinds of websites which can be anything from a simple portfolio website to an e-commerce website. WordPress also has the ability to integrate a lot of functions.

When it comes to CMS, WordPress is truly a very good option. But there is something very important that theme designers forget. It is that the target audience of WordPress is not seasoned professional web designers and developers.

The target audience consists of people who are not good at coding. The target audience is primarily regular people who just want a website for their specific kind of work.

But when they come across themes with too many functions, things might become complex for them.  This is because the more functions you add the more complex the backend becomes.

If this happens then the backend can also become so complex that these kinds of users will find it impossible to operate.

While it is always good to provide a better deal for money, more features for less pricing. But when things become so complicated that users can’t use it then giving out extra features can actually become a problem for the users.

It is like providing a Formula 1 race car to a retired senior citizen. It might be the best car in the world but certainly not suited for that kind of user.


While we have talked about feature-loaded themes that are so complicated that users are not able to use them. We are now coming to the other end of the spectrum of things.

We are talking about low-quality themes that are created in bulk. These are created so that the designers can turn out a profit.

These themes are very attractive when it comes to looks. These themes incorporate everything from minimalistic design to material design and all the new kinds of design trends in their design.

But when it comes to functionality, they fail miserably. They do not have a lot of flexibility in the backend.  They provide a very basic level of control.

And these kinds of themes are totally not suitable for advanced users. The thing about advanced users is that they do use WordPress. But it becomes very difficult for them to find advanced themes.

They are usually not impressed with these kinds of themes that do not have advanced levels of control.  Nobody wants a limitation when they are trying to create the best website they possibly can.

And the entire point of the WordPress theme is so that the developer does not have to spend their own time coding and optimizing the backend and front end.

Of course, advanced users can definitely edit the theme but it does not make any sense if they have to do it all by themselves.


This is one of the most common issues that WordPress users face and it is that theme backend becomes sluggish performance-wise and very slow.

There are a lot of reasons why this happens and it might be because the database is not optimized etc. The thing to understand here is that if your theme backend is slow then it can also affect the front end.

It can be an entire website issue and when it becomes such a big issue you might think to yourself if WordPress is even worth it.

If you cannot manage your website quickly and properly then it can become very frustrating. The experience can impact your efficiency as a developer trying to make your website better.

There are of course solutions to this but these solutions are generally out of reach for regular people without coding knowledge.

Unless you are a developer who specializes in WordPress backend development, it will be very difficult for you to tune the backend so that it does not have performance issues.


Not all WordPress themes are created equally. On the one hand, you have excellent themes with excellent support material and resources. These resources can help anyone configure the theme and optimize the backend properly.

And then some themes have so little support that it becomes impossible for someone without any coding knowledge to utilize those themes.

You must understand that the majority of WordPress users are there because they do not know how to use or create a website with other methods. But if designers start creating themes without any resources, then it defeats the point of users coming to WordPress.

That is why the WordPress theme backend is so bad when it comes to certain themes. There are no tutorials for the user to find and there is no proper documentation to follow.

While the user can overcome them with a simple search on Google or YouTube. But there are so many themes on WordPress that it might also be impossible to find any tutorial for your particular theme.

If you buy a theme that is not very popular, with limited support and documentation, then you might be able to get it running but the backend will not be optimized.


The hallmark of a good platform and good service is the consistency of services. That is what defines brands and what defines services.

However, if you try to search that hallmark for themes on WordPress then you might be disappointed.  There is no way to know that certain themes are going to be good or very bad.

There is a huge discrepancy in consistency when it comes to terminology or functionality and even design for different kinds of themes.

This is something that can get users confused. If they want to transition between themes then again it can become a very difficult task. This is because of a lack of standardization in terminology and working principles of different themes.

There is no consistency when it comes to user flow and that is why it can be challenging for the users.

The only thing you must keep in mind is that the majority of WordPress users do not have professional coding knowledge but theme designers don’t keep that in mind.


While the CMS gets regular updates and has rather one of the best updates schedules in the world but we cannot expect that when it comes to themes.

It can be a very mixed experience when it comes to theme updates. You might find themes that are updated with the latest WordPress versions. This means support for the latest functionality and the latest features.

These themes will also have excellent support which will make it easier for the users to understand the new features and functionality. We are talking about the good side of the spectrum.

Now we come to the bad side of the WordPress theme spectrum with its terrible backend. These themes will never be updated with the latest versions. The backend will be a mess. And you cannot expect good support when it comes to these themes.

You might observe that this point is similar to the previous point and that is a fact. WordPress themes are all over the place when it comes to standardization. You can get an extremely good experience or you can get a very bad experience.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand what are the shortcomings of WordPress. And we hope we have been helpful for you to understand why the WordPress theme backend can be very bad.

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