Today we have something very interesting for you because we are going to talk about clone vs. custom apps.

We are going to be talking about what are clone apps and what is custom app development so that you might understand the clear difference between clone app development and custom apps.

We will discuss things like mobile app cloning as well as clone app features and custom features so that you might understand which is the better development style for you.

So, before we ask the crucial question of what to choose between clone app or custom app development, let us understand each of them so that you can understand which is the best for you.

What Is Clone App Development?

Clone App

A clone app development is basically app development that is inspired by another app. The app development process is quite simple because you are not starting anything from scratch and the code is reused with minor changes.

This means the app development challenges are not new and the app has been developed previously with minor changes to it.

Clone app development is very popular because it does not require a lot of app development tools as well as app development technology because everything is set from the beginning.

This means you can get any app up and running and just make changes to the interface, the fonts for even the colour scheme.

It is very similar to creating a website from a template rather than creating a brand-new website.  It will be much cheaper and the development time is going to be a lot less.

What Is Custom App Development?


Custom app development is the opposite of clone app development simply because when it comes to custom apps, everything is created from new. All app development considerations are new.

This means if you are creating an app for example for a toy company then everything from the layout to the features are going to be according to the company’s needs.

If you do an app development comparison then custom app development can take a lot longer from the design to all the features.

This also means that app development costs and the time it takes to do custom app development are going to be much higher than clone app development.

Having said that, this is a lot more premium and most of the well-known apps on the Play Store or Apple App Store are custom apps.

This is because if you want to be noticed in the industry then you need to be unique then custom app development ensures that your design and features are unique.

So, Does Clone App Development Have Any Advantages?

Clone App Adventeges

Clone app development has a lot of benefits and advantages and let us look at each of them in simple words so that you can understand if clone app development is the best for you.

It Is a Lot More Affordable

Since nothing new is being created that is why there are no extra development costs required which is the case with custom app development.

That is when developers can take inspiration from already existing designs and make minor changes to them which means you can expect development costs to be only a fraction of that of custom ab development.

This is actually quite practical for small eCommerce businesses that are just starting out and really need to have an app that is functional.

In fact, this is exactly how most companies start out as they have a clone app and then depending upon the business success, they might get a custom app.

It Saves a Lot of Time

Since app designers are not creating anything from scratch it saves a lot of time because the initial design is already set.

It can reduce development time to nearly half the time it takes to create custom apps.

The affordability factor as well as the time factor are closely related because since it does not take a lot of time it is a lot more affordable as well.

It Does Not Carry a Lot of Market Risk

If you try to attempt something new then the risk involved in it is a lot higher than trying something that has already been done and successful.

That is the exact case with clone app development because when you do clone app development you do not take a lot of risk.

This is because the app designers are utilising a design that is already successful and that is why they do not need to worry whether this clone app design is going to be successful.

That is not the case with custom app design because when comes to custom app design everything is new and that is why the designer does not know whether the design will be successful.

That is why if you do not want to take a risk and if you want to emulate already successful apps in the market then this is the way to go with clone app development.

Very Practical and Convenient

If you do not care about uniqueness and if you really want an app that is profit-focused and very practical then you should only do clone app development.

It is practical because you are not creating everything from level zero and you have the basic structure in place. You can just add features to that basic structure to make that app functional for its type of use case.

This is also very profitable because app designers can utilise already existing designs. It is cost-effective both for the client as well as the designer.

It is also convenient because you can just pick up ready-to-use scripts readily available and just make minor changes to them.

So, Does Custom App Development Have Any Advantages?

Custom App Development Advantages

Likewise, custom app development has a lot of benefits and advantages and let us talk about them so that you might understand that clone app development is not just the only good option.

Unique Branding and Innovation

If you want to stand out in the market and if you want to make sure that you are noticed among the crowd of clone apps then this is the way to go.

If you want the most unique branding not just in different colours and fonts but an entirely new UI/UX layout and features then you should definitely consider custom app development.

All the major brands in the world, whether it is multinational fast food company apps or e-commerce apps, have custom app designs.

It is very important for them that they get noticed in the market and having a custom app design is just not an option for let’s say a giant like Amazon or any other big company.

If branding is very important to you and if you do not want to compromise with the level of control and innovation you want in your app then you should only choose custom app development.

It Is Very Flexible and Scalable

In order to understand this, we should not just look at the app from an individual standpoint but we must also understand the app from the perspective of the company or business.

Every business needs to grow in order to survive and your business is likely growing at a good pace which means the needs and requirements of the app are also going to change.

If you have a clone app then that clone app is never going to be suitable for your company’s growth. Every company and business grows differently and a single formula is not the answer to custom growth.

That is why a custom app design will ensure that the design is upgradeable and that you can add as many features and as many new points of innovation.

This is just like having an offline business because if your offline business is growing then you simply cannot have a single outlet and you would naturally open multiple branches.

If you do not do that then you are stopping business growth and that is the same case as not having custom app development.

The Only No Compromise Approach

If you are here for the long game and you want to control every aspect of the app and if you do not want to compromise with app quality then custom app design is the only option for you.

If you try to utilise someone else’s formula that has been tried 100 times in the market then you should go for clone app design. If you want something that is only built for your own business then you should go for a custom app design.

It might be more expensive and it might be more time-consuming but what you are getting has only been created only once and created exactly according to your needs.

Now that we know all the advantages of clone app development as well as custom app development, let us also talk about the disadvantages of both of these two types of f development.

Here Are the Disadvantages of Clone App Development

If we have to tell you in short then the advantages of custom app development are the disadvantages of clone app development because with clone app development you are compromising on a lot of factors.

You are compromising on a custom design because you are lending general code that has been used to design apps multiple times. This means you are only going to get limited customisation.

Along with that since it is not your code you cannot expect the best safety measures and it might be a risk for the users.

You cannot expect clone app development to ensure scaleability and future readiness because it is a general design and not a design custom-created for you.

Along with that you also cannot expect to stand out in the market with a general design that has been used to like a web design template multiple times.

Here Are the Disadvantages of Custom App Development

The biggest disadvantage of custom app development is that it is going to be a lot more expensive because the app designer is creating everything from the start.

While it is going to be according to your needs but that comes at a cost and that cost is less affordability and more time. It is very simple to understand because if every part of the code has to be written from start to finish then it will take a lot more time than already existing code.

The second thing is that this might not be the best option for a small business that is just starting out because they might not need this level of customisation that multinational corporations need.

The other thing you must keep in mind is that if you do not choose a proper app designer for your custom app development then the app might not be future-proof.

There are lots of grades and quality to custom app development and if you do not hire the best app designer then you cannot expect to get all the benefits of custom development as well.

So, Which Type of App Development Is the Best for You?

The answer to this is not straightforward because it really depends on your needs because if you are a small business owner who just wants to start with an app then you can do very well with clone app development.

It will not be very heavy on your budget and you can at least have an app that is functional even if it is compromising on customisability and much more.

But if you want to develop an app for a multinational company or a big corporation and big business that needs to stand out from the competition then you simply cannot do with clone app development.

Think of the company Amazon because if they decide to copy or utilise the features of another app then they simply will not have the level of control they need.

That is why if you want the best-case scenario and if you do not want to compromise on quality and control and only get the finest that money can buy then custom app development is the best for you.

But if you just want an app that functions and gets the job done and that you can get up and running at a fraction of the time it takes to develop a custom app then a clone app is good for you.

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App Development

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