Can AI (Artificial Intelligence) replace content writers for good? The possibilities are high! And you do not have to look too far in the future to find examples of how we are in the middle of an AI-invasion… literally!

Augmented reality headsets and self-driving cars have filled consumers with a lot of excitement and for obvious reasons. While they’re great innovations, they should scare you. Why? Because slowly AI is taking over the jobs – your jobs – and you will have to do nothing.

Several studies have claimed that almost 16% of US jobs are going to be lost to AI by the year 2025. Even millions of workers in the UK are at huge risk of losing their jobs with every passing AI breakthrough. If you think that sitting in India or any other part of the world, you are safe, think again.

Of course, you won’t be seeing robots taking over all the industries that exist, however, one industry that most thought would be impervious to an AI take over – the creative industry – is no longer impervious. Meet Articoolo – the robot content writer with a brain.

Core Technologies of Content Marketing Automation Working in Favor of AI

At present, content marketing automation includes two important technologies – natural language generation (NLG) and natural language processing (NLP). Both of these technologies are components of Artificial Intelligence.

  • NLG – This is the process of transforming structured information into the written narrative. It is able to automate the product descriptions, financial reports and so on.
  • NLP – This refers to the process by which it is possible for a computer program to understand human speech while someone is speaking. Currently, this is being used in voice-control and rudimentary language translation.

However, Personality Cannot be Automated

Automated tools for content creation that are readily available today are event-driven. So, from the beginning to the end, the journey of the narrative is pre-set and it has a well-defined structure. The AI tools are usually provided with the who, what, where, why and how, and all they have to do is systematically tie all the missing pieces together. Therefore, this clearly means that AI-written content lacks persuasion or even originality. They are basically following a path that has been given to them and will not deviate, or rather cannot deviate as they don’t know how.

The lack of human touch or amiable aspect in the written content is the reason why human content writers – you – will continue to exist and be in demand. The simple answer to this demand is the fact that the content is going to be read by the humans who are consistently in search of blogs or articles with a personality. The ability to really connect with the audience and create lasting relationships requires a certain level of understanding and empathy that for the time being can only be delivered by human content writers and marketers.

So, Rejoice at Content Automation. Your Job’s Safe

AI and automation needn’t be a bad news, actually. As a matter of fact, automation calls for celebration in the fraternity of content writers. With AI and human content writers co-existing in the same workplace, the level of efficiency and productivity is going to enhance manifold. Let AI stay involved in researching swathes of content whilst you concentrate on sharpening your content writing techniques.

Much to the relief of present and aspiring content writers, manual content creation is not headed for the doom (at least, now right now!). What you can do is embrace AI so that you can make your task a little bit easier. While you focus completely on intensely creative elements, such as insight, tone and persuasion, let AI do all your research.

What is your opinion about AI? Do you think content writers will be out of jobs within a few short years or they can both work in harmony? Share your thoughts in the comments below.