Today we are going to talk about a serious problem with data entry and the customer outreach industry and we are also going to talk about a possible solution.

One of the biggest problems with customer outreach is a lack of efficiency. When we talk about customer outreach, it can mean contacting customers regarding a new product or giving them a call back regarding a complaint.

Giving them a callback usually goes smoothly because there is not much data entry needed but when you do promotional calls, you might find a fall in efficiency.

That is why when we talk about customer outreach, we mean promotional calls.

There are a few problems with how it is done in today’s day and age and how that can be improved quite a lot with the introduction of AI.

We are going to talk about all of that and this blog is going to be quite interesting for you so sit tight and enjoy how AI can transform this industry.

What Is the Current Problem Plaguing the Customer Call and Outreach Industry?

The biggest problem that the customer call outreach industry is facing is definitely going to be efficiency.

When we talk about efficiency, we mean efficiency of the entire operations right from how many calls the customer representative is taking to how fast they can do data entry.

It is a pure numbers game when it comes to the customer call industry simply because if you can complete a customer call as fast as possible, you can then move on to the next one.

The more calls you take will help you get more clients and the more clients you have, the more data you can have and the more leads you can have which will directly correspond to more business.

However, there are several problems and several reasons that prevent any customer call company from operating at its best capacity.

These are the reasons why they do not run efficiently.

Reasons That Reduce the Efficiency of Customer Call Companies

Manual Data Entry

The biggest reason why customer callers are inefficient is simply because they have to do all the manual data entry themselves.

For example, if your company is calling potential clients for new credit card registrations and if the client is interested in one then there is a lot of paperwork and data entry involved behind the call.

This means that when the customer representative is talking with the customer, they also have to do a lot of background processes.

This not only slows down the representative but is also very annoying for the customer as the call representative can only do it as fast as their hands will move.

This slows down the entire industry without any smart automated solution.

No Client Targeting or Shortlisting

The ultimate goal of the customer promotional call industry is to generate leads and to forward these leads to the client company on whose behalf the customer call agency is working.

However, the problem with this industry is that calls are made on bulk data that has been procured from multiple sources.

This means the customer call representatives do not follow any set pattern to target customers and they just keep shooting in the dark until it hits somewhere.

This is also one of the reasons why this industry is so inefficient at generating leads.

For example, students and people with a new job need credit cards the most. However, a middle-aged person will be less likely to need a new credit card because they probably have one already.

With the old system of manual calling based on bulk data, the promotional callers simply cannot follow a pattern to target the actual people who are more likely to be interested in the product.

This means that while they might get leads, it will be very few and far between.

Data Entry Errors

If you remember the point about data entry then this is also one of the biggest reasons why this industry is so far behind when it comes to efficiency.

The customer outreach industry depends on a lot of data entry and this data entry can be in the form of customer details as well as customer inputs.

The bread and butter of this industry is data and if there are mistakes in inputting the data then the entire call is simply going to be a waste of time.

The problem with manual systems is that humans make mistakes and it is just a fact about reality and you cannot change it. Humans will make mistakes.

This is one of the key reasons why this industry has not been able to improve its performance just because half the time the customer representatives spend time correcting wrong data.

No Analysis Reports

The entire process of calling customers is largely undocumented when it comes to data collection in the form of analytics.

If any industry operates without analytics, then they are going to do a lot of guesswork and when an industry does guesswork, it will not be able to see the substantial growth that’s possible with concrete data.

That is why the problem with the manual system is that you might get leads but your operations are still going to be without any concrete data which you can follow up for more accurate results.

No Data-based Approach

And last but not the least is a data-based approach because if you take a look at different kinds of industries and you want to see how they have grown, then all you need to do is to check how much they rely on data.

That is why if your idea of an industry does not have a data-based approach then its growth will not match the times of today.

You can take a look at any kind of industry for that matter because data is everything now. Add AI to that mix and it will revolutionise that industry that can automatically collect and analyse data and act on it.

The Solution This Call Outreach Industry Needs

AI-Powered Automated Data Entry

The biggest problem with inefficiency in this industry is definitely data entry and so the best software solution should include automatic data entry.

This is going to be powered by AI and it is just going to be an engine that detects voice and fills up the data for the call representative.

This system should be fast and it should be without mistakes or it should need very little human intervention.

The reason why this will dramatically change customer calling is that now the call representative can do more calls without having to fill up paperwork and data entry for hours.

Furthermore, it is going to help call representatives to talk more with the customers instead of thinking about the task of data entry.

This means they will be able to convince the customers even better since that will be their only task instead of having to do the data entry.

Self-Learning System

If you want a complete revolution in this industry then this software development solution should be self-learning and it should improve its accuracy with every use because we are dealing with voice models.

This means there will be a general model that will pick up accents and it will pick up colloquial lingo with every use.

This will not only ensure that the data entry becomes even more accurate with every use but it will also ensure better data collection and better analytics.

This kind of a system should start with an average accuracy of 90% for deployment in every country according to its basic accents and the accuracy should improve every time any call is placed.

This means that this kind of an AI-powered solution has the capability to improve its accuracy beyond the 95% only with a few thousand calls which is nothing for a call promotion agency.

The better the system gets and the more accurate it gets, the more efficient the entire company will become because a 95% accurate system means the call representatives will hardly ever have to look at the data.

Analytical Reports

This kind of system which is deeply embedded in the day-to-day operations of a call centre will be able to analyse a lot of data.

We are not just talking about customer data in the form of customer details but also customer patterns of behaviour.

It only takes a good imagination to understand how important this can be because now call outreach companies can use this data to improve their client targeting.

These kinds of reports are definitely going to be a game changer for this industry that only relies on raw data from multiple sources.

Now companies will be able to set milestones, create objectives, fulfil those objectives and also monitor the progress of their operations heading towards those objectives.

Customer Shortlisting

If you want to revolutionise the call outreach industry then this solution should also do customer shortlisting.

Since it is AI-powered, it will be able to automatically detect different customer patterns and understand the likes and dislikes of customers.

As a call agency, you can then utilise that information to target specific demographics so that your lead generation is even more successful.

This will be the single most revolutionary aspect for the entire industry because now you are not going to shoot in the dark and you will be able to carry on a target approach that will redefine efficiency in the industry.

Software and API Integration

If this software development solution has to revolutionize the call outreach industry, it needs to be easy to integrate with every existing set-up.

That is why this AI-powered solution definitely needs to be in the form of software or API.

It will make it easier for this solution to be integrated into existing systems or be set up as a new system as quickly as possible.

If you need this solution to be really effective then this solution should not be something that needs a software engineering course to set up.

Any technology can only get adopted by an industry if it is easy to use and that is exactly what this solution should be.

But how do we know so much about the solution to an age-old problem in this industry? Is there a solution that has all the features that we have just talked about?

Let us find out if there is actually a universal solution to this very complicated problem.

Does A Solution Like This Already Exist?

The reason why we are able to talk so much about the solution is simply because we have created the solution that will revolutionise the call outreach industry.

It is called CallMate designed, developed and run by us at Think To Share IT Solutions Pvt Ltd and it is AI-powered and has all the features that we have just talked about regarding all the solutions that it provides as an automatic data entry solution.

Our proprietary software can be used as a standalone software or also be implemented into existing systems in the form of an API. Of course, both solutions have the options for accompanying secure mobile apps for remote usage.

This means you do not have to sacrifice your existing setup and you can get the benefits of CallMate as soon as you want.

This system gets better with every use and our clients have seen a record improvement in data entry with the older clients not even needing any manual intervention for data entry with a lot of use.

We plan to bring this solution to every industry that has to deal with data entry and calling customers as well as customer targeting and shortlisting.

The best thing about our solution in the form of CallMate is that we have developed it in close coordination with actual call agencies.

Along with that we also have extensive experience in designing proprietary enterprise-grade software for call outreach agencies and all that experience and networking helped us create the perfect AI-powered automated data entry solution.

We welcome you to check out our solution and we would also love it if you try out our solution yourself and implement it in your agency and company.