Artificial intelligence is amazing and so is content creation. Content creation is the expression and creation of your content which will allow you to market that content and turn it into a full-fledged business. Artificial intelligence is everything that we want a machine to do including having its very own intelligence.

What if we combine these two together? Will it generate content intelligence or artificial intelligence? Will AI replace content writers or video makers and editors? There are a lot of questions that come to mind when we think of combining content creation and content marketing along with artificial intelligence.

Let us find out a few predictable scenarios in the way AI can change content creation and marketing in the future.




If you are someone who is a professional content writer or a professional video editor or if you are someone with a YouTube channel or even an Instagram page, then you know how difficult it is to create content. Human content writers, video editors, photographers as well as other content makers are the best we have in the world today because human intelligence is by far the greatest and deepest intelligence we have. But what if I tell you that is about to change? Let us take video editing that’s an example. Previously when they are film cameras the video editing process was a lengthy and difficult work as the films had to be cut by hand and joined, after the computer boom everything got streamlined and now, we have excellent video creating and editing softwares that are semi-automatic and by that we mean that there are some tasks that are manual and yet there are some tasks that the software can remember to do. With artificial intelligence, there will come a time when you simply will have to just tell the app or AI assistant which are the parts you want and which to eliminate and it will create a video on its own.


The same goes for content writing, if you are to write something today then you have excellent AI writing tools that will help you correct everything from the syntax to grammar to structure wherein you will have grammar checkers, plagiarism checkers as well as every other tool. While these tools have been created using deep learning and intelligent robots or bots, they cannot write the content itself as of now so, you will not likely see AI writing replace content writers anytime soon. You will also not find AI headline generators or AI paragraph writers but you will find assistants.


So, in terms of content creation and generation, we’re at this stage wherein the most use we can get out of AI would be in content compilation, content error correction and content posting, rather than automatic idea creation or idea generation and implementation. Although AI content creation is somewhat a reality, at this moment we are looking at AI-generated content but it is looking a lot like artificial content using simple algorithms for creating simple compilations.






This is an area of great optimism in the AI community as we can see developments in leaps and bounds in the content marketing world. Deep learning is excellent for understanding market patterns and there are also various AI algorithms that can understand how markets work and also identify various other factors that influence the market such as the target demographic etc. AI can be used to predict how effective a piece of content can be for a market and then AI can be used to create a marketing plan for any company and any content. Although this is in its earliest stages of development yet we can expect AI to play a huge role in content marketing for regular users and companies other than the few large conglomerates who currently use AI algorithms for content suggestion.


Artificial intelligence in content marketing has been however used to great effectiveness by every big company such as social media companies and video content companies as these algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques allow these companies to understand the preferences of their users and then predict and suggest appropriate content to them. While we all can have a debate on this and its bad effects such as in the case of politics, we can agree that this is a powerful piece of technology and if used properly this can have marvellous effects on the world.





Content management is one of the areas that can see an immense rise in the use case of AI. Content management is like content marketing but it also contains content creation as well as everything related to content on the Internet. In the future, we can hope to find powerful AI-driven content management tools that will allow you to automatically create content as well as sort content out for various markets and then upload them and market them and promote them as well as invest advertising money effectively into them. This is currently not the case as the most we have gotten in the case of content management is content organizers which are not really taking the full advantage of artificial intelligence.


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