Artificial Intelligence (AI) can transform the future of web design into something that is very much accelerated and even more precise than the existing form.

You might be wondering what kind of changes does AI bring to the table when it comes to web designing and the answer to this is everything.

That is why today we are going to talk about everything you need to know about AI and how it impacts web design.

We will help you understand all the important roles of artificial intelligence in web design in terms of security and accessibility as well as optimisation and much more.

But before we do that, we need to answer a very important question and help you understand what is artificial intelligence and how it can be used in web development.

Artificial Intelligence Explained and Its Role in Web Development

Artificial Intelligence

If we have to explain artificial intelligence in the simplest terms possible then it is basically teaching a machine to think like a human.

Artificial intelligence is when you train a machine not only to find solutions but also to find them in a way that is compatible with the way humans think.

This is very important because you are basically teaching a machine not to find the answer but to process the question in a very human way so that it can find real human-like natural solutions that are useful for humans.

And that is why there are a lot of implementations of artificial intelligence that can be definitely used in web development.

AI can be used for chatbots and assistants and even when it comes to personalization. AI can be very important when it comes to recommendations for E-Commerce websites.

And even if you do not have an eCommerce website AI can be extremely good for content generation.

Apart from that, you can utilise AI simply to understand your clients and study the behaviour patterns of your clients as well and that will definitely help your business.

You can even utilise AI for inventory management when it comes to web design for an eCommerce website.

We are going to talk more in detail about this.

This Is the Role of AI in Web Design and Development

User Behaviour Study

User Behaviour

One of the simplest things that will help your business is understanding what your website visitors want.

This is even more important if you have an eCommerce business. That is why AI will help you with understanding the behaviour patterns of your users.

AI will help you identify your customer demographics so that you can identify the customers that form the basis of your business.

AI will also help you get important suggestions for making changes that will help your customers.

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots


One of the things that is undeniable is the usefulness of chatbot and virtual assistance.

They are helping visitors find what they need without having to search it for themselves.

This is very important for an eCommerce website but it can also be important for any kind of simple business website.

Let’s say for example you go into a healthcare website and you simply need to find the phone number of a doctor. You can keep on searching the different pages and do an advanced search.

But if there is a chatbot ready to help you with the exact thing you need then it will make life much easier for you.

Intelligent Recommendations and Personalisation

Recommendations play a very important role when it comes to any web design strategy because you need to factor in how you are going to recommend things to visitors.

Now imagine AI doing it and predicting the exact needs of your clients and predicting the perfect thing they will need.

That is going to be revolutionary and it will also be very important from the perspective of automation as well as personalization.

If you are able to provide a personalized experience to visitors then you are going to stand way above the competition because the website is going to look different for every visitor based on what they need.



AI can be revolutionary when it comes to security because AI can prevent data breaches.

If you are reading this in 2024 or after then you might know that no website is truly immune to attacks by hackers.

But AI can prevent that in multiple ways and one of the ways is to simply study the user’s usual pattern on a website and when the AI sees a difference, it can lock down the user account.

AI can be instrumental in the future of security not just for websites but for everything digital.


AI can be revolutionary when it comes to accessibility because accessibility features are really limited at the moment for web design.

There are only a few limited options like text-to-speech and other assistive help but that is just about it.

However, if the AI can understand the disability of the visitor, then they can completely transform that website and the layout for the visitor.

There is still a lot of work to do and a lot of experts need to be included while making these decisions but this is definitely going to be a bright future with more accessible websites.


As you can see for yourself, AI is accelerating at a very rapid scale and we can already see working examples of AI creating drawings and graphics and adding into that reasoning that has been taught by thousands of datasets and we get the most perfect web designer.

Every web design has been inspired by some other design and that is where AI can really create the difference because it is humanly impossible for a single website designer to look at thousands and thousands of web designs and take inspiration and apply it to a single website.

That is why AI can be amazing for automating most of the design of a web design process and this will not only save the time of the web designer but the web designer will have quite a different role.

Yes you heard that right, the web designer isn’t getting fired but they will now be assigned to an editorial role to guide the AI to create web designs.

Let’s now look at the advantages of AI for web designing




Whenever there is a big leap in technology we can see that a persisting subject of advancement is automation and that is the same thing with artificial intelligence (AI).

At this point, there are a lot of manual steps in web design where certain design elements can only be understood by humans and can only be understood and explained to humans because that level of understanding cannot be established with any software.

This is going to change with artificial intelligence (AI) and all the laborious and manual steps are going to be replaced with AI and the human web designer is simply going to be there to guide the AI in the right direction.


One of the key aspects of website designing is creativity and the web designer always has to be creative and work with a creative mind without being tired. This is so important that only if the web designer has a creative mind and creative ideas then they can create new web designs that are unique. That is why a part of the USP of web designers is creativity.

But sometimes creativity can take a hit because after all web designers are humans and that is why AI can be very helpful because there is no limit to the creativity that it can possess.


The thing about AI for web designing is that efficiency can sometimes not be the best when it comes to humans because creativity is a process that can be very tiring for the human mind and that is why if you want the best results you will have to sacrifice efficiency.

This is something to do with the processing power of humans as humans can process and come up with new ideas but they can’t be asked to do that repeatedly in a very short time.

This can be overcome with artificial intelligence because there is no fatigue associated with AI and AI can be asked to keep on generating new designs and new design solutions at highly efficient rates.


The best option for clients is to ask for as many templates and as many different kinds of designs as they want until they finally select the perfect design for their website.

This can be a very time-consuming process and when there is no artificial intelligence in the process this can be a very limited process. That is why in order to speed things up the clients will have to do some kind of compromising and adjust themselves with all the available designs.

With AI, clients do not need to compromise on anything because they can get an effectively unlimited number of design combinations and new design templates so that they can choose the perfect one for themselves.

No matter the level of customisation and no matter the level of new irritations, they will be able to ask for something and get it as quickly as possible.


Complexity Of Implementation

One of the things that we simply cannot ignore is the fact that AI is still in its infancy and that means it is difficult to implement.

It is difficult to understand web design needs and implement AI and it is a work in progress.

That means some companies might be more advanced with AI like us and others might know nothing about AI.

But if you force them to implement AI then they are not going to do a good job and simply implement it just to tick a box.

Language Issues

One of the other things that people do not really think about is that not all language formats are similar because some languages are from right to left and others are from left to right.

Then there are languages that have a completely different structure to the regular English language.

This means if you want to implement AI and your website is not in English then you might have extreme compatibility issues.

This issue becomes even more obvious if we think about India because it has nearly two dozen official languages and more regional languages.

That is why if you think of implementing AI in web design then you need to train the language model to understand the local language and a simple translation plug-in will not do it.

Performance Issues

The other big issue that is often overlooked this definitely going to be performance issues.

When you are integrating AI into an already bottlenecked system then you are not going to get the best kind of performance.

It can even slow down your existing system and it can be a very bad experience for your clients.

That is why the best way to solve performance issues is to start with a new website and that way you will know the exact threshold of your system.

AI Expertise

AI expertise is something that simply cannot be taught because it comes with experience and also the right training.

When you want to implement AI into your existing systems or new systems and you want the perfect integration of AI into web design, you will need AI engineers.

That is exactly why it is important that you hire the right company to do web design for you so that they can include all the aspects of AI in the website.

We hope this gives you an idea about artificial intelligence for web design because if this is done properly then this can totally revolutionize the way web designing is performed.

While there might be misconceptions out there that AI will replace all human web developers but that is not the case because there are always going to be humans at the helm of things ready to regulate the designs produced by AI and edit them to perfection.

That is exactly what we are doing at Think To Share IT solutions because we are heavily invested and interested in artificial intelligence and we have already begun integrating AI into our different services and some of the elements of web design.

We would love to create unique and effective web designs for you and we welcome you to check out all our services including web design and development.

Common Web Design and AI FAQs

Will AI replace web designers?

AI is never going to replace web designers because AI is simply there to replicate human intelligence.

Humans are always going to have to guide AI and be the medium between the client and the AI.

Yes, the system can greatly improve and we can find websites being created in a lot more efficient way.

However, we predict that the role of web designers will change from doing the design job manually to becoming skilled operators.

You can think of it like the ancient architects or blacksmiths who had to do everything manually and the modern blacksmith simply has to operate a CNC machine.

That is exactly what is going to be the role of modern web designers who understand and work with AI.

Is there a future in web design?

There is always going to be a future in web design because everything is getting digitised.

And in order for complete digitisation of all government institutions and functions, you are always going to need a website.

The website is the platform of the internet and everything rests on the website and that is why web designers will always find work.

But if you want to stay relevant as a web designer in 2024 then you must understand that it is not just enough to understand web designing.

Along with that, you must make sure to have a very updated knowledge of AI. You need to be able to implement AI into your web design.

You must also be different from the competition and have your own set of skills and styles to utilise for AI and web designing.

How is AI being used in design?

If by design you mean web design then AI is already being used in web design in some capacity or other.

There are so many use cases for AI that it would take a few books to explain it but in short AI can improve the overall appearance and functionality of a website by a lot.

If you talk about security then AI can be implemented there and if you talk about accessibility then AI can also be used there.

Then we come to things like a personalized user experience for visitors and AI can definitely be used in a sector like that.

And of course, we cannot forget appearance because with AI every visitor can customise the website according to their needs and requirements.

And if you have an eCommerce website then the use case becomes even more important because then we come to the factor that AI will be important for recommendations.

This is because if AI is able to predict and recommend the correct products then that will directly impact the sales and the conditions for the business.

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence in design?

While we would encourage you to read the entire blog to know more but if we want to talk about it in short then it is simply efficiency.

With artificial intelligence web designers do not need to spend a lot of time in menial tasks that can simply be done with AI.

Along with that AI can be extremely good at testing website performance automatically and helping with recommendations.

Along with that, AI can be utilised to change the look and feel of the website without compromising on performance.

The reason why AI is able to do all that is because AI can think like a human and think in the same logic as a human which is very important.

But you must make sure only experts do it for the best performance.