Yes, geodes are hollow rocks with lots and lots of sparkling crystals inside. But, we are not talking about rocks here. We are talking about the latest hair color trend that is making Instagrammars go wild. The trend started off as a lip and nail art trend and slowly blasted as the wildest hair trend for the summer of 2017. This rainbow ombre trend is just what you need to break you out of your winter beauty rut.

The geode trend literally bid adieu to the mermaid hair trend that has brightened up our Insta feeds for a long time. Geode hair cements our love for crystals and the rest is, well, sparkling.

The dazzling combination of iridescent or metallic purples, pinks, blues and/or greens fade in and out to mimic the look of shiny crystals that run along the line of rock cavities. Literally! It simply does not matter what color natural hair you have – brunette, blonde or black – the metallic shades are good at blending in.

No Need to Completely Bleach Your Hair

Do you love your natural hair too much to color it? What if we told you that you can maintain your natural hair with a hint of color? Yes, it’s real. Geode hair will give you the gorge look without having to bleach your entire hair. Just add the chosen colors to a few selected locks of your hair. For an element of surprise, you can do a hidden version of it so that when you tie your hair up, the colors showcase themselves alluringly. Amethyst is a great color, but if you are looking for something more WOW-worthy, you might want to try a sapphire spin instead. Or better yet, mix all your favorite colors together for the rainbow effect in geode hair.

What is really incredible about this trend? Every time you move your head or run your fingers through your locks, the heavenly hues will shine through to mesmerize onlookers.

A Quirky Trend for a Unique You

The geode hair is s fiercely unique trend that is everywhere. The trend has spread like a wildfire owing to its intimate association with nature and crystals. Instagram cannot get enough of this! Stylists from around the world are not shy of calling this trend a movement – a movement to break free and be wild.

Are you ready to jump the geode bandwagon? Let this summer be your moment to shine. Play with hues of pink, green, purple and blue and let the sun add an extra layer of shimmer to your look. Your hair alone has the power to amp up your sex appeal.

Unleash the fashion diva in you. Go color and be the next Insta queen!