Cars that need no help from humans and can drive themselves! Robots that take care of boring manual tasks! Yes, the high-tech lifestyle is here. Ready?

Life, as you always knew it, is changing. Technological advancements have not only changed the way people interact with each other, but it has changed lives. So, without further ado, take a look below at the biggest tech trends in 2018 that is literally changing lives.

# Artificial Intelligence is No Longer a Dream

In 2018, Artificial Intelligence or AI is a reality and no longer just a theoretical concept. Rapid advancements in the field of natural language processing and machine learning are presenting great opportunities for businesses to make use of. Approximately 61% of businesses have already adopted and implemented AI while others are following suit. Some examples of AI include voice-powered personal assistants, such as Alexa, Siri and Google Home.

# 3D Printers are a Mainstream on Every Desk

In a very short time, 3D printers have gone from being unreliable and overpriced to affordable and easy-to-use for the average consumer. These printers are in huge demand today and slowly becoming commonplace as desktop inkjet printers. Since the 3D printing technology is advancing exponentially, bringing designs and ideas into real-life objects is becoming easier. The technology is expected to penetrated further into the consumer segment and completely transform the way printers worked.

Did you know that a home was 3D printed in Russia within 24 hours in 2017? You can find out more such cool stuff to do with 3D printers here.

# Preparation for 5G is in Full Swing

Are you enjoying being on a 4G network? If you think that 4G is fast and offers you quick downloads and streaming capabilities, you will definitely fall in love with 5G. 5G network is about 10 times faster than 4G and can revolutionize the way you have been using the Internet so far. By the end of 2019, 5G network is expected to be rolled out, marking a new era of Internet. Digital marketers and developers will have to start thinking new ways of streaming content and creating apps.

# Chatbots are Smarter and More Human-like

For the past few years, developers have been heavily making use of chatbots as a part of their website and app design. The increasing use of chatbots has driven its vast improvements and today, chatbots are no less than humans. These bots are capable of handling human interaction like a boss and may be sometimes better than humans also. They have become smarter and a lot more sophisticated, which is why online businesses are able to function 24/7 cost-effectively knowing that bots are capable of handling user query without human intervention.

# AR and VR is Transforming Lives

Augmented Reality or AR is one of the most exciting tech trends today. Imagine shopping for a sofa online; with AR, you can select the sofa of your choice and even virtually place it in your living room to see if the sofa complements the existing décor. You can even arrange the other furniture around it or test fabric options in real-time. Industries like, retail, healthcare and construction are heavily investing in AR. Moving on to Virtual Realty or VR, this technology is altering the way people viewed the world. Thanks to VR, you can seamlessly be a part of the virtual world. For example, VR is being used in engineering for 3D design that allows people to fully get an idea about what the project is going to be even before it has commenced. Even in construction VR is heavily being used that is giving potential homeowners a first-hand experience of what it will be living in their new home.

Is there any technology trend missing from the above-mentioned list? What are your feelings about the rapidly advancing technologies? Please feel free to share your opinions and views in the comments below.