4 Social Media Marketing Tactics App Developers Should Consider

4 Social Media Marketing Tactics App Developers Should Consider

4 Social Media Marketing Tactics App Developers Should Consider

Thinking what will be the most effective way to promote your app? Social media, of course!

It is estimated that in 2019, the number of social media users will be over 2.77 billion across the globe. Do you really want to miss the opportunity of connecting with a BILLION people?

Assuming that you don’t have a social media marketing plan ready, below given are some tried-and-tested, result-driven strategies that you can certainly implement and reap lucrative benefits.

# Plan, Plan and Plan!

Everything begins with a plan and the same rule applies when you are thinking of running social media campaigns for your mobile application. And don’t worry, this is the easiest part of the strategy.

At this stage, you need to give special emphasis on the following:

1.   Analyze and choose your target audience on the basis of sex, age, location, etc.

2.  Decide the type of content that will be suitable for your audience

3.  Select the social media platform/platforms that you would want to promote your app on. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are the obvious ones.

Once you zeroed in on your target audience, decided on the content and the platform/platforms, your social media campaigns will be in the right track.

# Craft Original, Interesting and Crowd-pulling-worthy Content

Creating content for the social media users is a great strategy as it keeps them engaged and also gives them something to share, like and discuss with their friends, fans and followers.

However, social media platforms are filled with content. Take Facebook, for instance. Studies suggest that in every 60 seconds, 293,000 statuses are updated, 510,000 comments are posted and 136,000 photos are uploaded.

Yes, the numbers are scary, but there’s a ploy to beat it.

Keep your content short, crisp and fresh. Break it into small paragraphs, use subheads and bullets to make it read-worthy. Learn and use the social media lingo. Pair your content with interesting videos, pictures and infographics. After all, a picture say a thousand words and the human brain registers the content of a video faster.

And oh, everything doesn’t always have to be about you and your app. Turn the tables sometimes. Give the floor to your audience. Conduct quizzes, surveys or give them puzzles. Freebies always work, by the way!

# Develop a Website for Your Mobile App

If you already have a website, make sure to include that information on your social media page.

For those of you who do not have a website, you must create one. Internet users find someone with a website credible. Interested mobile app users might want to get more information about you and your app, and that’s when they’ll look for your website.

Make sure that the landing page of your website is impactful and it interests the visitor to keep exploring and ultimately, feels compelled to download your app.

# Don’t Overlook the Power of Rewards

Do you know why the 1+1 or 1+2 sales work? Because it promises the audience something free! Consumers’ minds are conditioned in such a way that the moment they hear the word ‘free’, they go absolutely crazy! They buy things that they don’t even need.

So, that exactly the carrot that you need to dangle in front of your audience, as well. Promise them a reward. Excite them. Tell them there’s a surprise if they download your app. You can be sure that the number of downloads for your app will skyrocket instantly. And if your app is really user-friendly and needed by the app user, they’ll keep your app.

You should be somewhat ready to kick start your social media campaign now. However, if you are still feeling low on confidence or simply don’t have the time, you can always reach out to social media executives who do this for a living.

As an app builder in India, do you have any experiences to share? How did you promote your app? Did social media help? Feel free to start a discussion below.

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