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Web Design Services in kolkata

web design services in kolkata

In 2014, it was reported that Kolkata has 6.27 million active Internet users et users. You can only imagine how many million users have been added since! The City of Joy is a thriving city that boasts of culture and relaxation on one hand and unprecedented growth opportunities on the other. Bangalore may be the IT hub of India, but Kolkata is not far behind. Even if you talk about e-commerce, Kolkata ranks fifth when it comes to shopping online.

The transition from a brick-and-mortar store to online stores has been quite rapid in Kolkata. The craze still hasn’t died down and every other day you can hear about a brand new e-commerce business or an online service provider. Not to mention a large number of physical store owners who are expanding their business and moving online!

You see the competition here? If you want to join the bandwagon of Digital Marketing to promote your company, you need to make sure that you stand out. How can you do that? That’s where Think to Share’s team of impeccable web designers jump in to lend a hand.

Because You Deserve the Best, for Less



We are not just a web design company, we are visionaries. Our web designers have what it takes to take a simple design and add their unique spin to it. From bringing out the depth in the design to following latest design trends, we can handle it all!

Why should you invest in designing your website? That’s a good question. You need to significantly invest in designing your website because it acts as a storefront. Just as a storefront plays a very important role in tempting and inviting visitors into the physical store so that they become actual customers, websites help to lure the Internet users and turn them into real customers.

Why Should You Choose Us as Your Web Design Company in Kolkata?

  • If you search for web designers, you will notice that Kolkata has no dearth of designers. After all, the Government College of Art and Craft does churn out excellent painters, designers, and sculptors. However, the level of dedication that we can give you, along with great design (of course!) is seldom found elsewhere.
  • We as a professional agency, genuinely take interest in our clients. How many can claim that? We stay by the side of our client throughout the journey of ideation and conceptualization through to the complete design.
  • Our team never complains of editing or tweaking the design. Our main mission is to satisfy our clients and until that is happening, we don’t mind trying our best.
  • We being a professional company, don’t mind explaining you in detail about the difference between mobile friendly VS mobile optimized VS responsive design over a cup of hot coffee or tea.
  • Our specialty lies in offering custom web design services because we love listening to our clients and working around his/her needs.

Do you want to create a memorable digital experience for your customers? Just tell us your needs and
let us create the ultimate online platform for your business.


If you are planning to make it big in the online space, join our hands. Our responsive web design services will make you visible across all platforms and devices. When can we chat?



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