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Website is the storefront of your business in the internet. It is what your clients and competitors will look at to get an idea of your standpoint in business and move over your company. We as a personalized website design and development company in India expertise just at that, designing a website with relevant content that lets your business stand out in a haystack of average websites. So, we interact an easy HTML along with an immersive user experience for your customers. We also being a digital marketing company know how to create a website that suits your website development and seo requirements.

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Do you want to create a memorable digital experience for your customers? Just tell us your needs and let us create the ultimate online platform for your business.


Information Gathering for Website Design

Information Gathering for Website Designing

This is the first and foremost step of our website design & development process. In this step while planning and designing a web page, we try to gather as much information as possible regarding our customers' business, objectives, targeted market in India, purpose of the website, and so on. During this development phase, you can check various web design examples from our portfolio to get an idea of your own website. We also find out the issues that our customers are having with their current website, if any. This process involves a lot of email discussions, phone calls and even face-to-face meetings. Our designers are known for asking a lot of questions during this phase so that there is zero chance of ambiguity and confusion.

Planning the Sitemap & Wireframe Creation for Web Design

Planning the Sitemap & Wireframe Creation for Website

Once we have successfully gathered all the information that we need, we move onto our next step, which is planning the sitemap and creating wireframe. In this step, we provide our customers with a rough layout of the website. The site map that we provide to our customers includes a coherent list of all the important topic areas, as well as, the sub-topics. Our team of professional web designers and developers in Kolkata formulates a plan that is applicable to the design, content and navigation system of the website. When planning the design of the website, we always give priority to the perspective of our customers. All the changes are made only after we have received confirmation from our customer's end.

Page Layout Design & Approval

Web Page Layout Design & Approval

In this stage, we design the website by implementing the information that we have outlined at the planning stage. We also take into consideration our customers' choice of UI and website layout. The most important deliverables are a documented website structure and visual representation. After this, the website will more or less be complete, except for the content and the special features. We will also be providing mock-ups to our customers so that they are able to get first-hand knowledge about how their website is going to be shaped.

Content Creation & Assembly for Website

Content Creation & Assembly for web Design

In today's time when Internet users in India are always hungry for information, your website will practically be of no use if there is no content at all. This is why, as one of the best website design and development company in Kolkata we put our top wordsmiths and designers to work. They begin by understanding your target audience and the probable questions whose answers they are seeking. Accordingly, they come up with SEO-friendly content , images, icons and infographics for your site. Our creative team help present a content-rich website that offers relevant information to the target audience of our customers.

Coding for Web Design & Development

Coding for Website Design & Development

After we have received the final approval from our customers, we actually begin creating the website. This stage comes after your website is more or less ready in terms of design and content. Here, the website enters the development stage. A site usually has multiple pages, such as about us, home, form, blog posts, FAQ content, and so on. We as professional website design company in Kolkata create a code template for all the content so that visitors to the website are able to easily access all the information. Our team of developers is proficient in CSS and HTML coding and web page design, along with interactive elements like, jQuery. We will validate all of the codes as we move on ahead of the website development stage. Not only that, our developers considered as top website developers in India & we are also expert in develop and designing compelling mlm web applications using php, mysql web programming language.

Tests, Reviews & Final Launch Website

Tests, Reviews & Final Launch of Website

Once our customers have approved, we move onto the stage of testing the final business website design and launching of the site. Our analysts check varying aspects of the website, such as device compatibility issues, functionality of the forms and so on. They also make sure that the website can be viewed properly across multiple web browsers. We intricately examine each aspect of the website that we have designed and developed against the highest standards of the web development industry. If our tests show positive results, we select a date to launch the site so that it can become live.

Regular Monitoring & Updating the Website

Regular Website Monitoring & Updating

Link building has always been one of the most important ranking factors since the inception of SEO. It is your backlink profile that major search engines consider before giving you a good rank in India. There was a time when getting links from anywhere could get the work done. But today we have a different scenario. You would get priority only if you are recommended from high-authority sources. And to take you ahead in the competition, we rely on guest posting on high authorative websites, classifieds and press release submissions a lot as in-content links are considered most valuable. Apart from this, we do business listing and infographic submissions.

Reasons to partner with a professional website design & development company in India

  • Better grasp on mobile technologies and in-depth understanding of responsive designs
  • Experienced and qualified team of UI and UX experts capable of designing and developing a website worth bringing in sales
  • A reliable website with faster loading speed, optimized images and better chances of getting a high rank on Google

Why choose us as your web design partner?

  • We have the right team for your business website design project. We know what makes a great website and will provide you with the best solution for your business. We constantly investigate new technologies and recommend them to our clients so that they can get maximum out of their business.
  • We are a web development services company that truly listens. We will take the time to listen to your needs, discuss all the possibilities and provide you with recommendations.
  • We offer great support throughout the business website design project. You can reach us whenever you have a problem or just feel the need to communicate with us.
  • Our corporate website design services are largely based on our passion to design stunning and attention-grabbing websites. We love what we do and that is where our secret to delivering one successful project after another lies. All we care about is the satisfaction of our clients and for that we are even willing to burn the midnight oil so that we get it perfect.
  • We being a low cost website design company headquartered in Kolkata have professional small business web design solution which is both technical and creative. We have a team of qualified and talented website designers, content writers and SEO specialists proficient in B2B portal development and B2C portal development.
  • We are among top website building companies who develop and design professional yet affordable ecommerce, travel portal,job portal, technology IT company website and web pages at minimal making charges. If you own a small business we will design a simple HTML and low cost static website for you to grow online.
  • As a Kolkata based web development agency we expert designing website in Bangla that will help you to connect to the local clients.

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