A visiting card is not just about high-quality designs but it is much more than that because a visiting card is the embodiment of your business. We totally understand that and that is why we present to you Think To Share IT solutions, the most trusted and reputed visiting card design company and visiting card maker in Kolkata. We are one of the few companies that brings you only the latest visiting card designs and also the most creative visiting card designs ever seen and we also ensure that your visiting card design will never match with the design of any other card in the world and that is the guarantee. We are also the only visiting card designing service that brings you thoughtful designs that encompasses the entire ethos of your brand and becomes an extension of your company's character and personality.

Visiting Card Design Services



Round Visiting Card


While some might say that this is a very uncommon design but at least you can say this is a very unique design because this type of card design is very rarely requested by our clients.

Square Visiting Card


This is a design that is preferred by some of our clients that are into fashion designing really like this design because you can have symmetrical designs on the card and also the logo placement is amazing in a square business card. There is also the factor that this is unique.

Oval Visiting Card


We have also done oval-shaped business and visiting cards and it was actually one of our clients who has a sports business and that is why they wanted the card in the shape of a rugby ball.

Rectangle Visiting Card


This is the most popular and most common design shape that we do when we are designing business cards and probably 98% of our clients request this kind of shape.

Rectangle Visiting Card


This is the second most popular form of design that we do and it is a variation of the regular classic rectangle business card and this is quite popular with everyone including tech companies.

visiting card


This is our favourite category because in this category our clients suggest us shapes and we have done everything from the shape of a house to the shape of a star and anything in between. While custom-designed business cards are really chosen by our clients but when they do choose them we feel quite happy to use our creativity to bring these unorthodox shapes to life.


Visiting Card


This is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular types of business cards that we do and for good reason, because this is one of the designs that is not over accentuated and clean.

Visiting Card


This is generally the type of design that is chosen by our clients who own art studios and other artistic establishments and this is quite popular with them because when we do illustration designs we utilize our in-house illustrators to literally draw out the design and then create a digital copy of it.

Visiting Card


This is a kind of high fashion design that is usually chosen by our clients who own cafes and nightclubs and other chic businesses and this is also a good choice for our clients who are into photography. This is basically for anyone who is looking for the best print quality and good contrast in images and if this is suitable for you, you can go for this type.

Visiting Card


This is quite a new category of business card that we have been creating for a few years and the design contains ethnic motifs and tribal art designs and mandala designs and these types of card designs are popular with fashion designers and ethnic brands of homemade goods.

Visiting Card


We have a separate category for this simply because this is the type of card that is created for professionals working in a certain industry and this type of category is also chosen by our clients of educational institutions. That designs are quite formal and conservative and do not pop like they do in all the other types.

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This category has been specially created so that this can cater to all the different industries and all the different professionals from these industries because if you have an automobile company then this is the category for you and if you have a restaurant business then again this is the category for you etc. This is because we use different industry specific themes while designing these cards.

There are probably hundreds of other designs that we haven't mentioned here as we simply didn't want to bore you with all the scrolling.
What would like to suggest is that you simply request any kind of design and you simply specify to us that type of industry or the type of business you have and we will make sure to create a unique design that has never been seen before.



One of the most important characteristics that you must look for whenever you are hiring a visiting card design company is not skill but experience. Creating a visiting card is not a place for experimentation and that is something that we know by the letter. We have been in the visiting card designing industry for more than 10 years and we have worked with nearly every kind of brand and company and professionals there is. We can assure you that your card will not only be unique but will be something to really look at for a long time with wonder. We have some of the finest illustrators and graphic designers and artists in our team who are seasoned professionals and know exactly how to bring out the ethos of your company and brand into your visiting card.


We are an IT solutions company and apart from creating amazing visiting card designs, we also have a very reputed digital marketing services division and it is due to this experience in digital marketing that we are able to implement the advice of our digital marketing experts whenever we are creating a visiting card or business card. The ultimate goal of your business card is to attract business and that is why we always take the input of our digital marketing experts to make sure that the design is up to marketing standards and is attractive according to marketing standards and this allows us to create a card that is not only good looking but functional.

We are Think To Share and we will make sure that your visiting card design is unique and one of a kind and we will make sure that your visiting card portrays the entire meaning of your business in an elegant way.