6 Uncommon Web Design Trends for 2019

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Getting a little snobby with trends in the line of creative design is quite rampant and easy. But, you have to remember that web design is constantly evolving. Innovative advances are marking this aspect of digital marketing on a regular basis.

For instance, 2017 was a huge year for advancements. That was the year when mobile usage finally overtook desktop browsing, and crowned itself the new ‘King’ (or Queen, if you prefer). This clearly meant that 2018 is going to make use of mobile functionality in its entirety and push the limits. And that is true. You are standing well into 2018 and mobile has evolved in ways that are simply amazing. Not to mention, AI taking over the online sphere. Simply put, the advancements are mindboggling and if you want to stay ahead of your competition, the first thing that you need is a WEBSITE. SEO, SMO and all of that follows later. If your website design is not impressive, no amount of SEO or paid ads will convince the Internet users otherwise!

If you didn’t know already, a creative-looking website with creatively designed web pages is a conversation starter. It helps to kick-start a conversation between your brand and your target audience. It spurs interest and makes the audience want to know your brand better and avail your products or services. In many ways than one, a website is like a storefront that invites potential consumers to come in and explore.

Are you ready to be inspired with this year’s web design trends? Here, take a look

# Broken Grid Layouts

Web designers are engaged in a constant quest for finding more engaging and creative layouts for designing web pages. At such a juncture, the grid layout, which has been used for years as it helped bring logic and harmony to the layouts, became a bit of a constraint for designers. The next logical evolution came in the form of broken grid layouts. The concept of the broken grid does not ditch the grid layout altogether. It allows text elements and images to drift across and into the gutters that generally serve as hard stops. The boxes of text and images begin to converge and overlap, creating a beautiful juxtaposition of letterform and bitmap.

# Flamboyant Colors

There is no better time to show off your quirky, vibrant personality through your website than now! 2018 is a great year when it comes to using vibrant colors. In the past, designers have stuck to web-safe colors, but now, they have become courageous. They approach color bravely and are not afraid to use vibrant and supersaturating shades combined with headers that are not just horizontal anymore, but are re-imagined with hard angles and slashes. Dashing, dynamic colors are great for new businesses looking to attract the attention of the audience! So, go ahead and showcase your love for colors.

# Mobile First Design

This is not a suggestion or an option. A mobile first design is mandatory. Since mobile searches have officially surpassed desktop searches, not providing your audience with a mobile browsing experience will be a huge risk! Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone, including kids. Fortunately for you, mobile design has also matured over the years and you do not have to break your head thinking of one design that will work excellently across both desktop and mobile devices. You can include roll-out burgers or hamburger menus in order to minimize the menu on your web page. You can include mobile responsive images that are of the highest quality and fix UX issues with micro-interactions.

# Charismatic Illustrations (Customized)

Of course, you can purchase illustrations online and simply place it. But, that will not have the same effect as custom illustrations have on the audience. Illustrations are featuring in a big way in web design in 2018 because they add an element of fun to the overall design. They are also versatile media that helps in carrying out your business message to your audience. While creating a website, You need to use illustrations that are personalized and designed to specifically suit the tone of your brand. You can also come with a theme of illustrations that will tie each of the web pages on your website together. See, the market is getting crowded every single day and if you really want to be the breath of fresh air, you need to customize! Don’t be just another website on the web.

# Typography – Go Big or Go Home!

Typography is a major design element and has always been a very powerful visual tool. You can use typography to give your brand a character or a personality. You can also use it to evoke emotions. And all of this, while conveying important business message! The role of typography is multifaceted and 2018 is about go big or go home! Device resolutions are getting sharper, which is pushing designers to use custom fonts. So, the takeaway is to just be big, bold and dynamic.

# Integrated Animations

So, you already know that technologies are advancing and you also know the audience mindset is rapidly changing. Previously, designing a website was all about including insightful and meaningful text that the audience will read, enjoy and make a purchase. Then came high-quality, colorful pictures to attract the attention of the audience and then, the trend started with combining images and videos because the human brain responds to moving pictures faster. Even today, a lot of websites are using this tactic, but this is becoming old. You would want to make a statement and you can do so by integrating animations. Websites are moving from static images and animations are a wonderful way to engage the audience. You can even integrate animation with navigation, scrolling or make it the focus of the entire website.

The list of things that you can include in your new website design is sort of exhaustive. The above-mentioned is simply a peek into the wonderful world of creativity and designer websites so that you get some idea to start your web design project.

Which design trend/trends from the list have you used? What was the audience response? Feel free to add more to the list and give your suggestion in the comment section below.


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