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In a web, full of millions of websites and in a search engine full of billions of search results, we provide SEO or search engine optimisation services in India that make sure your website makes it to the first three organic results of the first page of the search engine where the potential customers are searching a keyword relevant to their business services. According to Google's ever present algorithm, the sites not with the most relevant keywords but with the most referrals from reputable sources make it to the first page of Google and other search engines. So, if you have an efficient SEO plan, you will definitely make it to the top of the search lists. And we, being a fast growing digital marketing company in India ensure that position.

Seo Service In India


SEO Audit by Thinktoshar

SEO Audit

It often happens that you are unable to manage a good rank even after investing a lot of time in creating backlinks, making social shares and submitting your business in different listing sites. The reason might be the technical errors like too many H1 tags, un-optimized titles and metas, too many broken links, multiple browser incompatibility, high load speed, images without alt texts, unfriendly SEO URLs and more. A single error like this can affect your ranking a lot. We eliminate the issues that might cause you a rank drop or rank stagnancy and suggest you the plausible ways towards the topmost position.

Competitor Analysis for seo

Competitor Analysis for Search Engine Optimization

Before, getting prepared for the ranking competition, you should make some homework about your competitors. It could be their use of keywords, backlink profile, social engagement or powerful content marketing strategy that helps them secure a good position in the SERPs. We analyze which keywords they are ranking for, how active they are on social networks, where they are getting backlinks from and how they are marketing the contents. By comparing different competitors, we identify the key ranking factors of each one of them and use those determinants to build your SEO strategy.

Keyword Analysis for local seo

SEO Keyword Analysis

Our keyword analysis process includes researching on your niche industry, understanding the geographical restrictions and most importantly, identifying the target market in India and age group of your customers. The keyword analysis carried out at Think to Share determines the most useful keywords and suggestion for all keyword categories like, location based keywords, generic keywords, comparison based keywords, product based keywords and call to action specific keywords.

On - Page SEO

On - Page SEO

So, we know your weakness, your competitors' strong points and keywords. What remains is rectifying the technical errors of your site and implanting the ranking factors of your competitors. The process comprises of the inclusion of proper keywords, hyperlinking proper anchor texts, optimizing the titles and meta tags, redirecting broken URLs to the relevant pages, optimizing images for a better load speed, solving canonical issues, structuring SEO-friendly URLs, making your site more crawlable, putting proper H1 and H2 tags and more.

Keyword Analysis for local seo

Content Development for SEO

Our creative storytellers are trained to use digital tools to create great contents. With our efficient content writers in Kolkata, you get clickable texts that can generate more conversions. No matter, if you need content for landing pages, blogging, whitepapers, banner ads, newsletters, or catchy titles for social media promotion, we are always there to attract audience towards your business. We are also into custom illustration, branded infographic and video creation services to bring life to your content.

Link Building for SEO Service

Code Optimization

Optimizing your website's HTML code can alter and improve your site's rankings to great proportions. We, an illustrious optimization company, do that by firstly removing unnecessary code-clutter and then by presenting your site's code in a versatile manner that comprises of the inclusion of leverage browsing code, robots.txt codes etc. Most importantly,web development method improves the site-load time by many folds.

The Benefits of Working with a Leading Search Engine Optimization Company in India

  • Better grasp on mobile technologies and in-depth understanding of responsive designs
  • Experienced and qualified team of UI and UX experts capable of designing and developing a website worth bringing in sales
  • A reliable website with faster loading speed, optimized images and better chances of getting a high rank on Google

Why Choose Us as Your SEO Partner?

  • We are the leading SEO company committed to getting our clients results. We set individual goals for each client after conducting a thorough SWOT analysis. We expose the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the project and work towards achieving measurable results.
  • We promote your business online with the support of our highly-skilled and experienced team of SEO specialists in India. With our track record of success, we can guarantee you the online visibility that you desire.
  • Our SEO services are not restricted to making your business visible across various search engine platforms. We also promote it across social networking sites, forums and directories.
  • We make use of effective and innovative methodologies, techniques and practices to get long-term results. What makes us different from other SEO service providers in India is that we ensure the top placement of your website in SERPs for a long time.
  • We are a professional SEO company offering complete SEO package, along with SEO audit and content writing services under one roof.
  • Our off-page SEO, on-page SEO and link building plan services are affordable, result-driven and are tailored to meet individualized business needs and objectives.

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