Real estate is one of the fastest growing industries in a fast-developing country like India and real estate has excellent potential to grow even more. Nearly everything is great about the real estate industry in India, we say nearly because something is not that great. Real estate development companies do not have good real estate websites and they are not very keen on the development of mobile applications for their industry. While there are real estate websites and property management websites but it is quite rudimentary and does not have excellent integration across the entire industry. The proper designing and development of real estate websites will make our real estate industry even more efficient. However, this is changing, let's see how. THINK TO SHARE'S REAL ESTATE PORTAL SOLUTIONS We are Think To Share IT solutions and we are the fastest growing and most reliable web designing and development company in Kolkata and we are transforming how online real estate companies look one client at a time. We have managed to identify the huge potential for efficiency and business that is available online and that big real estate companies are simply missing out because they do not have good real estate portals. That is exactly why we are bringing excellent CRM solutions and user-friendly experience solutions in real estate portal development for our clients.




One of the key problems that real estate companies have to face all the time is the management of huge chunks of data. This is one of the industries that produce a lot of important data which not only needs proper storage but proper security. From information such as customer details and property details and so on, we make sure to always use the best server storage solutions possible when it comes to real estate. Whenever we develop real estate portals, we make sure to never cut corners anywhere because a simple data loss can result in huge losses for our clients.


Having a real estate website that is search engine optimised is excellent for our client's business because that will allow the website to rank well on top of the search result whenever any potential customer is looking to buy real estate. Nowadays if any potential customer is looking for real estate in a new area where they do not know anyone then the first place they will search is in a search engine such as Google. We are an IT solutions company and we have one of the biggest digital marketing departments and operations in India and this ensures that we can utilise our digital marketing experience and SEO skills to optimise the real estate websites for our clients.


We understand that our clients in real estate have one of the most difficult jobs out there because they not only have to manage sales but also marketing and leads as well as all their real estate listings. That is why we always make sure to have a very unified interface that will act as a simple dashboard so that they can view everything all at once. We believe in solutions that not only look nice but also help in the efficiency of doing business and we are fully committed to it.


Web development is one of the most important real estate portable development services in India that we provide and it is because every real estate company must have a primary website that contains every listing they have. This has multiple benefits. We always craft and have always crafted absolutely custom websites from scratch so that all our designs. We always make sure that the website is not only good in terms of UI/UX but also that the website is very user-friendly. It is quite important to have a good user-friendly website in real estate because most of the potential real estate buyers are not young or middle-aged people but rather retired people and therefore, we create websites to be as simple as possible for everyone to use. We also make sure that the website is optimised for mobile view because most of the real estate browsing is done on smartphones and that is why we make sure to optimise the website for all the important platforms such as Android and iOS. We also encourage our clients to have PWA (progressive web application) optimised websites because these websites can run even when there is no internet and this is quite helpful for real estate businesses because the clients can open the website to view all the listings as the web page will stay saved.


Mobile apps have huge potential for the real estate industry and as for being the most trusted real estate portal development company in India we always make sure to suggest mobile apps for our clients. We have created dozens of mobile apps not only for real estate companies as a way to access information for them but also mobile apps for their customers so that they can view the progress of the building as well as other important things. We have native as well as hybrid mobile app development teams both for Android and iOS and we make sure to create apps that are not only good in form but are also good in function.


One of the most important things that we at Think To Share are known for is the level of commitment to support because we not only utilise the best domains for the best prices but we always have teams in the background that always monitor and maintain the website and we have a simple direct call line with our senior developers so that whenever you have any support request we can get to it as quick as possible. We have kept our support and technical maintenance system quite simple without any additional steps only for your convenience so that although we maintain the website 24/7, if you ever come up with any problem you will be directly on a call with the lead project manager for the project.


We have worked on several dozen real estate projects and we are working on over a dozen projects right now because we have been doing this for more than 10 years and we have worked with some of the biggest real estate names in India and we would love to use this expertise to serve you in the best way possible. We also have some of the finest web designers and developers and graphic designers as well as marketing experts that all work together to create the perfect website and we also have one of the best teams of content writers that will help bring the website to life with effective and beautiful content.

We are Think To Share IT solutions and we would love to work on developing your company's real estate portal. We would love to help you become the most successful real estate company digitally and we would also love to succeed in your success.

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