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Raksha Bandhan Special: List of Famous Siblings Making India Proud.

Raksha Bandhan Special: List of Famous Siblings Making India Proud.

With Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, I was suddenly intrigued about finding out about famed Indian siblings who are making India proud in all walks of life. Just like the dynamic tennis duo – Serena and Venus Williams, India too has her share of power-packed siblings whose tales of love is what I want to share today.

The Dutt Clan: Priya and Sanjay Dutt

They cannot be more different in their choices and way of life, yet they share an inseparable bond that can put you to shame! Priya is a politician and we all know who Sanjay Dutt is! She has been a pillar of support to Sanjay when he was imprisoned and they continue to give siblings around the world some serious ‘sibling relationship’ goals.
The Pataudi Family: Saba, Saif and Soha Ali Khan
Saif and Soha are always in the news for their upcoming movies, marriage or some gossip or the other. But, their quiet designer sister, Saba Ali Khan, is very rarely in the news. Yet, she is a flourishing jewelry designer and just as famous in her own niche as her other 2 siblings. The three of them lead busy lives and yet, the connection between them is hard to miss (of course, I am hinting at pictures that I see on the Internet!).

The Gandhi’s: Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi

Belonging to such an influential political party in India, these two are the most-talked about brother-sister duo. Born to Rajiv Gandhi (ex-PM of India) and Sonia Gandhi (president of the Congress party), they are always under the limelight. However, nothing has deterred their loving relationship and we can always see Priyanka coming out in support of Rahul. Don’t you sometimes wish you had a supportive sister like her?

The Akhtar Siblings: Farhan and Zoya Akhtar

Zoya is a director and screenwriter, whereas Farhan is everything – actor, singer, director, screenwriter, producer, television host, lyricist, etc. The two of them cannot be more alike and yet, they love each other immensely. They also have different views on movies!

Omar Abdullah & Sarah Pilot

Because Kashmir is also a part of India, right? Omar became the youngest Chief Minister of J&K and Sarah Pilot is a co-founder of an NGO that works towards women empowerment. They are both successful in what they are doing and their love is infectious!

Ace Archers: Rahul and Dola Banerjee

Skblings Dola and Rahul are outstanding archers. Rahul has won a number of gold medals at World Cups in 2008, 2009 and 2010. He has also won an individual gold medal in the 2009-10 Asian Grand Prix. At the World Cup held in November 2007 in Dubai, Dola won a gold medal. A family of gold, what say?
Brother-sister relation is a gift from God. There are going to umpteen number of fights and misunderstands, but they will all be solved at the end. Also, you do not have to be famous to love your brother or sister! This, Raksha Bandhan make your sibling feel super special. And remember, it is not always about the money you spent, it is about the emotions.

Happy Rakhi to All!!

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