We Need the British Back

We Need the British Back


Now the title may lead you to think has this person gone mad? What is he talking about? Yup, he’s an anti-national. But friends, wanting the British back is maybe the most patriotic thing any Indian may ask for. Not because I like slavery. No not even because I’m more inclined to western culture given the fact of the grandeur of the west. But I can relate it to something completely different, the Information Technology revolution brought by multinational companies in India.

Call it capitalism if you will but the IT revolution say like companies Wipro, Infosys, IBM etc are giving people jobs. People are doing these new jobs and not simply quitting. Yes, these companies are making people work more than regular jobs. But this is giving people the economic security. And many times after having worked in these IT companies, people are starting their own startups alongside these IT jobs.

Likewise, India needed to prosper under the British and whilst working under them improve itself. India needed to think about refining itself as a semi-independent government and finally, when the right time came we could have left the British Commonwealth. The current Indian condition to me is because we have demanded and received our independence too early. We could have used the British like a stick to somewhat balance the crippling condition by means of a partial-independence.

We Both Are Guilty But the British Lesser

Now the British had their fair share of wrong-doings. Like milking out India’s economy to fuel the imperial company of the British crown, racism etc. But what they did very well was shine light on us and show us how ugly we were. Sati, female infanticide? Sounds familiar? Read that in your history books probably. Without those white-skinned greedy snowflakes, these would have looked familiar too. Now that’s not generosity or even the lease care for Indians. That’s their showcase of civility. How civilizations should look like. It is still civilized to shoot hundreds that burn down a living window or kill a female infant.


They probably looted us, killed us, made us starve. But not at our backs. Not cold-bloodedly. We knew the British were looting us. Milking our ‘dharti ma’. And they made no effort to hide that. Look at what our hypocrite nationalists are doing now. They are not only looting our ‘Bharat Mata’but defacing her in the face of the world. Everyone is a nationalist and everyone runs the election with promises to stop the income of their opponents. Wasn’t the British queen better than that? I mean you knew who you were giving taxes to. And corruption wasn’t  present in the Queen’s dictionary because the whole system backed everything back to the British crown.

1947 Filled a Few Pockets with Power

We needed our independence badly as our homegrown leaders back then in 1947 were getting the taste of money and power. The greed of money fueled the urge to independence like that of a cocaine addiction. The people needed native rulers because who can understand you better than your neighbor, but not this quick. We needed a sort of semi-independence. Some kind of a trial pack like we have in smartphone apps. If we like the app we buy it. Likewise, if we like the idea we buy it. But no. we never got independence. We merely got sold off to some other owner that looked like us.

Enough of metaphors. We Indians practically needed more of a mature civilization to teach us civility. We are merely goods in the hands of political parties who are hierarchies. We need to see countries like Canada and Australia. In spite of having chances to break free from the British Commonwealth, stuck on and waited for the right time. Even Ireland waited to get mature and then broke off from the British. If the British were milking our economy for the last 300 odd years then I would say they were extremely good at it. We could have learned more from them instead of fueling our nationalistic egos and later drowning in that.

IT Companies and the British

Now, coming to the IT companies again. Yes, people may be overworked, enslaved to some extent, even mentally tortured as some of our ‘national’ friends may say. But what’s more important? Food on the plates. That’s right if you don’t have 3 square meals of the day, nothing else matters. These multinational companies are providing jobs to millions of Indians and bringing in new hopes and opportunities. Now you’ll ask me, what’s that got to do with India’s independence. It has. These companies are doing something that the government has failed over the years.

Now the question here is a tricky one. Overpopulation. That doesn’t make us innocent and not liable for our miseries. Overpopulation isn’t an excuse to justify the fact that we are innocent. Moreover, that we were not ready to be independent. You cannot think until you have full stomachs. You can’t feel the importance of change without actually being in the old machinery itself. The British were like the IT companies of today. When the British ruled us we had empty stomachs and poverty and hunger, diseases and low wages as well. But we knew why. We are now independent. Free to act. Why are we hungry now?

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